ISSN  1181-1151

On the eve of the 21st century it is essential that historians
seize the latest technology to communicate the results of their
research to colleagues and the general reading public. 

<ONLINE MODERN HISTORY REVIEW>, a refereed journal published in an
electronic format, is designed to satisfy the needs of the modern
scholar who wants convenient and immediate access to the latest
historical research.

The <REVIEW> is published in an electronic format (MS-DOS -- 3 1/2" and
5 1/4" floppy) and a copy will be sent to the National Library of Canada to
satisfy legal requirements.

An unique feature of the <REVIEW> is the OPEN FORUM.  Articles
designated for the OPEN FORUM will not be reviewed by referees but
will be published in the form submitted.  The goal is to increase
contact between professional and amateur historians and to
stimulate debate.  Writers who seek the advice and comments of a
broad audience are urged to present their research findings to the

To submit an article or receive subscription information contact:

Dr. M. Salopek, Editor
P.O. Box 36514
Richmond, British Columbia
Canada, V7C 5M4

E-mail:  ua833@freenet.victoria.bc.ca

Please submit two paper copies of your submission and one copy in
an electronic format on either a 3 1/2" (730K) or 5 1/4" (360K) MS-DOS
formatted disk.  ASCII text only.  

Please read the <Style Guide> for additional information.

Unless otherwise instructed all articles will be sent to referees. 
Articles ready for publication in OPEN FORUM must clearly display
the words 'OPEN FORUM' under the author's name.