1	               September 1993
     4	                  Halting the Communist Advance
     5	             Western Canadian Grain and World Peace
     7	                  =============================
     9	Whereas Canada is heavily rearming so as to ensure her survival
    10	through military preparedness, and
    12	Whereas we believe that Christian charity as laid down in the
    13	Sermon on the Mount is the only workable approach to world
    14	peace, and
    16	Whereas we believe that food given freely without strings is
    17	vastly desirable to bomb shell fire and destruction of life and
    18	property through fire, and
    20	Whereas we in Canada have a huge crop of coarse grains which may
    21	be hard to sell, and this difficulty will be increased unless we
    22	dispose by gift or otherwise of a lot of our frozen wheat which
    23	makes highly nutritious but not too palatable bread, and
    25	Whereas the payroll for the fabrication of military equipment is
    26	mostly distributed in Eastern Canada thereby increasing still
    27	further the spread in living standards between Western Canada and
    28	Eastern Canada, and
    30	Therefore, we respectfully request our Canadian government to
    31	wage peace, and especially to build goodwill in those countries
    32	not yet controlled by communism by giving this low grade wheat to
    33	the world's hungry millions.  The financing of this wheat to come
    34	out of the national appropriations for war.
    36	Source:   
    38	     Cited in Marijan Salopek, 'A Survey of Western Canadian
    39	     Concerns and Fears During the Korean War, 1950-1953,'
    40	     M.A. Dissertation, University of Alberta, 1983, p. 73.
    41			==============================