1	                    September 1993
     4	                   'Be in Subjection to Them'
     5	  The Place and Role of Women in 17th Century European Society
     7	                                   edited by Marijan Salopek
     9	                    =========================
    11	But what if a man of lewd and beastly conditions, as a drunkard,
    12	a glutton, a profane swaggerer, an impious swearer and
    13	blasphemer, be married to a wise, sober, religious matron, must
    14	she account him her superior and worthy of an husband's honor?
    15	     Surely she must.  For the evil quality and disposition of
    16	his heart and life doth not deprive a man of that civil honour
    17	which God hath given unto him.  Though an husband in regard of
    18	evil qualities may carry the image of the devil, yet in regard of
    19	his place and office, he beareth the Image of God:  so do
    20	Magistrates in the Commonwealth, Ministers in the Church, Parents
    21	and Masters in the Family.  Not for our present purpose, the
    22	exhortation of St Peter to Christian wives which have infidel
    23	husbands. 'Be in subjection to them:  let your conversation be in
    24	fear'.  If Infidels carry not the devil's image and are not, so
    25	long as they are Infidels, vassals of Satan, who are?  Yet wives
    26	must be subject to them.
    28	Source:  William Goudge,   (London: 1634),
    29	p. 274.
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