*** Life on Earth SIG ***

 	This is a SIG devoted to the History, present, and Future of the 
 study of life on Earth.  Presently, we are covering three fields: 
 Paleontology, Anthropology and Archaeology.

 	We believe that the study of the past of Life on Earth may be 
 able to predict the future, in order to help us and the rest of life 
 present on Earth today, to survive till the end of time.  A little 
 ambitious, we know, but all the same, a nice thought to end the day with.

 	Life started over 3 billion years ago, when the first Amino acids 
 either landed or formed on Earth.  We're not sure how they got here YET, 
 but in time, we will find out.

 	Over that span of 3 billion years, many life forms have evolved 
 through the whole scheme of life on Earth.  Amino acids to single celled 
 organisms, to multicelled organisms, to insectoids, to fish, to 
 amphibians, which branches off into millions of different directions 
 giving us life on earth.

 	Now, come with us, as we take a journey into the past, into a 
 place so alien, you wouldn't recognize that it was the same planet.

	Welcome to the study of Life on Earth!

						- Chris Behnsen
						  December 22nd, 1996