Since 1965 the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria (CACGV)
has served the public as a non-profit, non-political, community
arts organization.  Its wide variety of members, including the 
executive,businesses, directors, committees, individuals, and 
groups, continue to work hard and successfully to encourage and 
co-ordinate the tasks of cultural groups in the Victoria area. 
The Arts Council has grown from sixty members to over 600 members 
in the past thirty years and has seen many changes in the arts 
community.  Many of the initial tasks taken on by the CACGV such 
as the bi-monthly newsletter, calendar of events, public 
relations / liaison services, curating, grants & awards 
distribution, and resource centre services, are still carried out 
by the CACGV.

During the initial growth stages the CACGV worked closely with a
number of different art organizations such as the Victoria 
Symphony, Victoria Art Gallery, Victoria Theatre Guild, Bastion 
Theatre, Fine Arts Department at UVIC and many others. The prime 
purpose being to develop and expand a close working relationship 
with a variety of art groups and artists in the city.

In 1966 the CACGV opened it's first office and exhibition space 
in the Dunlop House at the University of Victoria.  This location 
served the council until 1972 when it was decided to move the 
office to a downtown location in Bastion Square.  Since that time 
the CACGV has made it a priority to keep its headquarters central 
so that it remains accessible to all. 

Many of the Committees and responsibilities initially taken on by
the CACGV remain fundamental to the organization today.  For 
instance, since the Arts in Education committee was started in 
1972, it's members have worked hard to focus public, government, 
school administrators and teachers, attention on the need for 
more and better art instruction in schools. 

The magazine committee, since the beginning of the CACGV, has 
made it a priority to publish information about the Arts Council 
and art activities in Greater Victoria. Similarly, the television 
committee, struck in 1971, provides a weekly showcase of the 
activities of the CACGV groups member.  All members, and in 
particular Erika Kurth who has so ably fulfilled production and 
interview responsibilities, deserve our deepest appreciation.

The Grants and Awards committee stems from a long and productive
association with the Cultural Services Branch of the BC 
Government.  Acting as the distributor of grants among organized 
cultural groups, the CACGV is an important liaison figure between 
the arts and Provincial Government.

There are many other facets of the CACGV which has enabled it to
serve the Victoria community for the last 30 years such as its 
affiliations with the Assembly of BC Arts Councils, the South 
Island Regional Arts Council, and the Canada Council. 

At present the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria remains
strong and active with an updated mandate to provide advocacy 
through leadership, partnership, and community involvement, to 
increase and broaden public awareness and opportunities in the 
arts and cultural activities.