All of us drive, right?  Well, almost all of us do.  These days it's tough
not to.  There's just so much to discuss in the wide world of motoring, I 
thought the Freenet could use a place to do just that.  With that, the 
Auto SIG was born.

I put my idea forth to the administration for consideration, and proceeded
to look for co-facilitator.. someone who could keep up with the discussion,
and who had more technical knowledge of automobiles than yours truely.  I
recieved a few replies, and by far the most entheusiastic was one Ian
Campbell.  This is why you see his name on the title screen along with mine.
Ian has some wonderful insights to provide, and a wealth of experience on
which we can all draw.  I look forward to his postings.

As for me, you might have seen my name in a few places around these parts.
I run both the Hockey and Pet Peeve SIGs.  I doubt I'll be as visible here
as elsewhere, but I do have a few things to post concerning cars, driving,
etc.  My main role in this SIG is getting it started, and building a menu.

Things you can discuss in this area include anything to do with automobiles,
driving, rules of the road, traffic policing, and drivers.  You may want to
talk about that whacked new law at your intersection.. or maybe the benefits
of roadside Counter-Attack programs.. or mabe the up-coming Indy 500 race.
As long as it's got to do with 4 wheels (give or take 2 or 16), it goes in

The regular rules of ettiquite apply in this SIG, same as the rest of them.
No language in bad taste, no public personal attacks, no garbage posts.
But there's no reason for any of that in a car SIG anyway, is there?

OK, that's it.. my fingers are tiring.  Have fun folks, post often, and 
try not to cut me off, eh? =)

Steve Ireland, Facilitator