**This is for the "Pothole Hotlines" Section:**

These phone numbers will allow you to report road conditions which are hazardous to a cyclist.  Such conditions include large potholes, wide cracks, broken glass, gravel, etc.  When making a report, first identify the municipality, town, or highway in which the hazard is located, then phone the appropriate number.  Be specific on the location and nature of the problem.

   Victoria                   361-0400
   Oak Bay                    598-4501
   Saanich                    744-5300
   Esquimalt                  385-2461,Local 223
   View Royal                 479-6800
   Central Saanich            652-4444, Local 242 
   Colwood                    474-4133
   North Saanich              656-0781
   Sidney                     656-1184
   Highlands                  474-3330

   24 hours Ministry of Transportation & Highways 474-2688