How to get more computer information than any sane person would need: Free!

(and give your mail carrier a hernia)
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Going broke buying all those computer magazines? You poor sap. There are a huge number of magazines which will give you a free subscription. Think these are only second rate rags? Think again. The ones you buy use much of the same material that is available for nothing. These magazines are, of course, supported by advertising. But consider that a) the magazines you buy carry an awful lot of advertising, and b) sometimes the ads are the best parts.

The following magazines have subscription forms online on the Web. They have certain qualification levels: after all, they want to be able to tell their advertisers that the readership are decision-makers and influential people. But hey, maybe you are more important than you think.

Communications News - more for the telephony people, but doesn't neglect data comm topics. Communications magazines are hard to find, so this is quite valuable.

Computer Reseller News Canada - the whole thing is one large ad, right?

Computer Reseller News - for the Americans

Computing Canada - corporate orientation, and the articles aren't that good, but it is Canadian. ("Industry Insider" is one of the better done "gossip" columns in the trade.)

Datamation - definitely one of the best, until its recent demise on paper, Datamation tends to the corporate side of things. There is a bit of a "big iron" bias, but it serves as a reminder that mainframes are not dead, and the articles and columns were very well done. Haven't been all that impressed with the move to online status.

ECN - Electronic Component News. See below.

EDN - a specialty periodical for those into manufacturing and electronic parts distribution. Was one of the first to carry "Dilbert" on a regular basis.

Information Security - the NCSA/ICSA seems to be maturing into a corporate entity. This is another step along the way. In the new products section, you will find some of the most insightful (and extremely short) reviews of new security books. (Yeah, right.)

InternetWeek - (formerly CommuncationsWeek) definitely one to get. Even if you have little interest in data communications as such, it is a growing part of computing. "Rash's Judgement" is a must read on a weekly basis.

Internetwork - recently changed its name from "LAN Computing". I have trouble figuring out what market they are going after, but they tend to have a mid-range/minicomputer focus.

Laser Focus World - another specialty

Oracle Magazine - a vendor sales pitch, but possibly interesting case studies

PC Week - comes weekly and eventually seems to get most of the news that goes into PC Magazine (or maybe vice versa). Desktop/PC/Wintel oriented, very useful selection of ads.

Technology In Government - all levels; federal, provincial, regional, municipal; in Canada are covered here. If you work in Government, a very useful overview of what your IT colleagues in other constituencies are doing.

Telecommunications - another telecom specialty.

VARBusiness - glossy package, but just more ads from distributors wanting to sell to resellers

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