Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life

(maintained by Rob Slade)

"Affective Computing", Rosalind Picard

"Artificial Minds", Stan Franklin

"Artificial Life Explorer's Kit", Thro

"Artificial Life", Levy

"Computers & Thought", Edward A. Feigenbaum/Julian Feldman

"What Is Cognitive Science?", Barbara Von Eckardt

"HAL's Legacy", David G. Stork ed.

"An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms", Melanie Mitchell

"It's Alive!", Cohen

"Mind and Morals", May/Friedman/Clark

"Philosophy and AI", Cummins/Pollock ed.

"Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind", Hans Moravec

"What Computers Still Can't Do", Dreyfus

"Alive 0, Alive 1", Suzana Stojakovic-Celustka

"Journal of Information Science", A. Gilchrist ed.

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