Data Security and Protection

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Canada Computes Book Review Column, July, 1996

"Computer Security Basics", Russell/Gangemi

"The Underground Guide to Computer Security", Michael Alexander

"Secrets of a Super Hacker", Fiery

"Computers Under Attack", Denning

"93 Computer Security Products Buyers Guide", CSI

"Information Security Policies Made Easy", Wood

"Unix System Security", Farrow

"Unix System Security: A Guide for Users and System Administrators", Curry

"Practical UNIX Security", Garfinkel/Spafford

"Firewalls and Internet Security", Cheswick/Bellovin

"Building Internet Firewalls", Chapman/Zwicky

"Internet Firewalls and Network Security", Siyan/Hare

"Network Security Secrets", Stang

"Lan Disaster, Prevention and Recovery", Corrigan

"LAN Security Handbook", Ellen Dutton

"LAN Desktop Guide to Security, NetWare Edition", Sawicki

"Network Security", Shaffer/Simon

"Network Security", Richard Baker

"Research Directions in Database Security", Lunt (ed.)

"Computer Crime: a Crimefighter's Handbook", Icove/Seger/VonStorch

"Computer-Related Risks", Neumann

"The Computer User's Survival Guide", Joan Stigliani

"Digital Woes", Wiener

"Applied Cryptography", Bruce Schneier

"E-Mail Security", Bruce Schneier

"Protect Your Privacy", Stallings

"PGP: Pretty Good Privacy", Garfinkel

"Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses", Slade

"PC Security and Virus Protection Handbook", Kane

"Dr. Solomon's Virus Encyclopedia", Alan Solomon

"A Pathology of Computer Viruses", Ferbrache

"A Short Course on Computer Viruses", Cohen

"The Adolescence of P-1", Ryan

"When H.A.R.L.I.E. Was One", Gerrold

"Shockwave Rider", John Brunner

"Snow Crash", Stephenson

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