Electronic Bulletin Board Systems and Online Services

(maintained by Rob Slade)

"Bulletin Board Systems for Business", Wood/Blankenhorn

"The BBS Construction Kit", Wolfe

"Compuserve CIM Running Start", Campbell

"E-Mail", Caswell

"E-Mail Essentials", Tittel/Robbins

"The E-Mail Companion", Quarterman/Carl-Mitchell

"Exploring the World of Online Services", Resnick

"Expanding Your BBS", Wolfe

"Growing and Maintaining a Successful BBS", Alan D. Bryant

"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Electronic Highway", Kane

"The Little Online Book", Alfred Glossbrenner

"Glossbrenner's Master Guide to GEnie", Glossbrenner

"The Network Nation", Hiltz/Turoff

"Netiquette", Shea

"The Online Deskbook", Bates

"Online with PROCOMM PLUS for Windows 2", Wolfe

"Smileys", David W. Sanderson/Dale Dougherty

"The Smiley Dictionary", Seth Godin

"The Trail Guide to the Microsoft Network", Newrock

"The Trail Guide to CompuServe", Wiggins/Tittel

"The Trail Guide to Prodigy", Halliday

"The Online User's Encyclopedia", Aboba

"Using Email Effectively", Linda Lamb/Jerry Peek

"Using MS-DOS Kermit", Gianone

"ProComm Plus 2.0", Campbell

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