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"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Modems & Online Services", Sherry Kinkoph

"The Complete Modem Reference, 2nd Ed.", Held

"Dvorak's Guide to Desktop Telecommunications", Dvorak/Anis

"Dr. Macintosh's Guide to the On-Line Universe", LeVitus/Ihnatko

"The Downloader's Companion for Windows", Scott Meyers/Catherine Pinch

"Get On-Line!", Wood

"Implementing ADSL", David Ginsburg

"The Modem Coach", Blankenhorn/Maxwell/Stoltz/Bass

"Modems Made Easy", David Hakala

"Modems for Dummies", Rathbone

"The Modem Reference", Banks

"Mastering Serial Communications", Gofton

"Pournelle's PC Communications Bible", Pournelle/Banks

"Portable Communications", Banks

"The RS-232 Solution", Campbell

"Residential Broadband", Kim Maxwell

"The Ultimate Modem Handbook", Cass R. Lewart

"Using MS-DOS Kermit", Gianone

"Using C-Kermit", Frank da Cruz/Christine M. Gianone

"Yakety Mac: the Telecom Tome", Rubin

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