Networks and Internetworking

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"Windows 95 and NT Networking", Wayne Robertson/Edward Koop

"Adventures in UNIX Network Applications Programming", Rieken/Weiman

"A Guide to Virtual Private Networks", Martin W. Murhammer et al

"A manager's guide to multivendor networks", Enck

"ATM", Uyless Black

"ATM for Public Networks", Ronald H. Davis

"Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks", Onvural a

"ATM Networks", Handel/Huber/Schroeder

"The Book of Wi-Fi", John Ross

"Broadband Networking ABCs for Managers", Davidson

"The Basics Book of Frame Relay",

"The Basics Book of Information Networking",

"The Basics Book of X.25 Packet Switching",

"Building Internet Firewalls", Elizabeth D. Zwicky/Simon Cooper/D. Brent Chapman

"Client/Server: A Manager's Guide", Laurence Shafe

"Client/Server Survival Guide", Robert Orfali/Dan Harkey/Jeri Edwards

"Computer Networks", Black

"Data Communications and Distributed Networks", Black

"Designing Storage Area Networks", Tom Clark

"ADSL and DSL Technologies", Walter Goralski

"Data Link Protocols", Black

"Designing Wide Area Networks and Internetworks", J. Scott Marcus

"The Network Press Encyclopedia of Networking", Werner Feibel

"Encyclopedia of Networking: Electronic Edition", Tom Sheldon

"Handbook of Local Area Networks", John P. Slone ed.

"Hands-On ATM", David E. McDysan/Darren L. Spohn

"Integrated Network & System Management", Hegering/Abeck

"Internetworking over ATM", Brian Dorling/Daniel Freedman/Chris Metz/Jaap Burger

"Internetworking Technologies Handbook", Kevin Downes et al

"Interconnections", Perlman

"IP Applications With ATM", John Amoss/Daniel Minoli

"IP Telephony", Olivier Hersent/David Gurle/Jean-Pierre Petit

"IPv6 Networks", Marcus Goncalves/Kitty Niles

"ISDN and Broadband ISDN with Frame Relay and ATM", William Stallings

"International CallBack Book", Retske

"Kerberos: A Network Authentication System", Brian Tung

"Kerberos: The Definitive Guide", Jason Garman

"Local and Metropolitan Area Networks", Stallings

"McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications", Tom Sheldon

"Managaing Computer Networks", Lewis

"Novell's Guide to Multiprotocol Internetworking", Chappell/Spicer

"Multiwavelength Optical Networks", Thomas E. Stern/Krishna Bala

"Network Management: A Practical Perspective", Leinwand/Conroy

"NFS Illustrated", Brent Callaghan

"Nmap Network Scanning", Gordon Lyon

"NT 4 Network Security", Matthew Strebe/Charles Perkins/Michael G. Moncur

"Managing NFS and NIS", Stern

"Networking Applications of UNIX System V", Padovano

"Internetworking", Colin Smythe

"Windows NT SNMP", James D. Murray

"Networks," Ramteke

"Network Warrior", Gary A. Donahue

"Optical Communications Networks", Biswanath Mukherjee

"Open Systems Networking", Piscitello/Chapin

"Packet Communication", Metcalfe

"Practical Internetworking with TCP/IP and UNIX", Carl-Mitchell/Quarterman

"Practical Packet Analysis", Chris Sanders

"Risk Management Solutions for Sarbanes- Oxley Section 404 IT Compliance", John S. Quarterman

"Residential Broadband", Kim Maxwell

"SNMP, SNMPv2, and RMON: Practical Network Management", William Stallings

"SONET: A Guide to Synchronous Optical Networks", Walter J. Goralski

"TCP/IP Network Administration", Hunt

"The TCP/IP Guide", Charles M. Kozierok

"UNIX Communications and the Internet", Anderson/Costales/Henderson/Pike

"Understanding Computer Networks", Apple

"UNIX Network Programming", Stevens

"Unix Networking", Kochan/Wood

"Using Samba", Robert Eckstein/David Collier-Brown/Peter Kelly

"Using UUCP and Usenet", Todino/Dougherty

"VPNs: A Beginner's Guide", John Mairs

"Virtual Private Networks", Charlie Scott/Paul Wolfe/Mike Erwin

"VAXcluster Principles", Davis

"Data Networking Overview and Applications", Cotton/Feldmeier/Davin/Weinstein

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