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"All About Internet Mail", Lee David Jaffe

"Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses", Jeff Duntemann

"Effective E-Mail: Clearly Explained", Bradley Shimmin

"Electronic Mail: An Introduction to x.400 Messaging System Standards", Radicati

"E-Mail", Caswell

"E-Mail Essentials", Tittel/Robbins

"The E-Mail Companion", Quarterman/Carl-Mitchell

"E-Mail Security", Bruce Schneier

"Ending Spam", Jonathan A. Zdziarski

"Fighting Spam for Dummies", John R. Levine/Margaret Levine Young/Ray Everett-Church

"Internet Mailing Lists Navigator", Neou

"Internet Messaging", Marshall T. Rose/David Strom

"Inside the Spam Cartel", Spammer-X

"The Internet by E-Mail", Clay Shirky

"Internet: Mailing Lists", Hardie/Neou

"!%@:: A Directory of Electronic Mail Addressing and Networks"

"The Elements of E-mail Style", Angell

"MH & xmh: E-mail for Users & Programmers", Peek

"Pegasus Mail for Windows", Kocmoud/Pierce/Stegman

"PGP: Pretty Good Privacy", Garfinkel

"Removing the Spam", Geoff Mulligan

"Stopping Spam", Alan Schwartz/Simson Garfinkel

"Using E-Mail", Gibbons et al

"Using Email Effectively", Linda Lamb/Jerry Peek

"Using Eudora, 2nd ed.", Dee-Ann LeBlanc

"The Z-Mail Handbook", Nelson

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