Security Related Fiction

(maintained by Rob Slade)

"Second Contact", Resnick

"The Adolescence of P-1", Ryan

"The Blue Nowhere", Jeffrey Deaver

"The Bear and the Dragon", Tom Clancy

"CyberTerror", R. J. Pineiro

"Come to Grief", Dick Francis

"Cryptonomicon", Neal Stephenson

"Double Vision", Randall Ingermanson

"Digital Fortress", Dan Brown

"Deadline Y2K", Mark Joseph

"Death in a Promised Land", Robert Andrews

"Eye of the Storm", Gold Eagle/Worldwide

"The Fool's Run", Camp

"Future Crime", Bova

"When H.A.R.L.I.E. Was One", Gerrold

"Hackerteen volume one: Internet Blackout", Marcelo Marques

"Halting State", Charles Stross

"The Hawthorne Group", Hauser

"Interrupt", Toni Dwiggins

"The Jericho Iteration", Allen Steele

"Kim", Rudyard Kipling

"Live Robots", Rucker

"Lovelock", Orson Scott Card/Kathryn H. Kidd

"Mercury Rising", Douglas Pearson Ryne

"The Millennium Project", Joseph Massucci

"Mother of Storms", John Barnes

"The Mezonic Agenda", Herbert H. Thompson/Spyros Nomikos

"Pattern Recognition", William Gibson

"Pearl Harbor Dot Com", Winn Schwartau

"The Quantum Thief", Hannu Rajaniemi

"Runaway Heart", Stephen J. Cannell

"The Raptor Virus", Frank Simon

"Shockwave Rider", John Brunner


"Snow Crash", Stephenson

"The Sundering", Walter Jon Williams

"Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent", Ryan Russell

"The Tojo Virus", Randall

"The Traveler", John Twelve Hawks

"Terminal Compromise", Schwartau

"Transmission", Hari Kunzru

"The Teeth of the Tiger", Tom Clancy

"White Ninja", Lustbader

"Zimmerman's Algorithm", S. Andrew Swann

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