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"Analysing for Authorship", Jill M. Farringdon

"The Art of Investigative Interviewing", Charles L. Yeschke

"Benjamin Franklin's Website", Robert Ellis Smith

"Borders in Cyberspace", Brian Kahin/Charles Nesson

"The Business Privacy Law Handbook", Charles H. Kennedy

"Cyberlaw: National and International Perspectives", Roy J. Girasa

"CyberRegs", Bill Zoellick

"Challenges to Digital Forensic Evidence", Fred Cohen

"Handbook of Computer Crime Investigation", Eoghan Casey

"Computer Forensics and Privacy", Michael A. Caloyannides

"Computer and Intrusion Forensics", George Mohay et al

"Computer Forensics", Warren G. Kruse II/Jay G. Heiser

"Cyber Forensics", Albert J. Marcella/Robert S. Greenfield

"Cybercrime: Vandalizing the Information Society", Steven Furnell

"CyberLaw: The Law of the Internet", Jonathan Rosenoer

"Cybersquatters Beware", Chantelle MacDonald Newhook

"Cyberspace and the Law", Edward A. Cavazos/Gavino Morin

"Database Nation", Simson Garfinkel

"Desktop Witness", Michael A. Caloyannides

"The Electronic Privacy Papers", Bruce Schneier/David Banisar

"Forensic Discovery", Dan Farmer/Wietse Venema

"File System Forensic Analysis", Brian Carrier

"A Guide to Forensic Testimony", Fred Chris Smith/Rebecca Gurley Bace

"Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations", Bill Nelson et al

"Hacker's Challenge", Mike Schiffman

"High Technology Crime Investigator's Handbook", Gerald L. Kovacich/William C. Boni

"High Tech Crimes Revealed", Steven Branigan

"I Love the Internet But I want My Privacy Too", Chris Peterson

"The Innocent Man", John Grisham

"Incident Response", Kevin Mandia/Chris Procise

"Incident Response", Kenneth R. van Wyk/Richard Forna

"Incident Response", Douglas Schweitzer

"Internet and Online Privacy", Andrew Frackman/Rebecca C. Martin/Claudia Ray

"Intellectual Property and Open Source", Van Lindberg

"Law on the Internet", Michael Gross

"The Software Developer's and Marketer's Legal Companion", Landy

"NetLaw: Your Rights in the Online World", Lance Rose

"Net Law: How Lawyers Use the Internet", Paul Jacobsen

"Net Crimes and Misdemeanors", J. A. Hitchcock

"Open Source Software Law", Rod Dixon

"Practical Internet Law for Business". Kurt M. Saunders

"Privacy on the Line", Whitfield Diffie/Susan Landau

"Privacy", J. C. Cannon

"Privacy Defended", Gary Bahadur/William Chan/Chris Weber

"The Privacy Papers", Rebecca Herold

"Privacy Payoff", Ann Cavoukian/Tyler J. Hamilton

"Protect Your Digital Privacy", Glee Harrah Cady/Pat McGregor

"Real Digital Forensics", Keith J. Jones/Richard Bejtlich/Curtis W. Rose

"Software Forensics", Robert M. Slade

"Scene of the Cybercrime: Computer Forensics Handbook", Debra Littlejohn Shinder

"Syslaw", Rose/Wallace

"Technology and Privacy: The New Landscape", Philip E. Agre/Marc Rotenberg

"The Transparent Society", David Brin

"Understanding and Managing Cybercrime", Samuel C. McQuade

"Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery", Harlan Carvey

"Web Site Privacy with P3P", Helena Lindskog/Stefan Lindskog

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