The Year 2000 Problem (aka Millennium Bug)

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C'mon. It's a joke for cryin' out loud!

"Countdown Y2K", Peter de Jager/Richard Bergeon

"Deadline Y2K", Mark Joseph

"Practical Methods for Your Year 2000 Problem", Robert B. Chapman

"Year 2000 in a Nutshell", Norman Shakespeare

"The Year 2000 Problem Solver", Bryce Ragland

"The Year 2000 Software Problem", Capers Jones

"Computer Crisis 2000", W. Michael Fletcher

"Solving the Year 2000 Crisis", Patrick McDermott

"Time Bomb 2000", Edward Yourdon/Jennifer Yourdon

"Year 2000 Software Testing", William Perry

"Y2K Risk Management", Steven H. Goldberg/Steven C. Davis/Andrew M. Pegalis

"The Y2K Survival Guide and Cookbook", Dorothy R. Bates/Albert K. Bates

"The Y2K Survival Guide", Bruce F. Webster

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