Rob Slade is a data communications and security specialist from Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada.  His first love is teaching, and he got into
computers because of an interest in what they could do in improving the
education process in the public school system.  He still has links with
the education system in BC with both grade school and the college system,
and writes and speaks for the computer educators in the province.  He has
a B.Sc. from the University of BC, an M.S. (in Computer and Information
Science Education, which no one can ever remember) from the University of
Oregon, and a Diploma of Christian Studies from Regent College.  He is the
founder of the DECUS Canada Education and Training SIG.

He has both formal training in data communications and exploration with
the BBS and network community, and has done communications training for
a number of the international commercial seminar firms.  His technical
jobs have involved everything from support of terminal emulation programs
to satellite communications.  He considers communications technology to
be the most interesting of the various computer fields, probably because
it allows him to hog attention worldwide rather than being restricted to
boring those in a single room.  He is the founder of the DECUS Canada
Communications SIG.

His research into computer viral programs started when they first appeared
as a major problem "in the wild".  Acting initially as the unofficial
archivist for the budding research community, he has since become known
for "Mr. Slade's lists" of antiviral software vendors, antiviral reviews,
antiviral BBSes and virus books.  One of the working group for the VIRUS-L
FAQ, he is best known for a series of review and tutorial articles which
have recently been published as "Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses"
(and that was *not* his idea for a title--blame Springer-Verlag).  He is the
founder of the, you guessed it, DECUS Canada Security SIG, which was actually
the first, and got him into all this SIG founding business.  He still 
considers data security to be a minor sideline, and was astounded to hear
himself referred to recently as a "leader" in the security community.

He is more widely known for his series of daily technical book reviews which
appear on appropriate newsgroups and mailing lists, including,, the *.books.technical groups and topics related to
the individual titles.  He is well regarded by the local library and his
office at home is *definitely* over the floor load limit for a residence.

He has been a coastal paper boy, ranch hand, circulation manager for a local
weekly, rail gang worker, hosptial nursing orderly, industrial first aid
attendant, cook, resident camp worker, and a few other odds and ends.  His
mother-in-law is convinced that he is not old enough to have done everything 
that he has done, but he was born old.

He fondly remembers a distant age when he had time for sailing, photography,
folk music, camping and involvement with non-computer related volunteer
groups.  At present, he makes every available effort to spend time teaching
operating systems to his new grandson.  He is married to the world's best
executive secretary, which is probably the only reason he actually got the
book finished.  It is next to impossible to get him to take "bio" writing

DECUS Canada Communications, Desktop, Education and Security group newsletters
Author "Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses, 2nd ed", ISBN 0-387-94663-2
(contact +1-800-SPRINGER in the US and Canada, in Europe)