The "Robert Slade" Story So Far

My great grandparents had eleven kids. I have, therefore, a large extended family in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada area. In spite of the fact that "Robert" is a very popular name for those of my age, I am the only "Robert Slade" in my immediate family.

A few years back, when I started getting articles published in international journals, I started to get phone calls from people asking if I was that same "Robert Slade" who lived in Vancouver and worked in data comm technology. Yes, but I hadn't worked for those particular companies. There was another "Robert Slade" who lived in Vancouver. When I went to work at MDA, I met him: he worked there too. (And, boy, did *that* cause havoc in the mailroom.)

After I had been publishing my technical book reviews for a few years, I did a search on the AltaVista search engine for "Robert Slade", to try and find out who was using my reviews without telling me. As well as a few of those, I found a "Robert Slade" in the UK who had pictures of his budgies on the Web. Not two days later, I got email from him. Someone had sent him a message intended for me. His Web page, and the "guest book" he created there, had already been visited by two other "Robert Slade"s. He ( Robert E. Slade, then of Bath, UK) suggested that we form a club.

So this is it. The "Robert Slade" Internet club.

Robert E. tried to track down the other addresses he found, and we got a response from Robert J Slade, also of Bath, UK, noting some interesting coincidences. Robert E. had also found a trace of Robert O., but we didn't have an address for him until he emailed us and asked to join. Then, completely out of the blue we heard from Robert Andrew, of Oxfordshire, UK, with even more strange coincidences. (In fact, he didn't know the half of it.) Then we heard from Robert in Nelson, and recently from Robert G. in Ontario. Russell Robert in Utah had been one of the original signators of Robert E's guestbook, so we had known about him from the beginning, but didn't hear from him for years. Robert E seems to be one of our major recruiters: we found out about Robert Ives from him as well.

The "Robert Slade" Internet Club. Where everybody knows your name :-)

"But the `Robert Slade' Internet Club exams aren't rigorous at all. They only ask you one question, `Who are you?', and I had that one right off." - slightly paraphrased from "Beyond the Fringe"

Robert E. Slade, Bath, UK ( original page)

updated page

> There is also another
> Robert Slade in the Vancouver area where I live: we both work in
> data comm fields, and at one time worked for the same company  :-)
There are two "Robert Slades" who have signed my WWW visitors' book.
My father is also called Robert and so was my Grandfather!
Perhaps we could start a club!!? :-)
R. E. Slade, School of Mathematical Sciences, 
University of Bath, BA2 7AY.
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Robert E is also the owner of the slade-genealogy mailing list run from eGroups. If you want to subscribe, send an email to The messages of the group, a subscription form,and other group information is found at

He's moved since, but I've also included his work email.

Our special honourary member:

From:          Robert Slade 
Date:          Wed, 7 Mar 2001 00:07:42 +0000

For the record, we chose his name as Leon James Robert.  He was 6lb
12oz (not 6lb 4oz as previously stated - the hospital converted the
weight from Kg incorrectly).

>Do you want to make up an entry for him for the club?  :-) ;-)

He will catch up with any e-mails in a few years time...

Robert E. Slade, Rodbourne Cheney, Swindon, Wiltshire.

When I worked with Bob Slade, Langley, BC, Canada, I found out that he also does "party music" as a hobby/business. Weddings and stuff.

>Subj:  RE: You Found Me !! (Again!).
>(Check out the SWCM course I'm teaching thru the Software
> Productivity Center and UBC next month - even has a Bio on me - see

>   OR
>(Work)           (Home - netsurfing)

I swiped the bio from his course ad page :-)

Bob Slade, MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates: Bob currently oversees the Configuration Management (CM) activities at MDA. His career has centered on Production Management and Engineering. More recently, he has worked on Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Configuration Management. He is conversant with all widely-accepted and acknowledged methods and standards for CM, including military and ISO 9000 standards. His work in the development and implementation of CM policies and procedures played a major role in MDA's receipt of AQAP-13 certification. Mr. Slade had developed and implemented CM plans and procedures for military, space and commercial software development programs and is considered the company's foremost authority on Configuration Management.

Robert J Slade, also of Bath, UK

From:   MAILER::""  5-JUL-1996 09:45:27.75
> From: MX%""  3-JUL-1996 09:30:28.99
> >
> > Anyone own up to either of these?  Perhaps they're also fellow 
> > Slades
Yes I do ! I'm Robert J Slade and was quite suprised and amused to
receive this e-mail. The realy odd thing is the simalarites between
things other Robert Slade's the those I am doing or have done:
I live in Bath;
Worked in Software CM;
Taking an Open University Degree in Maths
> Why not?  The more confusion, the better!  I think I'll add a
> section on the club to my page.
I agree, this could be the start of something big, Today Canada and
Bath, Tomorrow the world!

Robert E. of Bath had found a trace of Robert O., of Massechusetts, so we were pleased to get the following message:

From: Bob Slade 
Subject: The "Robert Slade" Internet Club
Hi, this is Robert O. Slade Jr. of Kingston, MA. USA (formally of
Plymouth MA USA).  I would like to have my name added to the page.  I
work for a company called DynaVac.  Our home page is  
I have been working on our home page for about 3 weeks now.  Please
stop by and give your opinion, ideas, etc..  My e-mail address is

Robert Andrew "searched" us out on the net.

Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 22:08:13 +0100
From: Robert Slade 
Subject: Robert Slade Internet Club
Hello from another Robert Slade, from Oxfordshire, England !
During a bored moment, I typed "Robert Slade" into the Alta Vista
Search engine and discovered that we had our own Internet club ! I'd
like to join, if that's OK; I think I have the right qualifications
For the record, my full name is Robert Andrew Slade, age 32, BSc in
Physics (Bristol University), married to Alison, and I work as a
Design Engineer for Oxford Instruments, on NMR and MRI systems.
Here is another example of the strange coincidences noted by Robert J
Slade: until recently, a relative of mine, Nora Catherine Slade, lived
in North Vancouver, BC. Sadly, she passed away in April this year
(actually about a week before I was due to visit her, whilst I was in
the middle of a skiing holiday in Whistler). Her father was David
Slade, who emigrated from the Poole, Dorset, in England, (home to many
generations of Slades) to farm in Drumheller, near Calgary, before
eventually moving to North Vancouver.
There are other, much older links between the Poole Slades and Canada:
At least the last 6 to 7 generations of "my" Slades all come from
Poole, and my grandfather compiled a substantial family tree. The
Poole Slades owned several of the major Newfoundland trade companies
in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Several Slades settled in
Newfoundland, (Fogo, Trinity Bay and Carbonere), so presumably many of
the Slades in Canada are related to these immigrants, possibly even
yourself !! I have a lot of information about the Poole Slades. Robert
was a very favoured name (for example, the three consecutive Mayors of
Poole from 1832 to 1838 were all called Robert Slade, the middle one
being my great-great-grand-uncle).
I have access to a lot of information on the Poole Slades, including
books, old portraits, and museum references, (even the Slade heraldic
symbol and family motto), and a general interest in tracing the family
links further, so if any other Slades wish to contact me, please feel
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 20:16:55 +0100
From: Robert Slade 
Hello again; sorry to take so long to reply - I've been trying to get
my father to send me the family "Black Book", which his father
compiled, and is choc-full of family history, but he won't commit it
to the safety of the Royal Mail! When I get it I'll pass on
interesting info on Robert Slades, and put my family tree into a GED
Nora's father was David Slade who emigrated from England to Vancouver
some time around the turn of the century. He married M. Sellers and
had four children, Nora, John, Peggy and Geraldine (or Gerry, who was
adopted). All are now dead, Nora being the last to go. John married
twice (to Pat and then Louise), but we don't *think* he had any
children, nor did Nora or Peggy. Gerry married David Forrest, and had
two children, all of whom are still living in North Vancouver. David
Slade also had three brothers: Raymond, Joseph and Gerald (my
grandfather), who all lived for a time in Canada, helping on David's
farm. They all eventually came back to England, except David, but my
dad jokingly suggested that Joseph ("Uncle Joe") might have had a
secret family in Canada !
> I do have a more recent connection with Poole: my Dad's cousin moved
> back to England, and managed a pub in Bournemouth, later buying the
> Shave's Cross Inn.  (He's back here, now.)

I think I've been to that pub !
As I said, when I get the info from my father, I'll be in touch. I
might be able to dig out some amusing stories about previous Robert
Slades for the web page.
Oxon Rob

So far we don't know too much about Robert in Nelson.

From: "Robert Slade" 

Dear Bob,Rob,
I would love to join the Robert Slade Internet Club. I wonder If any
of these Slades are related in any way? I have a cousin Bill with the
RCMpolice here in BC and the family originated back east in Montreal
moving to BC in the 60's.I am a stepson of Jeff Slade and lived in
Maple Ridge from 1967 till 1980 when I moved to Nelson and joined the
fire service. I am 42 and been married 2X and have 4 wonderful
I enjoy older British cars and presently restoring 2 MGs an "A" and a
"B". My mom,  brother and sister live in the lower mainland and I
visit them often.
Well their is a little bit about me. Thanks, B

Robert G. Slade, Ontario, Canada, was apparently browsing for virus info when:

Date sent:        Thu, 26 Nov 1998 05:38:52 -0800
From:             straybo 

well i am on your web page about computer viruses and i have noticed
that you have my name and i have yours.  my name is robert g slade
from southern ontario and have a fairly big family down here.  My
father is george edward slade,  don't know if there is a link there
anywhere but i thought i might let ya know

bye robert slade
from robert slade

Russell Robert Slade, Bountiful, Utah, USA, was just a mention at the bottom of the page until he, too, searched us out

From:             "Russell Slade" 
Subject:          Another Slade to join the club...
Date sent:        Fri, 4 Jun 1999 12:59:12 -0600

Hi... found your "Robert Slade" Internet Club and wondered if I could
become an honorary member...   My full name is actually Russell Robert
Slade, so I don't know if I qualify or not.   I was the one who signed
Robert E.'s guest page a long time ago, and now I reside in Bountiful,
Utah, USA and can be reached at   Always nice to
meet another Slade!

From:             "Russell Slade" 
Date sent:        Tue, 8 Jun 1999 11:15:07 -0600

 Just a little about me since you asked.   Full name, Russell Robert
  Born Feb 8, 1971 in Utah and have lived here most of my life.   I
currently live in Bountiful and work for Fox 13 Television Station in
Salt Lake City as a computer graphic artist.  I am a member of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) and served a two
year mission for them down in Guayaquil, Ecuador.   Single, but dating
someone steady right now.   Enjoying life and very happy to join the
Ranks of Robert Slades out there.   Hi everyone!

Robert Ives Slade, Liverpool, UK, sent a message to Robert E. one day, which is how we found out about him.

>    I am Rob Slade, Chartered Surveyor, based in Liverpool
>    Grandfather was farmer/sailor from family based in Hull.
>    (Robert Ives Slade)

Robert G. Slade, of of Manitoba, rather than Ontario

From:              "Robert G. Slade" 
Date sent:         Thu, 12 Jun 2003 03:50:45 -0500

Hi. Well, isn't this a load of coincidences. I, too, am Robert G.
Slade.  Although I was born in Ontario, like the other Robert G. I now
make my home in Winnipeg. Both my father and son are Roberts. My Uncle
did a genealogical search at one point and claims that we are
descended from Sir Robert Walpole (the distaff side of the family,
apparently a ne'er do well son was sent to the colonies to minimize
his impact on Sir Robert's political career). A Google search of the
name will bring up ridiculous amounts of entries from a dead show
jumper to politicians and convicts in the U.S. (very little
difference between the two, I'm afraid).
Anyway, interesting to know there's a club. Hope I won't be too busy
to make the meetings. Do we have a theme song? How about a crest?
Best to all
Robert G. Slade

Robert M. Slade, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Me, I'm Robert Michael Slade, son of George Raymond Slade, son of Harry Slade. Much of the time you can also find me at Vancouver CommunityNet, Victoria TeleCommunity Net, or the alternate site provided by the Computer Underground Digest.

I'm the author of "Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses" (and that was *not* my idea for a title--blame Springer-Verlag). I do a lot of book reviewing, and have archives at Victoria Telecommunity Net and Computer Underground Digest. There is also a partial archive linked to an online bookstore.

I understand (from Robert E.) that there is also a I've seen messages on Usenet from this one recently, asking for "classic" Hot Wheels cars and other "collectable" toys.