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"Viruses Revealed," available at Amazon and 0072130903:Product Link on Barnes & does not contain a CD full of free software, mostly because it would be out of date before the book was even printed. Instead, here is a page of links to some good, free sources on the net.

F-Prot and F-Macro

F-Prot is tried, tested, and true. In many cases we actually prefer the MS-DOS version, since it can be run on a "cold booted" machine in order to test for Windows viruses that may interfere with scanning operations when Windows is running. The MS-DOS version is also, as far as we know, still free for home use. It can be obtained from both Frisk Software and F-Secure.

MacroList by A. Padgett Peterson

MacroList is a specific tool for checking Microsoft Word documents for the presence of possible macro viruses. While it is not an automated scanner, it is a utility that is available for both Wintel and Macintosh machines. It can be obtained both from Padgett's own site or the site provided by John Freivald.


The garbo archive, at the University of Vaasa, in Finland, is a long established and highly regarded resource. In terms of antiviral software, it is also an excellent source of older programs and utilities.

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