Zvi Netiv

Zvi Netiv is the principal of NetZ Computing Ltd. and author of InVircible, an antiviral which is basically of the activity monitoring type. NetZ and its product should not be confused with NSE Software, also based in Israel, also producing an activity monitor, and run by Amir Netiv, Zvi's son. Zvi is indignant when anyone makes the mistake.

The most interesting thing about InVircible is the history of its promotion. Neglected, by the public, for some years after its initial release, InVircible started getting a lot of publicity from Fidonet postings in 1994. However, close examination of these spontaneous and unsolicited testimonials revealed a startling similarity in wording. They also revealed an authorship with close ties to the vx community.

Vesselin Bontchev has done a detailed critique of InVircible in the paper "Vircing the InVircible." Zvi's response to the review was immediate, bitter, vituperative and ongoing. His campaign against Bontchev now rivals Jeff Cook's Fidonet flamewar against Bill Lambdin.

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