Walking Tours 1994

Tours are at different locations each week as noted, with tours at
RBC (Ross Bay Cemetery) always on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the
month.  RBC tours assemble at Bagga Pasta in Fairfield Plaza,
opposite the cemetery at 1516 Fairfield Rd.  For detailed
directions to the other cemeteries, call 598-8870.

Admission to tours is $5.00 for non-members and $2.00 for members. 
All proceeds help the research, preservation and teaching
activities of the Old Cemeteries Society.  All tour guides are

May 15  RBC.  Murder Most Foul, Part II (RBC).  The 2nd part of 
     this thriller series will shock those who think Victoria has
     a staid past.  Some new murders to add to the old favorites
     from past years.  Extra guides for this popular tour.

May 22  Murder Most Foul, Part III (Veterans Cemetery).  Some of
     our early soldiers and sailors met brutal endings, but not on
     the battlefield.  A different look at one of Victoria's most
     picturesque cemeteries, in the middle of Gorge Vale Golf
     Course, access off Colville Rd., Esquimalt.

May 29  RBC.  Point Ellice Bridge Disaster.  Glenn Perlstrom 
     talks about some of the 55 victims who died May 1986, in North
     America's worst public transit accident.

June 5  RBC.  Metis Wives of Fort Victoria.  Dr. Sylvia Van Kirk,
     author of Many Tender Ties, will visit the graves of Lady
     Douglas and many other women of mixed blood.

June 12  Jewish Cemetery.  Learn about Jewish burial customs and
     the history of BC's oldest operating cemetery.  Fernwood and
     Cedar Hill Rd.

June 19  RBC.  City Fathers.  Mayor Bob Cross will conduct this 
     6th annual Fathers Day tour to graves of some of Victoria's
     former mayors.  Always a favourite.

June 26  Chinese Cemetery.  At this beautiful seaside setting 
     see one of Canada's largest mass graves and learn about
     Chinese funerary customs from Charlayne Thornton-Joe.

July 3 to Sept. 4  Gossip in the Graveyard.  Three 
     tours a week at Ross Bay Cemetery.  Tuesdays and Thursdays at
     7 pm and Sundays at 2 pm.  Excellent entertainment for
     visitors and residents alike.  Meet at Bagga Pasta.

Sept. 11  St. Stephens Churchyard.  The fall schedule of Sunday 
     afternoon tours begins at this rural enclave, a true gem of
     history and charm beside BC's oldest operating church.  At the
     end of St. Stephens Rd., off Mt. Newton Cross Rd.    

Sept. 18  RBC.  The Blushing Bride.  Elaborate society weddings 
     of the Victorian era will be the theme, described in vivid
     detail by Sheila Daly.

Sept. 24-25  Field Trip to Roslyn, Washington.  A two day
     excursion by bus to the town where TV's "Northern Exposure" is
     filmed, also the site of many of the Pacific Northwest's most
     amazing cemeteries.  See reservation sheet for details.

Oct. 2  RBC.  Capital Characters.  Well-known author and
     historian.  T. W. Paterson delves into his files to spin
     tales of the colourful flotsam and jetsam of Victoria's

Oct. 9  Women's History, Part I (Royal Oak Burial Park).  The 
     first of a three part series to mark Women's History Month
     will visit the graves of Nellie McClung and many other women. 
     Meet at the main gate, 4673 Falaise Dr.

Oct. 16  RBC.  Women's History, Part II (RBC).  Agnes Deans 
     Cameron, Hannah Maynard and Margaret Jenkins are some of those
     whose graves will be visited by Yvonne Van Ruskenveld.

Oct. 23  Women's History, Part III (Pioneer Square).  Discover 
     some of the interesting details about the lives of women in
     colonial Victoria.  Meet at the corner of Quadra St. and
     Rockland Ave. beside Christ Church Cathedral.

Oct. 30  RBC.  Annual Ghost Walk.  Always our most popular tour 
     (350 attended last year!) so we will have five guides at two
     separate times to keep groups small:  1 pm and 3 pm, leaving
     from Bagga Pasta.  Halloween attire not required.

Nov. 6  RBC.  Victoria's Aristocrats.  Valerie Green has just 
     finished her book by this name and will lead a tour to the
     graves of the cream of Victoria's society.

Nov. 13  Chinese Cemetery.  At this beautiful seaside setting 
     see one of Canada's largest mass burials & learn about Chinese
     funerary customs from Charlayne Thornton-Joe.

Nov. 20  RBC.  From Hayward's Funeral Files.  Len Gallo, Manager
     of BC's oldest operating funeral company, discusses funeral
     customs and stories about many former clients. 

Nov. 27  Christ Church Cathedral Crypt.  Tour the cathedral, then
     descend beneath the nave into the columbarium, led by its
     Curator, Barbara Frame.  Meet inside the left main door.

Dec. 4  RBC.  Kaboom!  Tales of the "Exploding Fisherman" and 
     other deaths caused by dynamite, cannons, guns and other
     explosions, narrated by Glenn Perlstrom.  Today is the feast
     of St. Barbara, the patron saint of gunners.

Dec. 11  RBC.  Annual Christmas Tour.  Humorous, sad and happy 
     true stories from old-time Christmas in Victoria in the words
     of many pioneers, recounted by John Adams.

The tour program will resume at RBC on Sunday February 19, 1995. 
Schedules are sent to all OCS members, or call 384-0045 for


Roslyn, Washington Weekend, September 24-25
Roslyn is a picturesque, historic coal mining town on the east side
of Snoqualmie Pass, now "Cicily" for TV's "Northern Exposure"
series.  We will leave by charter coach on Saturday morning Sept.
24 and return Sunday evening.  The Roslyn cemeteries are the most
interesting in the Pacific Northwest and are the main object of the
excursion, but there will be free time to explore Roslyn and we
will make a few brief rest stops at interesting places en route. 
OCS members $120; non-members $140 (double occupancy).  Deadline: 
Sept. 5.

(Note:  tour costs do not include meals)

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