The following legend describes the criteria we use for rating our hikes:

Rating   Description
1 Boot   Easy hike. Suitable for most people. Typically easy climbs 
	 (up to 100-M) short distances (less than 5km), good trail 
	 conditions 1-3 hours hiking

2 Boot   Average hike. Suitable for most hikers. Typically moderate 
	 climbs (up to moderate grades, moderate distances (up to 10km), 
	 average trail conditions

3 Boot   Intermediate hike. Suitable for fitter hikers. Typically harder 
	 climbs grades, longer distances (up to 15km), rugged trail 

4 Boot   Strenuous hike. For the more adventurous. May contain steep, 
	 high climb poor trail conditions.

Note: These descriptions are guidelines only, for example a hike may have 
      a high as "2 Boot" if it falls into that level of exertion.