Greetings! Welcome to the Industrotek SIG. This SIG was created to discuss
Industrial, Techno/Rave, Gabba, Ambient, EBM and Electronic/Experimental
Music, otherwise known as Electro-Industrial Music (EIM). This SIG will focus
on the music, albums and concerts of Electro-Industrial artists such as:

Front Line Assembly, The Orb, Front 242, KMFDM, Cygnus X, Ministry, Snog,
KDC, Clock DVA, Cubanate, M&tF, Die Krupps, FSOL, Download, Black Lung,
Haujobb, Chemical Brothers, THC, Project Pitchfork, Alien Faktor, 16 Volt,
MLWTTKK, Cyber-Tec, The Grid, The Young Gods, Skinny Puppy, The Black Dog,
Lard, Delerium, GTO, Numb, X-Marks the Pedwalk, Aphex Twin, NIN etc.

Feel free to post and talk about anything related to Electro-Industrial Music
but remember, no libelous, hateful or foul language posts. Please keep flames
to personal email so they don't bog down the list.

Feel free to send any comments or questions to xx178 (EI Music). Thanks.

-Your Facilitator and Way-Cool Hyper-Intelligent Pan-Dimensional Being,
                                                        Craig "Jester" Nordin