- The Industrotek SIG Disclaimer Agreement -

Carefully read the following terms and conditions before using this SIG.
By using this SIG you have activated this agreement. By activating this
agreement you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this
agreement. If you do not agree with any or all of the terms in this
agreement, you should not have used this SIG.

Limitation of Damages: The Industrotek SIG or any of its falicitators,
operators, creators, designers or affiliates shall not be liable in any way,
shape or form for any direct, indirect, special, personal, consequential,
physical, mental, spiritual, psychological, sexual, virtual or technical
damages to people, equipment or objects resulting from the use or inability
to use this SIG, including, but not limited to: any and all personal group
disorders, injury, trauma or other types of unusual behavior, abnormality or
modifications, including, but not limited to: loss of memory, loss of
consciousness, loss of will, loss of profits, loss of savings, depression,
paranoia, euphoria, disorientation, hallucination, blurred vision, auditory
distortions, dizziness, drowsiness, slurred speech, shortened attention span,
nausea, vomiting, irregular urination or defecation, reduced or increased
sexual activity, altered sexual orientation, expanded or retracted
consciousness, division or multiplication of personality, resulting in
perceived or actual threats to personal, legal, religious or global beliefs
systems, social orders, national or international, rural or urban population
centers as a result of individual or mass dissent, conspiracy, popular
upheaval, armed or unarmed rebellion, terrorism, counter-revolutionary
tactics, alien abduction, mass genocide, or general tactical, strategic or
total offensive or defensive with conventional, biological, chemical or
nuclear warfare causing death, disease, illness, dismemberment or any harm
whatsoever as a result of using this SIG.

Restrictions: This SIG contains top secret and confidential material, and in
order to protect this material, you may not attempt to decompile, reverse
engineer, disassemble, rearrange, breakdown, re-edit, decipher, encrypt,
comprehend or otherwise reveal the original source material comprising the
contents of this SIG, which may or may not contain alleged or apparent,
coded, hidden or otherwise scrambled meanings, that impose subconscious
suggestions, orders, commands, or instructions resulting in any usual or
unusual behavior mentioned above.

License: You may not use this SIG on single or multiple machines to copy,
transfer, broadcast, televise, transmit, show, send or otherwise share the
contents of this SIG in whole or in part to another party by way of any
digital, electronic or analog, physical or virtual, machine-readable or
printed form or storage medium including, but not limited to: computers,
networks, RAM, ROM, CD-ROMs, DVDs, diskettes, optical disks, analog or
digital videos or audio tapes for display, modification, backup or personal,
individual or group enjoyment, amusement or any other leisure, residential,
commercial or industrial purposes, unless the other party agrees to accept
all of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Once you have entered this SIG and read this disclaimer, you are now bound by
the terms and conditions of this agreement for the duration of your lifespan.
Upon termination of your life this agreement will be dissolved and you will
no longer be subject to its terms and conditions, also, by terminating this
agreement you are no longer subject to any or all benefits, rewards or other
positive side-effects resulting for the continued use of this SIG.

You have been warned.