Welcome to the Guitar SIG

Hi there, if you haven't figured it out already this is the guitar SIG 
and it's where you post about guitars.  Anything...repair, maintenance, 
technique, questions, tabs, styles, Fender, Gibson, whatever.  I suppose 
I should say you can post "almost" anything about guitars.  I do have a 
few ground rules.

- No garbage posts.  A post with 3 lines of "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I consider 
  a garbage post.  Please, none of those.

- Swearing.  I don't see how profanity could possibly come about in a SIG 
  about the finest instrument on this planet, but purpetrators will be 
  dealt with if it should happen.

- MAIN RULE: Enjoy yourself!  Don't be afraid to ask questions about 
  guitars if you're unsure.  I'll do my best to answer them.

Keep playin'!

				Matt ==> Facilitator
				     ==> wm988