The Best in Bass

Ah welcome, fellow bass players.  Or perhaps your not a bass player and 
you're just here to check things out.  Well, that's cool.  This I think 
is the best part of my SIG, well just because I'm a bass player.  

This is a list of the top bass players that I think deserve to be in this 
part of the guitar SIG I call "The Best in Bass"

Bassist				Bass				Band
-------- 			-----				-----
Les Claypool			Carl Thompson			Primus/Sausage
Flea				Stingray			Chili Peppers
Stefan Lessard			Warwick				DMB
Geddy Lee			Fender				Rush
Jaco Pastorius			Fender			       	Jaco Pastorius
Bruce Gordon			Stingray			I Mother Earth
Patrick Dahleimer		Fender				Live
Roscoe Beck			Fender				Eric Johnson
Stuart Zender			Warwick				Jamiroquai

Please let me know if you think of someone else who deserves to be on 
this list.  Their name, bass preference, and their band.  Thanks alot.

				Matt  wm988