*** Welcome to the HUMOUR SIG ***

   The aim of the humour sig is to offer a forum for posting jokes
   and humourous stories to tickle the funny bone and explore what
   makes all laugh. It is meant to provide a good laugh for all of
   Please feel free to contribute (We're looking forward to it :-)

1. Jokes posted in this SIG may be offensive to some users.
   If so, the facilitators (on behalf of VIFA) would like to disclaim
   any responsibilities for such jokes.
   Each user owns their own words, and no joke posted represents the
   views of VIFA, VIFA staff, and/or the facilitators.
2. Take responsibility for your jokes. If they offend anyone, then it's
   YOUR fault and not anybody else's.
   However, any violation to CANADIAN laws will be dealt with at once.
   (The facilitators will let the staff know of any such jokes according
   to the common rules of facilitator reponsibilities).
   Please try to treat others as you would yourself like to be treated.
Posting Guidelines:
1> Babble posts die. Fast.
   The spirit of this SIG is to make others LAUGH. Hence; commenting on
   jokes that you thought were offensive goes to the poster's MAIL. 
2> Race Issues, Gender Issues, Spiritual Issues are highly discouraged.
   (Unless they offend no one :-)
   This is no case of censorship. Just a kind request for all to have
   common sense and consideration for the feelings of others.
3> Lag happens (I think you already know that!). So please 'try' to
   keep your 'suspense' to less than one page; per say.
4> Readers of this SIG should not take every single word posted
   seriously. This is merely a JOKE SIG. Nothing is supposed to be
5> All suggestions/comments welcome. Just mail us ;-)
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