LAST RIGHTS Issue #12 (June 1994)

Guest Editorial: Who Owns YOUR Life? by Svend Robinson MP

(Cover Story) TRUST:  Ken and Rochelle Pittman had faith in Canadian
medical authorities - now he's dead and she's dying.  The story behind
Canada's "tainted blood" scandal.

WHEN IS IT RIGHT TO DIE? - "A case that well may become the Roe v. Wade of
 euthanasia."  A commentary upon the May 3 Washington State Court Decision
by Ronald Dworkin.

COMPASSION IN THE COURTS:  The complete text of a landmark Federal Court
ruling in Washington State by Chief District Judge Barbara J. Rothstein 

ETHICS AND DELIBERATE DEATH:  A major 14,000-word report by Dr.
Eike-Henner Kluge, submitted to the Senate Special Committee on Euthanasia
and Assisted Suicide on April 20, 1994.  Prof. Kluge presents a detailed
analysis of whether and how to change the Criminal Code of Canada in order
to grant incurably ill individuals the legal right to a physician's
assistance in dying.

DEATH ON THE INTERNET:  A Cyberspace Odyssey by John Hofsess.
A commentary on the role of the Right to Die Society of Canada on the
Internet - including news of our BBS in Edmonton.

THE HEROIN MYTH - Dr. Michael Downing of Victoria Hospice puts forward the
view that "heroin has no place in modern palliative care".

Rodriguez case (in Canada) and Tony Bland case (in Great Britain) by
Sheila McLean, Professor of Law, University of Glasgow.

BEYOND FINAL EXIT - Part Seven:  Carbon Monoxide & Self-Deliverance 
by Cheryl K. Smith.  This is the first fully explcit article ever to be
published on the method of suicide as employed by Dr. Jack Kevorkian in 18
out of 20 cases in which he has assisted.

VERBATIM - Quotations from the Far Right

Review by Arthur W. Frank:
"How We Die"
by Sherwin B. Nuland

Review by Derek Humphry
"Deathright: Culture, Medicine, Politics and the Right to Die"
by James M. Hoefler with Brian E. Kamole

Review by Stephen Jamison
"Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and AIDS"
by Russel Ogden

Review by Abby Gleicher
"The Least Worst Death: Essays in Bioethics on the End of Life"
by Margaret Pabst Battin

Review by Russel Ogden
"A Gentle Death"
by Marilynne Seguin 

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