VIDEOS (Available from the Last Rights Video Library;
        The Right to Die Society of Canada
        P. O. Box 39018 Victoria BC V8V 4X8)

        To reserve and arrange for shipment send Email message to; or fax (604) 386-3800, or write to above
address at least two weeks in advance of desired booking. 

The Kevorkian File (58 min) 1994
Profile of Dr. Jack Kevorkian of Michigan and the controversy
brought about by his willingness to assist in the suicides of 
20 incurably ill individuals.

Last Wish (110 min) 1993
Feature length film based on Betty Rollin's book about her terminally ill
mother and the need for assisted suicide. Stars Patty Duke and Maureen

Let Me Die At Home (28 min) 1992
Poretrayal of a woman stricken with cancer who plans her
own death at home among family and friends.