What is "LAST RIGHTS"   (ISSN 1198-3922)

"Last Rights" is the official magazine of The Right to Die Society of Canada.

It is the only magazine of its type in the world:  that is, combining
well-written human interest stories (such as Helma Libick's sensitive and
insightful memoir about Sue Rodriguez which appears in the October 1994
issue) with full-length academic articles such as Eike-Henner Kluge's
"Ethics and Deliberate Death", a 14,000-word analysis which appeared in
our June 1994 issue.

Sherwin Nuland, author of the recent best-seller "How We Die", says: 
"Last Rights is absolutely fascinating... it contains a great deal of very
informative material written in a way that is attractive and easy to
read."  And Ronald Dworkin, the distinguished University Professor of
Jurisprudence at Oxford University, and author of "Life's Dominion:  An
Argument about Abortion, Euthanasia and Individual Freedom," says:  "[Last
Rights} is an excellent publication... I thought the review of my book one
of the best and most insightful that I have received."

In Last Rights,  we try to provide serious readers with solid information
- not simply propaganda - on "right to die" issues.  The October issue,
for example, provides a critical article on Dr. Jack Kevorkian written by
psychiatrist Thomas Szasz; we then provide a critique of Dr. Szasz's
arguments written by Arthur W. Frank, a sociologist at the University of
Calgary.  The article on Sue Rodrigiez is notable because very few people
who have written about Sue Rodriguez knew her intimately and hardly anyone
knew her better in the last 18 months of her life than Helma Libick (in
contrast, the recently-published "biography" of Sue Rodriguez, "Uncommon
Will"  by Lisa Hobbs Birnie is written by someone who didn't even meet Sue
until the laborious last months when Sue could hardly speak and frequently
resorted to the shortest possible answers).

This year, we have undertaken to produce a series of special editions of
Last Rights, designed to give its readers the most authoritative
information on a wide range of "right to die" issues available anywhere in
the world.  We send a copy of these special issues of Last Rights to every
Member of Parliament and Senator in the hope that some of Canada's
legislators will give the journal's contents open-minded consideration. 
The current 72-page issue, for example, contains full-length articles
reprinted with permission from the British Medical Journal, the Australian
Journal of Medicine, the British Journal of Nursing and the New York
Times, among other eminent publications. We also publish original articles
by some of the leading legal and medical experts in Canada and abroad.

For a sample copy of "Last Rights" ($6 including postage) write to:

  P. O. Box 39018
  Victoria BC
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FAX (604) 386-3800