*** Linux Newsgroups on the Internet ***
comp.os.linux.misc For questions and discussion relating to Linux but not covered by a more specific Linux newsgroup. comp.os.linux.setup For questions and discussion relating to Linux installation and system administration. comp.os.linux.x For questions and discussion relating to X Window System, version 11, compatible software including servers, clients, libraries, and fonts, running under Linux. XFree86 issues not unique to Linux will be directed to comp.windows.x.i386unix. comp.os.linux.networking For questions and discussion relating to networking or communications including Ethernet boards, serial communications, SLIP, etc. comp.os.linux.development.apps For questions and discussion regarding the writing of applications for Linux and the porting of applications to Linux. comp.os.linux.announce C.o.l.a is intended for all announcements that are relevant for the Linux community: new software for Linux (completely new or a new version), new documentation, warnings about bugs and security holes, notices about user group meetings [...] comp.os.linux.m68k The group comp.os.linux.m68k is intended to further interest in, and development of, the port of the Linux operating system to the Motorola's 680x0 architecture.