For new modem gamers, the following terms might be seen later on 
and I'll give you the definitions here.

	frag		To kill
	Wolfenstein 3D  ID Software's first game. Neat, but no modem support.
	DOOM		A kickass game by ID Software.
	DOOM ][		Another kickass game by ID Software.
	Heretic		An interesting medieval-time game by ID Software.
	Hexen		Another interesting medieval game by ID Software.
	Descent		A wIcKeD 3D space flight game.
	Descent 2	Hmm...I wonder... :-)
	Warcraft	Orcs vs. Humans - a kewl game.
	Warcraft SE	Same as Warcraft but less features.
	Warcraft 2      I don't know. Can you figure it out? C-:
	Quake           All I'll say is...SVGA graphics! (And pentium...oh well)
	2400		Crap.
	RPG		More crap.
	9600/14.4	Not bad...not as good as:
	28.8/33.6	Ow, these things are HOT!

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