Welcome, hockey fans!

This SIG is intended for you to discuss all aspects of hockey, be it NHL, 
major junior, BCJHL, any of the minor leagues, roller hockey, or 
whatever.  As long as it has something to do with hockey, it goes in here.

I have a few requests;

- No distasteful language or personal attacks. (i.e. "flaming")

- No pointless posts, such as "Canucks Rule!!", and leave it at that.  
  Let us know WHY the Canucks rule.

- Have fun, and come back often!

Violators will be dealt with appropriately, but we've had this SIG up for 
over a year now, and there has been no problems at all.  Let's keep it 
that way, eh? =)

Thanks for reading.. now, let's get to it!