****** PARMA FAQ ******

1. What is PARMA?

    The Pacific Association for Recreating the Middle 
Ages is a nonprofit society incorporated under the Societies 
Act of British Columbia in September of 1994, and presently 
has some 30 members. The current Board of Directors are:

    Mark Shier - President <ua923@freenet.victoria.bc.ca>; or   						

    Nicholas Welch - Vice-President <wh636@freenet.victoria.bc.ca>;

    Ken Giles - Treasurer

    Barbara Gordon - Secretary <bgordon@uvvm.uvic.ca>;

    Chris Vickers - Ombudsman

    Membership is $5.00 per year. Applications for membership 
should be made in writing to the Secretary, at PO Box 5831 Station B, 
Victoria, B.C.,  Canada, V8R 6S8.

2. What does PARMA do?

    The Pacific Assocation for Recreating the Middle Ages 
studies and recreates the arts, crafts and entertainments of the 
past,  puts on feasts, revels, picnics and other events "set in" 
past times and places. For instance, a Christmas celebration set 
in Civil War England, a picnic in 17th century Tibet, a parish fair 
in Chaucer's England or a bazaar in 7th century Baghdad.
    PARMA also supports and encourages the study of the Middle Ages, 
by demonstrating aspects of medieval life for schools, youth groups 
and other organisations.,and by donating books to school libraries 
and funding a scholarship in Medieval Studies at the University of 
Victoria. Plans for the future include funding a second scholarship 
and bringing in lecturers.
    Members of PARMA are expected to behave courteously and to 
attempt to dress in pre-1700s costume at period events.

3. What's the difference between PARMA and the Society for Creative       

    The SCA is a nonprofit, educational society incorporated in 
California. Although it has members all over North America as well 
as in Australia and Europe, the legal status of branches outside 
California has always been fuzzy.  
    The existence of PARMA as an incorporated group means that 
members who are organising events or activities cannot be held 
individually liable. Members renting halls or equipment can do so 
under the protection of the organisation, without running the risk 
of personal liability.  
    Several members of PARMA are also members of the SCA or the 
Northern Society for Creative Anachronism, but PARMA is an 
independent incorporation. Its aims are similar to those of the 
SCA and NSCA, but as a smaller organisation, it has somewhat more 
flexibility and responsiveness to its members. 
    In recent years, the SCA has instituted a non-member surcharge, 
requiring those who are not registered members to pay extra for 
entry to events. Except in rare cases, PARMA events have no such 
charge, and are often by donation.

4. Does the SCA recognise PARMA?

    No. As far as we can determine, the Society for Creative 
Anachronism has never formally recognised any Canadian incorporation.

5. What is involved in being a PARMA member?

    Membership is $5.00 a year. Members are expected to behave 
courteously and to attempt to dress in pre-1700s costume at period 
events. A member is entitled to vote at regular meetings and at the 
AGM. Members also have the privilege of signing in guests at any 
PARMA event.