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All posts will go in this area. If a user doesn't respond to your post, we 
will try and respond ourselves.

Links to gaming related sites on the Internet:
Links to sites on the Internet that we find, and think you would find 

A link to my site on the 'Net:

Well, it's not just mine, it's mine and my friends :) We have cheats for 
over 1000 games on 20 systems, and downloadable demos (not that you can 
get them on the freenet!). We also have TopGames charts and a Chat Room. 

Modem Gamers Sig:

A sig to do with modem games... not that anything on that subject ever 
gets posted there :) (That's a joke, OK?) 

Video Gamers Sig: 

Hundreds of cheats for lots of systems, including the PC. Also a 
discussion group on Video Games.

(PC Gamers)