Buying and selling games and gaming equitment on the PCGames Sig

This is a new idea, and we now allow it. I was trying to get our own 
discusion group for this, but it didn't work out, unfortunatly.

Anyway, we'll have to make do with one. If you have somthing on a gaming 
or computer related theme that you want to sell, post a message in the Q&A 
Discusion group with the header "FS" (For Sale), or, if you're looking 
for somthing, post a message with the header "WANTED" (Wanted!), and in 
the body of the message, describe what you are selling/wanting, and how 
much you're selling/wanting it for. 

There will be no pirating of games on this sig (see information menu item 
#3). I don't think anyone will even try it, but if they do, it will be reported
to HQ imediatly.

Anyway, have fun! Now I have to go through my computer desk to see what I 
can sell... I have so much useless stuff sitting around here... no wonder 
my computer desk's door won't shut :)