Hi there, and welcome to the Pet Peeve SIG.

 The name pretty much says it all.  This is a place for you to vent your
 frustrations about some of the things in this world that bug the heck out
 of you.  Pretty much anything goes, but here's a few guidelines..

 - Swearing.. cuss your fool head off, but please don't direct any of it at
     another user.  If you think you can get away with a big long string of
     profanity without looking like a juvenile idiot, by all means.  I'm a
     big Joe Pesci fan, so I appreciate quality cursing.  So.. for example, 
     you can swear about the downtown parking situation, but you can't mouth
     off about what a stupid swearing policy the facilitator of this SIG has.

 - Flaming.. and/or personal insults directed at another Peever are frowned
     upon.  Besides, why bother anyway?  The smartest of us know it usually 
     gets you nowhere.

 - Please don't post garbage.  Garbage constitutes: Random keystrokes, 
     yelling in capitals, 3 lines of !!!'s, posts that echo the subject 
     line, stuff like that.

 - Most importantly, have fun!  Use this area as it was intended.. as a
     cyber-stress toy.

 Needless to say, troublemakers will be dealt with appropriately, but I 
 honestly think we can all work together to keep a lid on things.


 Steve Ireland, Facilitator (uf898)
 (updated 5/09/97)