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CAN-CON (Ottawa, ON, 12-14 May 1995) <Web>
Del Rey Books (New York, NY) <Gopher>
The Dominion (Sci-Fi Channel, USA) <Web>
"Dune" Home Page (Christian Gilmore, Princeton University, NJ) <Web>
"Highlander" WWW and FTP Site (Adam Beberg, Illinois Inst. of Tech.) <Web>
Lurker's Guide to "Babylon 5" (Maintained by Steven Grimm) <Web>
Out of This World: Canadian SF & Fantasy (Natl Library of Canada) <Web>
Parker & Parker SF Stories (Vancouver, BC) <Web>
"Red Dwarf" (Unofficial) <Web> (Contains link to second Red Dwarf Web site)
     Sci-Fi Channel (USA) SEE The Dominion 
Science Fiction Resource Guide (SF-Lovers Archives, Rutgers U.) <Web>
Science Fiction TV Shows via Yahoo! Index <Web>
Science Fiction Weekly (Periodical) <Web>
Speculative Fiction Clearing House (J.R.R. Leavitt, Carnegie Mellon U) <Web>
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" Press Releases (Unofficial) <Web>
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" (Andrew Tong, Caltech, Pasadena, CA) <Web>
"Star Trek: Voyager" (Official) <Web>
"Star Trek: Voyager" (Unofficial) <Web>
"Star Wars" No. 1 (Unofficial) <Web>
"Star Wars" Multimedia WWW Page (David A. Koran, Carnegie-Mellon U.) <Web>
Tor Books (New York, NY) <Gopher>
Tor Books (New York, NY) <Web>
Vampyres Only (Vlad III, Vancouver, BC) <Web>
"X-Files" (Official) <Web>
"X-Files" (X-Files UK Homepage) <Web>

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   and fantasy film and television resources.

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