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*Ombudsperson For Youth  8-Bastion Square  387-5855 or 1-800-567-3247.
*Inner City Youth Workers Society  552 Pandora Street  381-0598.
*Gretchen Brewin, MLA  1321 Cook Street  382-9898  (advocacy).
*Youth Advocate 6th Floor  620 View Street {Today's not a business day,
 so I'm momentarily unable to locate their phone numbers, but someone
 could call TAPS (361-3521) during business hours to ask, as they are
 neighbouring offices.:)}
*B.C. Educational Association of Disabled Students (BCEADS) 714-207 West
 Hastings Street, Vancouver V6B 1H7  604-683-5525 (fax: 604-683-5592) (A
 non-profit organization devoted to Advocating and Lobbying on behalf of
 students with disabilities in post-secondary institutions in BC).
*Association for Street Kids 1306 Broad Street 383-3514.
*Alliance Club Back Entrance of 533 Yates Street 361-3923
 (provides safe, healthy, informal drop-in for downtown youth).
*Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter  2117 Vancouver Street  386-8282.
*Streetlink Emergency Shelter  1634 Store Street  383-1951.
*Victoria Youth Empowerment Society  1306 Broad Street  383-3514
 (fax:  383-3812).
*Victoria Youth Development Society  Youth Line (at 450 Herald Street):
 382-7553.  Supervisor (at 533 Yates Street):  361-3923.
*YM-YWCA's Downtown Streetworker  880 Courtney Street Office:
 386-7511 Local 119.  Streetworker:  388-6275, Pager 1351 .
*Victoria Street Community Association  1517 Quadra Street  386-2347
 (fax:  386-2313) (advocacy & some social-political, social justice
**Mayday Collective {an Activist group of YOUTHS who engage in
 social-political, social justice Activism/action:  sometimes
 creating influential, public demonstrations, (sometimes) using
 street theatre, or in other ways making innovative, public
 awareness raising, thought-provoking social statements.}
 c/o Braefoot Road V8X 2B7  email:  up866@freenet.victoria.bc.ca
*T.A.P.S. (Together Against Poverty Society) #302 - 895 Fort Street
 361-3521  (facilitating the Poverty Game; education, advocacy, and
 politically-nonpartisan, social-political, social justice Activism).
*Big Brothers & Big Sisters  103-3347 Oak Street  475-1117
 (fax: 475-1197).
*Boys & Girls Clubs;  Victoria Club  1240 Yates Street  381-1400.
*Central Saanich B&G Club  7162 West Saanich, Brentwood Bay  652-3021.
*Harbourside B&G Club  410 MacAulay Road  380-9250.
*Victoria Native Friendship Centre  533 Yates Street  384-3211 (many,
 varied programmes, some for native youth and some include non-native
*Young Life of Canada  592-9190  (nondenominational Christian youth
*Youth For Christ  1001 Cloverdale  383-3182  (nondenominational
 Christian youth organization).
*Youth With A Mission (BC) Society  3900 Carey Road  744-4472
 (nondenominational Christian youth organization).
*Blanshard Community Centre  901 Kings Road  388-7696.
*Burnside Gorge Community Association  3130 Jutland Road  388-5251.
*Esquimalt Neighbourhood House  511 Constance Avenue  385-2635.
*Fairfield Community Place  1335 Thurlow Street  382-4604.
*Fernwood Community Centre  1240 Gladstone Street  381-1552
 (fax: 381-1509).
*Goldstream Neighbourhood House  555 Goldstream Rd.  478-1122.
*James Bay Community Project  547 Michigan  388-7844.
*Peninsula Community Association Youth Services  9751 Third Street,
 Sidney  656-0134.
*Saanich Community Services Info Line  1445 Ocean View  595-8006.
*Sooke Family Resource Society  P.O. Box 1082, Sooke V0S 1N0
*Western Communities Youth Centre  2830 Aldwynd Road  474-0594.
*The Galiano Club Teen Centre  141 Sturdies Bay Road, Galiano Island
*Saltspring Island Youth Centre  268 Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring
 Island  General:  537-9176.  Counselling Services:  537-9938.
*Victoria West Community Y  521 Craigflower Road  388-6120
 (fax: 388-6455).
*YM-YWCA of Victoria  880 Courtney  386-7511  (related information is
 also under "YM- YWCA's Downtown Streetworker" heading).
*Kids Help Phone (Canadian Children's Foundation)  'Located in Toronto,
 but calling this number is _free_ from Greater Victoria area.
 1-800-668-6868  {24 hour crisis line for abused or (otherwise) troubled
*Helpline for Children:  Dial 0 and ask Operator for Zenith 1234 (free).
 OR for Deaf (TTY) Only:  1-800-667-4770  (Both numbers are for getting
 help, or for reporting youth or child abuse).
*Ministry of Health Youth & Children's Programmes  356-7220
 (information, counselling, including counselling for sexually abused
 youth, for severely emotionally disturbed youth, for youth in conflict
 with the law; also referrals made for youth experiencing minor
 behavioural problems).
*Pacific Family Centre Association Youth & Children's Sexual Abuse
 Programme, and response programme to _prevent_ abuse
 3221 Heatherbell Road  478-8357  ('For residents of only Sooke & the
 Western Communities.  Most programmes have no fees).
*Child Sexual Abuse Society  101-3025 Shakespeare Street  370-2111
 (fax:  370-2434).
*Native Sexual Assault Centre  3-7855 East Saanich Road, Saanichton
 652-2788  (Women of Our People Society).
*Women's Sexual Assault Centre Crisis Line  383-3232  (fax: 383-6112).
*Victoria Male Survivors of Sexual Assault Society 200-1625 Oak Bay
 Avenue  V8R 1B1 598-1992, Monday, Thursday, & Friday, 9-6pm.
 (fax: 598-1992) (offers individual and group therapy, support group
 for significant others, counselling for victims of physical violence,
 victims Services programme providing information regarding legal
 options, sliding scale fees).
*Transition House Youth/Children's Group P.O. Box 5986 Station B,
 V8R 6S8  385-6611  (support group for youths & children, between
 ages 8-16, who have witnessed or experienced abuse in their families).
*Transition House  385-6611  (shelter & counselling for physically
 abused women & their kids).
*Ministry of Women's Equality  756 Fort Street  387-3600.
*Greater Victoria Victim Services 625 Fisgard Street 388-3351
 (general & emotional support for victims of crime).
*Victims' Services Information Line  202-3102 Main Street, Vancouver
 1-800-563-0808, 24 hours  (provides general information to victims of
 crime in BC; toll-free).
*BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance Programmes  P.O. Box
 8398, Victoria  995-2166  (fax: 995-2167).
*Youth Against Violence:  Gang & Youth Contact Line  1-800-663-2782
*Crime Stoppers Tips Line  in Victoria:  386-8477.
 On Salt Spring or Gulf Islands:  1-800-665-8477.
*Banfield Early Parenting & Pregnancy Program  1230 Styles Road  384-4333.
*Birth Control Clinic  1947 Cook Street  388-2201 (Victoria Health Unit).
*Birth Control Clinic  2170 Mount Newton X Road, Saanichton  544-2424.
*Birth Control Clinic  2782 Millstream Road  478-1757.
*Birthright  516-620 View Street  380-0305 (support during pregnancy).
*Crisis Pregnancy Centre Society of Victoria  386--9282 Lana Goudie, R.N.
 (nurse) (support during unplanned or crisis pregnancies).
*Everywomans Books  635 Johnson Street  388-9411.
*SWAG (Status of Women Action Group)  200-506 Fort Street  383-7322.
*GAP (Girls' Alternative Program)  3020 Richmond Road  598-3144
 (Victoria School District).
*Options for Pregnant Teens  3020 Richmond Road  598-3144
 (Victoria School District).
*STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) Clinic  1947 Cook Street  388-2225.
*VD (Venereal Disease) Information Centre  1-800-661-3886 (toll-free).
*TB (Tuberculosis) Testing  387-6255.
*CRD Youthlink  360-3142  (Capital Regional District health service
 for youth).
*AIDS Testing Clinic  1947 Cook Street (Victoria Health Unit)  388-2220.
*AIDS & Sexually Transmitted Diseases Testing & Information
 1-800-661-4337 (toll free).
*AIDS Helpline  384-4554.
*AIDS Person With AIDS, Victoria Branch  613 Superior Street  383-7494.
*AIDS Vancouver Island  304-733 Johnson Street  384-2366 (fax: 380-9411).
*AIDS Vancouver Island Street Nurse--HIV Testing  384-1372.
*AIDS Vancouver Island Street Outreach--Needle Exchange  384-1345.
*AIDS Victoria Respite Care Society  611 Superior Street  388-6220
 (fax:  388-0711).
*Dial-A-Dietician  1-800-667-3438  (toll-free).
*Vancouver Island Vegetarian Association  529 Stornoway Road  478-8477.
*Canadian Diabetes Association  930 Pandora Avenue V8V 3P3  382-5454
 (support group, education centre).
*British Columbia Eating Disorders Association  841 Fairfield Road
 383-2755 (24 hours) (fax:  383-2755) (provides resource materials,
 school outreach programme, speakers for conferences, eating disorder
 treatment resource information).
*CRD Eating Disorders Program  206-4475 Viewmont Avenue  V8Z 6L8 356-7807
 (fax:  356-7843).
*Alcoholics Anonymous  8-2020 Douglas Street  V8T 4L1  383-0415
 (office); 383-7744 (emergency, 24 hours a day)  (fellowship & support
 group for alcoholics who wish to stay off alcohol or remove themselves
 from alcohol; offers numerous support meetings in various convenient
 locations; 'no charge for information or for meetings).
*Narcotics Anonymous  383-3553 (24 hours)  (fellowship & support group
 for recovered addicts wishing to stay off drugs or those wishing to
 kick the habit; regular meetings at many locations; may phone for
 times & locations).
*Adoption Reunion Registry  1-800-665-1899 (BC government; & toll-free).
*Triad Society For Truth in Adoption  P.O. Box 5922 Station B  598-9887
 (assistance in locating biological siblings or biological parents).
*Special Needs Resource Service, at Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's
 Health  2400 Arbutus Road V8N 1V7  721-6767 (for ages 0-19 years)
 (provides information on services available within the CRD concerning
 youth & children with emotional, behavioural, mental, physical needs &
 conditions; computerized resource information database; no charge for
*Victoria Read Society  720 Linden  388-7225  (for professional tutoring
 or assistance with learning disabilities; some bursaries available for
*Learning Disabilities Association  941 Kings Road  386-9511.
*Vancouver Island Head Injury Society  109-1450 Hillside Avenue 598-9339
 (peer support groups & recreation for youths who have sustained a head
*Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre  120-812 Wharf Street V8W 1T3
 384-8088 (fax: 384-8026).
*Action Committee of People with Disabilities  926 View Street  383-4105.
*Victoria Disabled Sailing Association c/o Recreation Integration Victoria,
 4135 Lambrick Way, Victoria, V8N 5R3 477-6314 {youth (& children & adults)
 with varied disabilities sail, take sailing lessons, or learn to sail
 independently, or competitively}.
*Horizons Unbound Rehabilitation Society  P.O. Box 40156  391-1845.
*Victoria Hospice Society  1900 Fort Street  370-8715  (peer support
 for grieving someone's dying or death).
*Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra Society 1611-Quadra Street 360-1121.
*Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition 480-5155.
*Victoria Peace Education Resource Centre 515-620 View Street 384-5532.
*Victoria Art Gallery  1040 Moss Street  384-1531 (Information Line--can
 ask about the free admission times), or 384-4101.
*Library (Greater Victoria Public Library)  382-7241.  Modem access:
*Legislative Library  Parliament Buildings  387-6510.
*Parliament Buildings Tour Office  Belleville Street  387-3046 (free
 public tours).
*Elections BC  1075 Pendergast Street  387-5305 or 1-800-661-8683
 (toll-free) (to register to vote when eligible).
*Victoria Medical Society Library  1900 Fort Street  595-9723.
*Driver Examinations  1150 McKenzie Avenue  387-3228.
*Driver Licence Issuance  1150 McKenzie Avenue  387-6917, or
 648 Broughton Street  356-2273.
*Dial-A-Law Public Legal Information Service 1-800-565-5297 (toll-free).
*Employment Standards Branch  1-800-663-3316, 24 hours (toll-free), or
 387-1200.  (for information/help about your rights regarding:  unpaid
 wages, minimum wages, over time pay, annual vacation pay, severance
 pay, maternity leave, & your other Employment Standards Act rights).
*Foodsafe Program  388-6070  (necessary certificate for some jobs; a
 CRD programme).