Killer Instinct Gold             

All Uniforms: To enable all colors without training, press Z, B, A, Z, A,
Left Shift. 

Black Uniforms: Finish the training mode with a Perfect Score on the hard
difficulty. Now cycle through any character's colors until you find the
black outfit. 
Level Select:  In two-player mode you can select your starting level as
follows. While selecting your character, hold the following button pairs.
eg., to start in the Wolf Castle, hold Up + Quick Punch while selecting
your character. 

Up+QP   	Wolf Castle
Down+QK  	Bridge
Up+QK    	Stonehenge
Down+QK    	Dojo
Up+MP   	Jungle
Down+MP   	Dungeon
Up+MK   	Museum
Down+MK    	Spinal Ship
Up+FP   	Space Ship
Down+FP   	Street
Up+FK   	Helipad
Down+MK   	Skystage (both players must do this 

Play as Gargos: To play as Gargos, press Z, A, Right Shift, Z, A, B during
the story intro. 
Access all Options: To be able to access all of the options without having
to beat the game on the harder difficulty levels, wait for the character
profiles to come up, and then press Z, B, A, L, A, Z. You should hear the
announcer say "Perfect!" 

Random Character Select: Hold up and press START to randomly select your

Access all Colours: To be able o access all colours of any character
without having togo through Practice mode (White, Shadow, and Gold), press
Z, B, A, Z, A, L when the character profiles appear. You should hear the
annoucer say "Welcome!" For some cool glitches, try Gargos in the
different colour modes.