Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

End Credits: Select Rename and type in "_Credits" exactly as shown, When
you pick your level you'll warp to the end.

Different Ships: This trick only works in the MEDIUM difficulty setting, 
you must get all the challenge points before this code will work.  Hold
down the camera button on the final level (while your flying around Space
Hook) and your ship will turn into an X-Wing.  Hold it agan and it will
then turn into an Tie Fighter.

Invincible and more Ammo: This trick has to be done in the HARD difficulty
seeting and all the challenge points must be collected before it will work.
Hold the crouch button on the Doom like levels for 15 seconds to become
Invincible and have all your ammo reset to 100.

All Weapons:  Enter your "_Jabba" and choose Jedi difficulty settings.  
Only on the doom Style stage will you have it.