1: About This Sig - You're looking at it.
2: Game Pad (discussion Area) - A place to discuss and have a friendly 
debate with others on the freenet.  "My system is better than yours!" will 
not be tolerated at all.  You've been warned.

3: Release Dates  N64 - I'll try to keep these updated as best I can but, 
remember; the appropriate companies have the right (wether or not 
justified) to change the dates without reason nor any mental thought 
behind it at all.

4: Video Games Cheats - Find cheats, tips and tricks to the most sought 
after systems in the market.  Including PC's.

5: News Groups - Discuss just as the same in Game Pad but, all over the 
Net.  Except that you can state your system is better but, be ready for 
some flaming email.

6: Links to other Webs menu - Some of the more popular links to game 
companies and more

7: PC Gamers SIG - Talk about PC games as well as get help with problems 
that you are having with a particular one.  Also if you're looking for a 
particular game ask,  someone might have it out there.

8: Modem Gamers SIG - Want to challenge some peon to an online game over 
the phine lines.  This is your best bet,  You'll find lists of people and 
games that they will play onlineas well as other useful info.

9: BBS SIG - Ever wonder what the phone number is to that BBS everyone is 
talking about but, you haven't the time to ask someone and wait for 
they're reply.  Check these guys out and you won't be disappointed.  
You'll also find tips to one of the most popular door games around.