*  #######  #######  *
			*  #     #  #        *
			*  #######  #        *
			*  #        #        *
			*  #        #######  *

			After the War
To become invulnerable,press the following three keys
simultaneously :

On level 1 : [ALT], [L], [B] On level 2: [ALT], [L], [M]

Password for level 2 is[101069]


While playing, type [TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS]. Then try
the following :

< - Go down a level
> - Go up a level
G - More missiles
T - Less missiles
N - Extra lives


To see Sam &Max on the map,type SAMNMAX.
To get 10,000,000 pennies type $@! but only three times
per game.

			Alien Breeds

Level codes for alien breed:


			Arkanoid II  The revenge of Doh

1) Press the right mouse button during the loading: you can
see the promo of ROBO COP(??!!!).
2) Press R,O,B,O,C,O,P,P,E,R or R,O,B,O,C,O,P,P,E,T,E,R in
the main title screen for continue game mode
3) Play a game normally at the hi-score screen press
D,E,B,B,I,E, ,S for unlimited lives. (In any versions this
cheat do not work).
4) Follow the (3) but press M,A,G,E,N,T,A for
unlimited lives.
5) If you want read a message of the author for his girl press
contemporanely all functions keys.

			Back to the Future

When asked to press FIRE to start the game, type [EINSTEIN]
to cheat.


During the game, type [04-08-59]. The scrren should turn
grey. If it does, you are invulnerable and have unlimited lives.

To kill the final wizard, you must have a shield. When his shot
comes at you, use the defense icon, and it will fly back at him.

			Bart vs. The Space Mutants Cheat Code

Type [COWABUNGA] on the title screen (when the Simpsons are 
sitting on the couch) to be invulnerable.


Type [JAMMMM] on the title screen and you're invulnerable.
You can skip levels by pressing [F10]

			Battle Beast Cheats

ITIHFO - fight 3 rounds in stead of just one
ERHNE -fight all the characters instead of one
AOFREOIO - Opens all bonus doors
OFOVH -2X in bonus rooms
ERHYHRLY - Makes the Toadman Weaker (like you need this one)
OAOAEIOA - Autofly Modein lab
EATEE - Morphing dissabled (Now lets see the 'puter beat ya)
OIVNNFOF - Tad poles attacking in lab enabled
EHRTRR - Auto fly In bonus rooms enabled


If you've been clanking around in some low-budget herc
in Sierra's Metaltech: Battledrome, looking for some way
to get a juicy upgrade to that top-of-the line model, 
then this cheat is for you! 
Whenyou type in your name at the main screen, simply add 
an asterisk (*) as the first letter of your name. You'll 
find that you have all the money you need to buy the best 
equipment for your battles in the arena.

			Betrayal at Krondor

Here are the chapter passwords, potions, and everything else 
you'll need to beatthe game: 
On the overhead map, hold down the ALT-Right SHIFT and ~ 
(the tilde) for about three seconds, and a chest will appear. 
Eachchest contains the items needed to finish that chapter, 
and an option to heal all characters. Just use the cheat trick,
in conjunction with these level codes, and you can beat every 
* Chapter 1: 6478
* Chapter 2: 9216
* Chapter 3: 7702
* Chapter 4: 2132
* Chapter 5: 5052
* Chapter 6: 0680
* Chapter 7: 0194
* Chapter 8: 4743
* Chapter 9: 9995

To strengthen yourself a bit, here's another trick. On your 
way to Elvandar in Chapter 6, there's a well which, when you 
add Fadamor's Formula to it, can increase your characters' 
strengths by three points -- permanently. To find it, follow 
the main road to Elvandar. Just before the road dead-ends, you 
should find the well (use spyglass of Ishap). 
The trick is that when you use the well with the formula, it
takes all of the formula you have with you so that you can only 
do the strengthen trick once. But if you leave all but one dose 
in the bag in front of the well, use the well, then take another
dose from the bag, you can use the well again. Every time you 
repeat this process, both Owyn's and Gorath's strength increases
by three.


LEVEL  1     DBQ7
LEVEL  3     QP7R
LEVEL  5     L8VJ
LEVEL  6     ZS9P
LEVEL 10     GSG3
LEVEL 12     Y4OJ
LEVEL 16     K3CH

			Brutal - Paws of Fury Cheat

In DOS, start game as "brutal -dani". Now, even if
you lose a match, you advance in the tournament.


To activate the cheat menu in Civenet, type:CTRL A O D B A M F 
in order -- don't hold down the control button while doing so. 
The menu enables these cheats:
* ScaleIt: Increases production.
* ArmyInfo: See information on other races.
* MoneyAndPower: Gives money and power.
* AllSeeingEye: Reveals the whole map.
* GetRichQuick: Gives you 1,000 coins.
* GetSmartQuick: Gives you a Civilization advance.
* MissileCrisis: Creates anuclear missile in each city.
* SettlersHo!: Creates a settlers unit in each city.
* NukeStorms: Causes global warming.
* Automode: The computer moves for you.
* Armaggedn: Nuke every city.

			Corridor 7

To receive all nine weapons,full life and proximity mines, 
press and hold the letters W, A, and X all at the same time. 
Note: Your score is set back to zero every time you use this 
You can also gain access to individual cheats by typing 
C7 LEVEL1 DIAGNOSTIC at the DOS prompt when you begin the game. 
Then, during play, try these key combinations:
BackspaceG: Toggles God mode on or off.
BackspaceW: Warps between levels.
BackspaceN: Lets you walk through walls.
BackspaceR: Puts a skull image in front of your character.
BackspaceI: Increases your score.

			Crusader: No Remorse

To enable the cheatstype JASSICA16 and you will hear a voice 
saying "Crusader: No Remorse" Then by pressing ALT-F10 you'll 
become invulnerable, while pressing F10 you'll gain all the 
items and weapons.

			Dark Forces

Just type the following codes during any mission...
Labug - Bug Mode: This cheat lets you squeeze through narrow 
                  passages and greatly reduces your size when 
                  crouching (very helpful in the garbage 
Lacds Reveal Map: Use thischeat to get a full map of your current
                  level and locations of all enemies, objects and 
Ladata Reval Navigation Counter: Useful in marking the exact 
                                 coordinate of items and 
				 important corridors.
Laimlame Invincibility Toggle: GodMode
Lamaxout: Full ammo, shields, and weapons; plus complete 
          inventory of items all maxed out.
Lantfh: This cheat allows you to teleport to the current map
        position onelevel above or below your current location.
Lapogo: Disable height checking; allows you to reach those high
        precipices and ledges without any cumbersome climbing 
Lapostal: Get all weapons and ammo.
Larandy: The cheatproduces the same effect as the weapon super
         charge power-up, giving you an increase in rate of fire 
         fromall weapons for 50 seconds.
redlite: Freezes enemies in their tracks. All enemies take 
         damage in this mode, but you'll need to toggle it off 
         before it takes effect.
skip: Typing this cheat successfully completes the current level.
unlock: Get all keys, code cards, the broken Dark Trooper gun, 
        data tape, ice cleats and Phrink metal. 

Level Codes:For those of you stuck in the early levels of the 
game, the following cheats will transport you to any level you 
want. Just type in the cheat during the game, and you're on your 
* Lasecbase: Level 1: Secret Base (The Death Star Plans)
* Latalay: Level 2: Talay: Tac Base
* Lasewers: Level 3: Anoat City (The Subterranean Hideout)
* Latestbase: Level 4: Imperial Weapons Research Facility
* Lagromas: Level 5: Gromas Mines
* Ladtention: Level 6: Imperial Detention Center
* Laramshed: Level7: Ramsees Hed Docking Port
* Larobotics: Level 8: Robotics Construction Facilty
* Lanarshada: Level 9: NarShaddaa
* Lajabship: Level10: Jabba's Ship
* Laimpcity: Level11: Imperial City
* Lafuelstat: Level 12: Fuel Station
* Laexecutor: Level 13: The Executor
* Laarc: Level 14: The Arc Hammer


In order to get the most out of these cheats, you'll probably 
want to reconfigure your keyboard settings so you don't set off 
any bombs when you're typing (that deadly 'b' key) or move 
yourself into danger.

			Descent: Shareware

* SCOURGE - WowieZowie Weapons
MITZI - All Keys!
RACERX - InvulnerabilityOn/Off!
GUILE - Cloak On/Off!
TWILIGHT - Shields Recharged!
FARMERJOE - Warp to Which Level?
ASTRAL - Spirit mode (only from v1.4)

			Descent: Registered

* GABBAGABBAHEY Cheats enabled
* SCOURGE WowieZowie Weapons
* BIGRED SuperWowieZowie Weapons!
* MITZI All keys
* RACERX Invulnerability on/off
* GUILE Cloak On/Off
* TWILIGHT Shields Recharged
* FARMERJOE Warp to any non-secretlevel.
* BUGGIN Turbo mode; everything (includingenemies) speedsup.
* BRUIN Extra Life
BIGRED SuperWowieZowie Weapons (includes ALL weapons)
FLASH Shows the path to the exit.
AHIMSA Keeps enemy shipsfrom firing.
POBOYS Destroys the reactor (version 1.4 only)
PORGYS MegaWowieZowie Weapons! (version 1.4 only)
LUNACY The robots speed up (version 1.4 only)

			Descent 2: Demo

* ZINGERMANS - Invulnerability toggle
MOTHERLODE - Wowie ZowieWeapons
ALIFALAFEL - Accessories
EATANGELOS - Homing Weapons (every weapon will home)
ERICAANNE - Bouncing Weapons
BITTERSWEET - Psychedelic walls
PIGFARMER - Use it once and it displays "Hi John!!!" Now 
            reduce the size of your screen.  Use it twice 
            and it displays "Bye John" (?)

			Descent 2: Registered

* WHAMMAZOOM -- LevelWarp.
* ERICAANNE -- Bouncing Weapons.
* MOTHERLODEAll -- weapons, full ammo.
* CURRYGOAT -- All keys.
* EATANGELOS -- Homing weapons.
* JOSHUAAKIRA -- Full map.
* ZINGERMANS -- Invulnerability.
* GOWINGNUT -- Makes the Guidebot attack enemies.
* HELPVISHNU -- Makes more Guidebots.
* PIGFARMER -- If you use a reduced window, strange heads appear 
             in the border.
* BITTERSWET -- Makes the screen warp kind of strangely.
* GODZILLA -- You can kill robots just by bumping into them.
* FREESPACE -- Level warp.
* SPANIARDKills -- all robots firsime, then the boss robot, then
                   poor Guidebot, if you type it a third time.
* ALMIGHTY -- Invulnerability.
* ROCKGRL -- Full automap.
* LPNLIZARD -- Gives you homing weapons.

To access the highest video resolutioncs 
(1024x768 and 1280x1024), use the command line: 
descent2 -superhires

			Doom and Doom II

To use any of these codes, smply type it during the game. If you
make a mistake, just retype the code.
* iddqd God Mode
* idfa Ammo & weapons
* idkfa Ammo, keys& weapons.
* idclip Clipping mode on. Walk through walls! Toggle this mode 
         back off to pick up items or use switches and doors. 
         This one only works with Doom II. Type idspispopd 
         instead for Doom I.
* idchoppers Get the chainsaw (and a cryptic message).
* iddt With the AutoMap showing, cycles between normal map, full
       revealed map, and a full map showing the objects and 
* idbeholds Get berserker pack.
* idbeholdv Get temporary invulnerability.
* idbeholdi Get temporary invisibility.
* idbeholda Get full AutoMap.
* idbeholdr Get antiradiation suit.
* idbeholdl Get light-amplification visor.
* idclev Followed by episode and level number, warps to that 
* idmypos Display coordinates and heading.

			Duke Nukem 3D  Shareware version.

* dnallen -- says a message.
* dnclip -- walk through walls (very unstable).
* dncosmo -- another message.
* dnhyper -- steroids effect.
* dnbeta -- yet another message.
* dnskill# -- set skill level.
* dncoords -- shows your coordinates.
* dnrate -- displays the frame rate.
* dnitems -- gives you power-ups.
* dnkeys -- all keys.
* dndebug -- displays debug info.
* dninventory -- all power-ups.
* dnweapons -- all weapons and full ammo.
* dnmonsters -- toggles the monsters off.
* dncashman -- throws money when you hit the use key.
* dnview -- external Duke view (same as F7).
* dnscotty## -- level warp(episode, two-digit level number). 
                To warp to level 7 in episode 1, you would type
                dnscotty107. It is important to include the 
* dnstuff -- all weapons, keys andpower-ups.
* dnshowmap -- shows entir map.
* dncornholio -- God mode and unlimited jetpack.
* dnkroz - same as Cornholio, but easier to type

			Earthworm Jim

* ITSAWONDERFUL Gives you an extralife.
* HATMAN Turns Jim into Hatman, just like Pitfall.
* ONANDONANDON Maximum number of game continues.
* POPQUIZHOTSHOT Gives you 1000 bulets.
* SLAUTHERHOUSE Access the first five levels of the game.

			Fury 3

TRYMEON -- god mode
GIVITIUP-- all weapons
URDUSTD -- turbo
JUMPNIT -- warp to next level
WORMITx -- warp to level x
SSMOKIN -- turbo mode
TUFENUF -- gives you shields
PACKIN1 -- servo ammo.
PACKIN2 -- isokinetic ammo.
PACKIN3 -- rapidfire laser ammo.
PACKIN4-- DOM ammo.
PACKIN5 -- viper ammo.
PACKIN6-- baryn ammo.
PACKIN7-- superbombs.


* RAVEN - Full health
* OMNI - Full map
* ALLAHMODE - God mode
* BEAVIS - Skips ahead to 100 points from level finish
* GULLIVER- Midget mode: turns all your enemies small
* KMFDM - Full ammo
* BELFAST - Kill all enemies


* Quicken: The same as God Mode in Doom. It's the path to
* Massacre: Kills everything on the level.
* Skel: Get keys.
* Rambo: Get full health armor, and weapons recharge.
* Engage: Level warp. Type "engage" and then the number of the 
          level you wish to warp to.
* Kitty: This will let you walk through walls just like idclip 
         for Doom II--just be sure to turn it off when you want 
         to pick up an item or activate a switch.
* Cockadoodledoo: We're not going to say what this one does, but
                  you'll certainly get a laugh when you try it 

			Heroes of Might and Magic

Only one known code for this one, New World Computing's mighty
strategy game, based in the world of their popular role playing 
101495 will reveal the wholemap.


Use these mystic formulae to punish the monsters:
These are for the full retail version of the game.
* satan -- invulnerable
* deliverance -- turns you into a pig
* butcher -- killsall the monsters
* clubmed -- maximum health
* NRA -- full weapons, mana and armour
* indiana -- full inventory
* locksmith -- gives you all the keys
* herlock -- gives you all the puzzle items
* casper -- no clipping (like IDCLIP)
* shadowcaster# -- change class # is a number:
                   0 for Warrior, 
                   1 for Cleric,
                   2 for Wizard
* where -- gives map coordinates
* ticker -- displays framerate
* mapsco -- toggles map detail in map mode
* mrjones -- displays version number
* noise --sound information.
* visit## -- Warps to level 01-31 or level 41

Cheats won't work at hardest difficulty level or in 

cheats are for the demo:
BGOKEY God mode
CRHINEHART - All weapons
BRAFFEL Get 25of artifacts
SGURNO - 100% health
RJOHNSON - No clpping (walk through walls)
JSUMWALT - X and Y coordinates
EBIESSMAN - Turn yourself into a pig!
REVEAL - While in mapmode toggles full map, fullmap with
         enemies/items, and normal map
TMOORE - Get items
BPELLETIER## - Wrp to level ##
CSTIKA - Massacre enemies
PLIPO - Change player class (0 for fighter; 1 for cleric; 2 
        for age)

			The Hive

There's only one known cheat for this one. Use the name TORYO 
at the start up screen, and you'll have access to all twenty
missions immediately.

			Jazz Jackrabbit

In order to enable these cheats, you'll need to pause the game 
by pressing the "P" key, then hit the Backspace key before you 
type in the code for the cheat you want to enable. Also, in some
versions of Jazz Jackrabbit, you have to add the letters "DD" 
before each cheat.
* Sable: Turn Jazzred andget a big speedincrease.
* Cstrike:Gives you a flying surfboard.
* Bad: Givs you the escort bird.
* Doom: Makes the enemies tougher.
* Ken: Exit to DOS.
* Hooker: Collect a gem.
* Mark: Kills Jazz.
* Apogee: 16 color versionthat runs at half the speed.
* Lamer: Skip the current level.
* Hocus: Teleport around the current level.
* Bouf: Become invincible.
* Gunhed: Get all weapons plus 100 rounds of ammunition for 

			Magic Carpet

To enable the cheats for Magic Carpet I First, you need to bring
your carpet to a complete stop(or simply type the cheat at the 
beginning of a level), and type "I". You'll be presented with a 
promp tunder the status bar for you to type in a message. To 
activate the cheats type "ratty". Now all you need to do is use 
the following key combinations to make you the most powerful 
wizard around.
Alt+F1 gives you all the spells.
Alt+F2 gives you more mana.
Alt+F6 complete healing.
Alt+F7 kills all creatures on the level.
Shift+C completes the level. 
To jump from one level to another, type CARPET at the prompt 
followed by the level number (1-50), and you're off!

			Magic Carpet 2

Type "windy" at the prompt to enable the cheats.
The Alt+Function keys work the same as in the original.list.
Use the list above.

			Mechwarrior 2

To enable the cheats, hold dwn the Ctl+Alt+Shift keys and type
in code you want to use.
* Blorb - Enables complete Invulnerability
* CIA - Unlimited ammo for weapons
* Mightymouse - Unlimited jump jet fuel
* Dorcs - Allows you to meet the makers of Mechwarrior 2
* Enola Gay - Destroys all targets in the mission (type quickly)
* lygirl - Adds jump jet capabilityto any mech.
* Icanthackit - Ends the mission successfully.
* Tinkerbel - Unlocks the camera from your 'mech.
* Xray - Gives the same effect as image enhancement with the 
         added ability to see through objects.
* Hangaround - Allows you to continue exploring a mission after 
               time runs out.
* Gankem - Destroys targeted'Mech.

			Ghost Bear Cheats

CTL+ALT+SHIFT and type:
KENT - invulerability
CLARK - x-ray vision
PUTZ - mission over
DORCS - shows the guys
PALEX - kill targeted mech
BURR - heat tracking off
THUNROS - Unlimited AMMO
KABOOM - kills all mechs
DRONE - FREE eye mode
JUMBO - jets on any Mech
CRILLION - unlimited jet juice
MERLOCK - Time expansion toggle
SPEEDYGONZALES - Time compression
VOYEUR - Mini Camera
TIK - collision spheres


These passwords will help you answer all the riddles
throughout the world of Might and Magic III.

The "x" and "y" coordinates represent the area you're
in and can be used easier by using the Magic Eye Spell. Have
fun and enjoy the easy life.

Alpha Engine Sector:

Beta Engine Sector:

Main Engine Sector:
	X6	Y0	=WARP

Central Control Sector:

Forward Storage Sector:
	X9	Y11	=YOUTH

Swamp Town:

Cursed Cold Cavern:
	X18	Y14	=ICICLE
	X27	Y11	=CHAIN
	X27	Y17	=ECHO

Arachnid Cavern:
	X14	Y15	=20301

Castle Dragontooth:
	X13	Y7	=11
	X13	Y9	=11
	X8	Y0	=20000

Castle Bloodreign:
	X9	Y15	=OGRE
	X10	Y10	=NORTIC

Castle Graywind:

Castle Blackwind:
	X11	Y0	=TEN

Castle Whiteshield:

Fountain Head Cavern:
	X12	Y5	=RATS

Slithercut Stronghold:

Dark Warriors Keep:
	X24	Y2	=314

Cathederal of Carnage:
	X25	Y14	=JVC

The Halls of Insanity:
	X11	Y12	=TEARS
	X14	Y9	=BLINK
	X17	Y12	=EYES

Area B3:

Mirror Portals
Fountain Head		=HOME
Baywatch		=SEADOG
Wildabar		=FREEMAN
Swamp Town		=DOOMED
Blistering Heights	=REDHOT	
Area E4		X3	Y3	=EARTH
Area C2		X12	Y0	=FIRE
Area F1		X0	Y12	=AIR
Area E3		X7	Y10	=WATER
Arena				=ARENA

Use this code first if you want a well equiped character
for the beginning of the game, then ask Mr. Wizard for help
and you won't be penalized any experience for asking of his
assistance.   $2,000,000.00	= DOE MIESTER

King's Ultamite Power Orb = ORB MIESTER

Initialization Sequence:
	First half=645
	Second half=231

End Game Sequence = BLASTOFF

To build character levels fast:
	Fill all of your backpacks and then find a wagon that you
can destroy and get experience points for keep doing this as
the wagon will return before your eyes then sell off the
excess stuff in your packs when your finished.


There are codes that make you stronger and codes that let you 
walk through wall, but it's pretty rare that a code will bring
asmile to your face. This one for NovaStorm certainly falls into
that category.
	During the first level of NovaStorm (full version) if 
you type the word "tomatoes" you'll be treated to a few new 
levels, enemies, bosses, sounds--and some very unusual music.

			Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

* FRAMERATE -- displays the framerate, (okay, okay, who cares 
               but it can be a quick way to compare a couple of
               machines or configurations.)
* HATMAN -- turns Harry Jr. Into a stick figure. Type it again 
            to undo.
* LETSDOTHETIMEWARP -- Access the secret Atari 2600 level.
* IDBUYTHATFORADOLLAR -- Gives you access to all levels.
* IDDQD -- Shows developers and a message.
* MEOWMEOWLIKEMEOWMAN -- Gives you nine lives.
* PUMPYOUUP -- Reloads weapons.
* EATMOREBRAN -- Gives you nine continues.
* FIVEEASYPIECES -- Access the first five levels.

			Quake shareware

You need to type these cheats in the console. Activate the 
console by hitting the tilde ~ key. You can also type vid_mode 
# where # is a number 0 to 9 to change screen resolutions.
* GOD - God mode.
* IMPULSE 9 - Gives all weapons list.
* IMPULSE 255 - Gives you Quad Damage.
* MAP E1M?- Level warp. Replace the ? with a value between 1-8.
* NOCLIP - No clipping mode.
* FLY - fly around use the "d" and"c" keys to move up or down.
* NOTARGET- Monstrs won't target you unless you attack.
* REGISTERED 1 - Tricks the SW into thinking it is the Full 
                 version, allowing all weapons in multi-player 
                 mode. Does not let you get into registered 
* GIVE - Gives you weapon #.
* GIVE S #- Givesyou # Shells.
* GIVE N # - Givesyou # Nails.
* GIVE R # - Gives you # Rockets.
* GIVE C #- Givesyou # Cells.
* GIVE H # - Givesyou Health #.

			Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire

Here's a trick for the classic game, Quest for Glory2: Trial 
by Fire by Sierra On-Line. This trick enables you to get all 
the money you desire. You'll lose all the money near the end 
of the game, but spend all you want until them. All you do is 
visit the Dervish at the desert oasis. Get some of his beard 
off thetree. Return to Shapierand go to the Magic Shop. Sell 
the Beard to the shop keeper for money. You can repeat this 
as many times as you want, without getting more beard.

			Radix: Beyond the Void

Many of the cheats work only with version 1.1. This is a 
Descent style game, in case you were wondering.
* NSOPTA Full weapons, shields andenergy.
* NSBAGWAN Turns on Ultra Shields.
* NSBJIPPTurns onmanuevering jets.
* NSDIEBESTERDS Weapons fire at a faster rate.
* NSEFullenergy.
* NSOPTL Lighting turned on.

			Rebel Assault

After the animated LucasArtslogo, move your joystick UP and 
press FIRE, move the joystick DOWN and press FIRE, then move 
the joystick LEFT and press FIRE, then move the joystick RIGHT 
and press FIRE.  You'll hear a telephone ringing and a voice 
answering "LucasArts," which lets you know that the cheat mode 
is active. Here's where the fun begins, because you'll be able 
to jump to any chapter inthe game without having to write down 
all those silly codes! To go anywhere in the game, type the 
number of the chapter you want to play. The chapters are number
1-9 for chapters 1-9, and A-F for chapters 10-15. Also by 
pressing the "+" key on the numeric keypad, you'll reset your 
damage to zero, and pressing "ESC"will let you move to the next
cut screen. Hope these cheats help Rebels everywhere!

			Rise of the Triad

ROTT is our winner for game with the most cheat codes 
(not counting level codes). To use these codes, just type them
in during a game (remember to type the first code, "Dipstick," 
to enable the cheats).
* Dipstick: Enable/DisableCheat Codes
* Shootme: Bulletproof Armor 
* Burnme: Asbestos Armor
* Chojin: Woundless With Weapons
* Booze: Drunk Missile
* Bones: FlameWall
* Toosad: God Mode (Temporary Invulnerability)
* Flyboy: Mercury Mode
* Badtrip: ShroomsMode
* Boing: Elasto Mode
* Speed: Enable Autorun
* Panic: Restart to normal, full health, no modes,keys or guns
* Whack: Whack Yourself
* 86me: Kill Character
* Dimon: Light DiminishingOn
* Dimoff: Light Diminishing Off
* Goto: Go To Another Level
* Goobers: Restart Current Level
* Gogates: Exit to DOS
* Goarch: Exit Current Level
London: Fog On
Nodnol: Fog Off
Shineon: Light Sourcing On
Shineoff: Light Sourcing Off
Lungdung: Gas Mak
Sixtoys: Items Aplenty
Huntpack: OutfitPlayer (Bulletproof Armor, Keys, HeatSeeker)
Johnwoo: Double Pistols
Plugme: MP40 Machine Gun
Vanilla: Bazooka
Firebomb: Firebomb
Hottimes: Heatseeker
RidMissile:Camera On/Off
Where: Toggles Coordinate Display On/Off


Type these in at the menu screens.
VTELO --All normal tracks available.
INVER -- Reversed tracksavailable.
MONTY -- Obstacle graphics are changed.
JOINT --More obstacle graphics.
CLOCK -- Turn off that clock.
TAZOR --Makes the bullet car available.
UPDOW -- Turns graphics upside down.
MIRRO --Mirror mode.
ABURN -- Other cars become Bullet Cars. Careful, you can't undo
         this without a re- installation orbacking up the 
         choice .datfile.

Star Rangers

* JAVA -- enables cheats.
* SHAZAM -- invincibility.
* CAMEO --Warp Tunnel autopilot.
* VITAMINZ -- Fullfuel and ammo.
SCOTTY -- Infinite warp.
SEEUView all enemies on the Map.
ZOOMERZ -- time acceleration.
BOGONS -- shows design team.
BOXESTarget boxes.
DUST -- Fly through ships and objects.
SHIFT+F12 -- low res mode. 
VOIZIS -- finish mission.
VOIZIF -- fails mission.


GPS -- shows position.
PIN## changes music
OMNIPOTENT -- God mode.
BOOMSTIX-- all weapons.
JIMMY -- gets you some keys.
PUMPUP -- get Powers.
GRIPPER- no sliding.
ELVIS -- no clipping mode.
RIFT## -- Level Warp 01-32.
STONECOLD -- Kills all monsters on a level.
DONNYTRUMP -- Gives you 300 gold.
LEGO -- Gives you another sigil piece.
TOPO -- Full Map Toggle (use when looking at map)
DOTS -- FPS Ticker
SCOOT# -- Teleport to map spot


STUFF --Invincibility, all weapons and keys, and a telporter
IBGOD -- Invincibility
UNS -- All weapons
LISTIT -- Accessories
PEN -- All keys
STIC -- Stealth Boots
MONE -- Money and Toughness
KELLEM -- Kill all enemies on level
SPIRIT - No Clipping mode
GOTO## -- Warp to level ## (32-34)
MOVEME# - Teleport to Map spot
IDDT -- Full Map toggle (use when looking at map)
ILIVE -- Auto use health toggle (Same aspressing F5)
AIBRAIN -- AI toggle
IDMYPOS -- Display co-ordinates
IDMUS## -- Chang music to track## (01-10)
TIC -- Devparm Toggle

Super Stardust

The following codes should be entered as passwords on the 
title screen.
NOBRAKES -- Full engine power.
HARDGAME-- Makes the game harder .
DNUMUAHCS -- Ten times more energy, but only one life.
DIEALIENDIE -- All weapons on full power.
JJRULES -- Thirty-five lives, all weapons on full power.
WARHEAD -- Makes missiles detonate when they hit a target.
ELITEMASTER -- Weapons are ten times more powerful.
PETSKUMODE -- Enables reverse gear.


Rename your team one of the following names (depending on 
which cheat you want to enable) and you'll be all set.
* Nuk Them: Selectany country on the map.
* To the Top: Try it and see.
* Rob a Bank: Gives money.
* Cooper Team: Getmoney and items.
* Watch the Clock: Speeds up the clock allowing for faster 
                   research completion.

Terminal Velocity

To access cheats simply type in the code during gameplay.
* TRIFIR0 -- Temporary Invincibility. 
* TRIFIR1 -- Reloads PAC.
* TRIFIR2 -- Reloads ION.
* TRIFIR3 -- Reloads RTL.
* TRIFIR4 -- Reloads MAM.
* TRIFIR5 -- Reloads SAD.
* TRIFIR6 -- Reloads SWT.
* TRIFIR7 -- Reloads DAM.
* RIFIR8 -- Recharges afterburner fuel.
* TRIFIR9 -- Invisibility.
* TRIFIR10 -- Full Invincibility.
* TRIGODS -- God modeplus weapons powerup.
* TRINEXT -- Jumps tothe next level.
* TRISHLD -- Restoresshieldsto fullstrength.
* TRSCOPE -- Oscilloscope.
* TRIHOVR -- Combat hovering.
* TRFRAME -- Frames-per-second.
* TRIWARP# -- Warps to level number you type in at #.
* TRIBURN -- Super afterburner booster.
* 3DREALM -- Weapon power-ups.

Terminator: Future Shock

* BANDAID -- Replenishes power andarmor.
FIREPOWE -- Gives you all the game's weapons.
SUPERUZI -- Giv you a super uzi with 9999 ammo.
NEXTMISSON -- Transports you tonext mission.
URBO --activates turbo mode.
ICANTSEE -- infrared sight.
GARBLE -- Lets you see the cheats as you type them.
WHOAMI -- Displays your coordinates

Total Mayhem 

To activate,CTL+SHIFT+CHEAT from the base screen.

* CTL+C: Gives 1,000 credits.
* CTL+A: Allows buying all weapons (use on base screen)
* CTL+N: Level Skip (use on base screen)
* CTL+P: Move unit to cursor (use in game)
* CTL+I: Invincible (use in game)
CTL+R: Shield Restore (use in game)
CTL+M: Monster toggle (use in game)


To enable these cheat codes, hit enter, type one of the codes,
and then hit enter again. First use the Corwin Master Code
to enable the others. CORWIN OF AMBER enables the use of the 
codes below:
* THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE -- Makes all of your soldiers invincible
                           to everything except catapults, and 
                           can kill an enemy in one hit.
* HUMAN# -- Warp to any human mission. Replace # withthe number
            of the mission you want to warp to. list.
*  ORC# -- Warp to any orc mission. Replace # with the number of
           the mission you want to warp to.
* HURRY UP GUYS -- Speeds up construction and research.
* EYE OF NEWT -- Gets all magic spells available to your team.
* IRON FORGE -- Get the best weapon and shield strength.
* SALLY SHEARS -- Get full map (a help).
* POT OF GOLD -- Get 10,000 more gold and 5,000 more lumber.
* IDES OF MARCHT -- Takes you to the final sequence.
* YOURS TRULY -- Takes you tothe victory sequence.
* CRUSHING DEFEAT -- Takes you to the failure sequence.

Warcraft 2

To enable the cheats hit enter while in the game, then type 
one of the codes, and hit "enter" again. In multiplayer games,
the cheats effect both sides.
* UNITE THE CLANS -- Takes you to thescenario's victory sequence.
* YOU PITIFUL WORM -- Takes you to the scenario's loss sequence.
* IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE -- Gives players God like powers.
* GLITTERING PRIZES -- Adds gold, lumber and oil.
* VALDEZ -- Adds oil.
* HATCHET, AXE AND SAW -- Accelerates producion of lumber.
* EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES -- Upgrades player's magic.
* DECK ME UT -- Upgrades units. 
* ON SCREEN -- Shows whole map.
* MAKE IT SO All -- upgrades and consruction happensfaster.
* THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE -- Takes you to finale sequence.
* NEVER A WINNER -- Makes victory impossible.
* TIGERLILY -- Enables Scenario Jump
* ORC# or HUMAN# Jumps to mission number (Put a Number in #).


Use these codes as your player name.
SUPERMAN -- Makes your car invulnerable.
CUPWON -- See the end of championship sequence
CINEMA -- Play in widescreen.
FORMULA1 -- Access alternate cars.
MREPRISE -- Access to th bonus set of tracks.
MRFROSTY -- Tracks become very slippery.
WARGATE -- Cars warp.

Wing Commander I, II, III & IV

When you type in the start up command for either game(WC or WC2)
add a space then type "Origin -k" Make sure you use a capital 
`O' or the cheat won't work. You'll be able to fly against wave
after wave of Kilrathi without taking damage, and destroy any 
targeted ship  (including the big capital ships!) at will by 
pressing CTRL and DEL at the same time.

Wing Commander III i similar. 

You use the command line wc3 -mitchell and then while in combat
CTL-W will kill a locked one nemy, and CTL-ALT-W will destroy 
all enemies in the radar map.

For Wing IV,use the command line wc4 -chicken. These controls 
should work: CTRL+W to destroy targted enemy, CTRL+ALT+W to 
destroy all enemies on radar, and ALT+O to become invulnerable.


First type backspace. Then type:
cooter -- for all weapons
mommy -- for all magic
wango -- for all keys

Witchaven II

First type backspace. Then type: 
marketing -- God Mode. 
weapons -- all weapons. 
health -- restores health. 
armor -- restores armor. 
strength -- gets you the STR powerup. 
potions -- gives all potions. 
spells -- get all spells. 
keys -- gets all keys. 
invis -- invisibility. 
level## -- for level warping. i.e. level 01, level 14 etc.

Wolfenstein 3D

You need to start the game with a command line parameter:
for version 1.0 type wolf3d -next for version 1.1 type 
wolf3d -goobers  Once in the game, you need to activate the 
cheats: for version 1.0 pres CTRL+ALT+ENTER for version 1.1 
Now you can use these cheat codes:
TAB+G -- God Mode
TAB+I -- Add Item
TAB+H -- Self-Mutilation
TAB+N -- No ClippingMode
TAB+P -- Pauses Game
TAB+Q -- Exits
TAB+W -- Turbo mode
TAB+X -- Adds Extra Stuff
TAB+E -- Finishes Level
M+L+I -- Weapons, ammo and invulnerable


Type BAABAA at the weapons options screen and have access 
to new, devastating super-weapons.