*   ########   ########  ########    #    *
       *   #          #         #          # #   *
       *   ########   ########  #   ####   ###   *
       *          #   #         #      #  #   #  *
       *   ########   ########  ########  #   #  *

			ACME All-Stars

Practice Game: For a practice run on the obstacle course,
bowling or Montana Hitting, press Right or Left at the title

2: Plucky, Montana Max, Elmyra, Buster Basketball
3: Elmyra, Babs, Hampton, Plucky    Montana Hitting
4: Babs, Buster, Montana Max, Elmyra Soccer
5: Buster, Hampton, Plucky, Montana Max Basketball
6: Elmyra, Plucky, Babs, Hampton Obstacle Course
7: Plucky, Elmyra, Hampton, Babs Soccer
8: Montana Max, Plucky, Elmyra, Buster   Bowling
9: Hampton, Babs,Buster,Montana Max Basketball

			Adventures of Batman & Robin

Level Skip:  To skip the level you're currnetly on, press
Start to pause, then press B, A, Down, B, A, Down, Left, Up,

			Aero the Acro*Bat

Cheat Mode: The Cheat Mode menu can give you infite lives,
infinite stars and a level select. To access it, press C, A,
Right, Left, C, A, Right, Left on the main menu. Begin a
game and pause when Aero appears.Next, press Up, C, Down, B,
Left, A, Right, B. Finally, hold A + C until the cheat menu

Infinite Stars and More: Reach for the stars with this great
trick. On the level select  screen above,press Left, Right,
A, B, C, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right This will give
you infinite stars, and protect you from collisions. In
addition, you'll be able to fly by throwing a star and
pressing Up at the same time.

			Aero the Acro*Bat 2

Level Select: On the Option screen, use Sound Test to play
sounds 8, 4, 19, 71. If you did this correctly, the screen
will flash. Exit the Options screen and begin a new game.
Press Start to pause, then hold Down + A + C untl a Level
Select screen appears.


Level Select: At the title creen, press A + B + C and hit

Extra Missiles: Before you reach the refueling plane, enter
one of the following codes depending upon your level.

3: 13: 16: LEFT + B
5: 11: 21: RIGHT + B
9: 19:     B

Continue: To continue a game after losing your last plane,
press LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, B, B, B, C, C, C, START at the title

Reverse Controls: To reverse your plane's controls, hold A +
B on Controller Two while pressing START on Controller One.

Level Select:  On the Mission Select screen, move the cross-
hair to a place on the map that's not an area. Hold START
and press A, B, C, B, A, A, B,C, B, A, B. Release START and
you will hear a soft ping.  Now move the cross-hair to the
area you wish to attack and hold A to square off against the
Fighter Ace, B to fight the Super Carrier, or C to battle
the Last Fighter. You have to hold the button until the area

Invincibility: Activate Level Select, then hold START while
pressing the button for the level you wish to tackle. i.e.,
hold START + C to take on the Last Fighter while invincible.


Level Select and More:  In the Option screen, press A, C, A,
C, A, C, A, C, B, B, B, B. From here you can choose Level
Select, Start for pause button, and invulnerability.

Level Skip: While playing, pause the game and press A, B, B,
A, A, B, B, A.

			Alex Kidd in the

Defeat the Gorilla: You can defeat the Gorilla in Janken by
using the signs: Paper, Paper, Scissors, Rock, Rock,
Scissors, Scissors, Paper.

Avoid Bosses: To continue the game without having to play
scissors-paper-stone, go to any boss and, as soon as the
chit-chat is out of the way, press Start to get the Select
screen, then Start again to proceed.

			Alien Storm

Unlimited Life: To use this trick, you must play as Scooter,
and you must have enough energy to self-destruct. When your
life gets to zero, self-destruct and you can continue the
game without dying.


Level Skip: On the options screen, use Controller Two and
press C, Up, Right, Down, Left, A, Right, Down. To activate,
pause the game while playing and press C, A, B to skip to
the next level.

			Alisia Dragoon

Preparation:  Before using any of the tricks for Alisia
Dragoon you must do the following. First, turn on the game.
When the SEGA logo  disappears, hold A. When "Produced by
Game Arts" disappears, release A and hold B. When
"Associated with GAIMAX" disappears, release B and hold C.
Finally, when "Music Composed by Mecano  Associates"
disappears, release C and press Start. You'll hear a
bubbling musical sound if you've done this correctly. Now
you can use any of the following tricks.

Slow Motion: Press A on Controller Two for slow motion.
Press B on Controller Two to resume normal speed.

Heal Alicia: To heal Alicia, press A on Controller Two, then
hold Up on Controller One and press B on Controller Two.

Increase Magic: Press A on Controller Two, then hold Left on
Controller One while pressing B on Controller Two. Alicia's
thunder magic will increase one level.

Increase Companion's Abilities: Press A on Controller Two,
then hold Right on Controller One while pressing B on
Controller Two. This will increase the magic level and hit
points of your current companion.

More Powerful Magic: Press A on Controller Two, then hold B
on Controller One while pressing B on Controller Two. The
thunder magic becomes powerful enough to kill most enemies
with a single blast.

Level Skip: Press C on Controller Two.

Level Select: You can warp to any level by pressing C on
Controller Two while holding down one of these codes on
Controller One.

LevelCode Level Code
1: C     	5: A + C
2: B     	6: A + B
3: B + C 	7: A + B + C
4: A 	8: START

			Altered Beast

Two-Player Mode: For two-player action, press START on
Controller Two to begin your game.

Continue: When you die, hold A and press START repeatedly
until you appear on the screen where you died.

Options / Level Select: At the title screen, hold B and
press START. To select a level, choose a round on the
Options screen, then hold A + START at the title screen.


Tip-off: To win the tip-off every time, hold A + Start
before the game begins.

			Arcus Odyssey

Warp to Level 5: Enter"EEEEEEEEEE" as the password to start
on level five with six reverse dolls.

			Arnold Palmer Golf

Super Shot: Enter your name as "Eve" and you'll be able to
hit the ball great distances.

Guaranteed Win: Enter"F1nLvJoNaAFA+SqzQ3 AoDG6Wi3wFIKENIG9+"
as your password to play the final tournament with twice as
much cash as the nearest opponent. Even if you don't win the
tournament, you'll win the game!

Secret Game: Putt 100 times on a hole to see a screen from
Fantasy Zone when  the game is over. Now press Up, Up, Down,
Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.

Secret Tournament:Enter"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF999999999999999
999" at the password  screen. This will begin a new
tournament and give you a new and more experienced caddie.

Match Play: Enter"QhVaTzouio'ABBh96i VCoVskmBgAcgIzl3XHQ" to
start in match play.

			Arrow Flash

Unlimited Arrow Flashes: Go to the Option screen and change
Arrow Flash from "Stock" to "Charge." Exit the Option screen
and let the demo play all the way through once. Now start
the game, and press C to activate  the arrow flash. Hold C
down, and your arrow flash will last a very long time.
Sometimes it will go out at the mid-point of a level, but
just press and hold C to reactivate it. This way, you can
zip through the entire game!

			Asterix andthe Great Rescue


			Awesome Possum

Secret Menu: When the title song ends, press C, B, C, Left +
B, C. You'll  hear a sound if you did this correctly. To
access the secret menu, press A.

			Back to the Future,Part 3

Level Skip: Get back to the future with this trick. When you
want to skip a level, pause the game, hold A and press Up,
Down, Left, Right to advance a level.


Red Belt: At the Title screen, press A, Down, Down, B, B, B,
C, Left, Right.

Green Belt: At the Title screen, press A, A, Down, C, B, A,
Up, Up, Down.

			Barkley: Shut Up and Jam

2: 3MJK 1VZ3
3: 3MGH 2VVW
4: 3MQR 2X9M
5: 3MNP 21?N
6: 3MST ?161
7: 3MBC ?208

Break the backboard: To break the backboard, you must
execute three "hanging jams" with out your opponent scoring.
Next, perform a "SuperJam" by hitting A, then press C + D-
pad in the direction of the hoop.

Monster Dunk: You must be fully "juiced" on the "juice bar".
Then, execute a superjam (A, then C+ D-pad in direction of
the hoop) from the opposite end of the court.

All-Barkleys: Press Start to pause the gamein Exibition
Mode. Highlight QUIT and press B, B, B. When you resume, all
players on the court  will be Sir Charles.

Play as Barkely's Teammates: Press Start to pause the game
in Exibition Mode. Highlight QUIT and press the button
sequence below to play as one of Barkley's team mates:

BLADE:   A 3  times
DOLMITE: A 4  times
HAMMA:   A 5  times
JIM-PAK: A 6  times
PAULY:   A 7  times
SHUGA:   A 8  times
SPIDER:  A 9  times
BONGO:   A 10 times

Mirror Match: In Exibition Mode, press Start to pause and
highlight QUIT, then press C, C, C. When you resume play
you'll be playing against your own team.

			Batman Forever

Level Select and More: At the main menu, press Left, Up,
Left, Left, A, B. A new menu will appear where you can pick
your starting level, kill any enemy in a single blow, and
start with all weapons.

			Batman: Revenge of the Joker

Passwords: Enter the password "5257." After you've entered
this code, arrow of six mushroom-like objects will appear
across the bottom of the screen. To go to any stage in the
game, enter one of the following passwords.

Stage 1-1 1100 		Stage 4-2 4200
Stage 1-2 1200 		Stage 4 Boss 4300
Stage 1 Boss 1300 	Stage 5-1 5100
Stage 2-1 2100 		Stage 5-2 5200
Stage 2-2 2200 		Stage 6-1 6100
Stage3-1 3100 		Stage 6-2 6200
Stage 3-2 3200 		Stage 6 Boss 6300
Stage 3 Boss 3300 	Stage 7-1 7100
Stage4-1 4100 		Final Fight 7200

			Battle Frenzy

Level Skip: While playing, press Up, A, Up, A, A, Down to
warp to the next level.

Get Yellow Key: On the title screen, press Down, Down, B, C,
Up, Up.

Get Red Key: On the title screen, press Up, Up, B, C, Down,

Get Tribolt Gun: On the title screen, press A, A, A, Right,
A, Right.



Infinite Ammunition: For unlimited fire power, enter the
password "BRN521".

Warp to Level 3: To do this trick you must be very quick! In
the beginning of the first level, head-butt the two pigs
that appear and then  quickly run over to the first platform
on the right. Jump onto the platform and there will be a
glowing warp. Move into the  warp and you'll get a screen
that tells you that you can  advance two levels! Make sure
that you are fast or the warp  will disappear.

			Battletoads/ Double Dragon

Super Warp: For five lives and the ability to start on any
level up to stage 5-2, press B, A, Down, B, Up, Down on the
Character Select screen.

Mega Warp: This code will give you the jump on any opponent.
At the Character Select screen, press Down, Up, Up, Down, A,
B, B, A.  Select your character, then press Start. You'll
get 10 lives and a Level Select screen will appear. Note
that you won't see  the real ending if you beat the game
using this trick.

5 Lives: At the Character Select screen, press and hold Up +
A + B, then press Start. Beat the Dark Queen and the Shadow
Boss using this trick and you should get the normal game

			Beast Wrestler

Sound Test: When the title screen appears, press A + B + C,
then press START. When the word "Test" appears, use UP and
DOWN to change the sounds. Press A to select a sound, and B
to exit the sound test.

			Belle's Quest

Level Select: At the second title screen, press B, Up, B, B,
A, Up, Right, A, B, A, Down, Left, A, Down, Down.

			Bio-Hazard Battle

Level Select: Turn on the game. When the Sega logo hold C.
When the title screen appears, make a full clockwise
circular motion with the  D-pad, starting and ending in the
Up position. You should hear a noise if the cheat worked.
Release C and press Start to choose your level.


Secret Room: On the first level, stand beside the stars that
enable you to pass the level. Use the helecoptor or spring
pads to go through  the ceiling and into a secret room. Here
you will find all the weapons and remotes.

Power-Up Code: At the "Foley High Tech Systems" screen,
quickly press A + B + C on controller two. You should hear a
chime. Start the game  and you will have infinite lives, all
weapons, and all remotes!

Level Skip: You can skip levels whever you find a life
recharge icon above  a lava bed. To do so, lose most of your
lift (all but the last notch). Now jump in the lava and
recharge your life at the same time.If you did this
correctly, you should warp to the next level.

Goth 2: 171058 		Anciena 6: 583172
Goth 3: 950745 		Anciena 7: 743690
Goth 4: 472149 		Ultraworld 1: 743690
Anciena 1: 672451 	Ultraworld 2: 103928
Anciena 2: 272578 	Ultraworld 3: 144895
Anciena 3: 652074 	Ultraworld 4: 775092
Anciena 4: 265648 	Ultraworld 5: 481376
Anciena 5: 462893

			Brian Lara's Cricket

Control Both Teams: If you want to bat twice, bowl twice or
make your team win, try this. When your team finishes
bowling or batting, save your game. Reset, and restore your
game. It will then ask you which team you want to control.
Keep this up and you'll be a "cricket" cricket player in no


Passwords: At the title screen, press A to bring up the
Options menu. Move to the password option and press Right.
Now enter one of these passwords to claw your way to the


			Bubsy 2

Mark All Levels Complete: At the title screen, press Up, A,
A, A, Down.

Jump Frenzy: At the title screen, press B, A, B, C.

99 Diving Suits: At the title screen, press B, Left, Up, B.

99 Portable Holes: At the title screen, press Right, Up, B,

99 Smart Bombs: At the title screen, press C, C, C, Up,
Down, C.

99 Nerf Ballzooka Shots: At the title screen, press B, A,
Left, Left.

50 Lives: At the title screen, press B, Up, B, B, A.

Invulnerability: At the title screen, press C, A, B, C, Up,


Easy Wins: To defeat Tetsuo Okabe (Match 5) and Miyuki
Hirose (Match 8), select the Bo as your weapon. When the
match begins, press A, B, or C and hold LEFT. You will block
all of your opponent's attacks. Wait until you have maximum
Ki, then strike your opponent for a one-hit win!

			Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs

Passwords: To play the last round as the Chicago Bulls
against the Utah Jazz, enter "NXOBBBBL." To see the ending
ceremonies, enter "NXWBBBBD."

Easier Game: For an easier game against the computer, press
C while displaying your team's statistics screen. This will
display your opponent's statistics. Put the worst players
into your opponent's lineup. During the game, the computer
will replace its bad players with its best. When this
happens, repeat the same sequence between quarters or during
a substitution, and put the weaker players back into the
computer's lineup.

			Burning Force

Ten Lives: Press B, A, B, A, A, C, A, A and start your game.
You can also use this sequence to continue with 10 men.

			Cannon Fodder

1: PXJND   2: UZHNC  3: JHHJI   4: OFLJA  5: DWKFG  6: EZMBE
7: JBLBD   8: OBSRH  9: TTEFD  10: UTEFD 11: FRLYA 12: EOBJF
13: RYJBE 14: GMEGF 15: FFQRI  16: ICXPA 17: PXJVI 18: IRORH
19: TEOUA 20: CLBGE 21: JMNQG  22: OOLQF 23: NPXFC

			Castlevania Bloodlines

Harder Game / Extra Lives: For those who have mastered the
difficult level of this game, have a real challenge with the
Expert Level. First, go to the Options screen and set BGM to
5 and SE to 73. Return to the title screen and press Up, Up,
Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. You
should hear a chime if the code was entered correctly.
Finally, go to the Optionsmenu and cycle through the game
level settings. A new one should appear labeled Expert. To
see the real ending of the game, finish it on this level of
difficulty. You'll also be able to select up to 9 lives.

			Centurion: Defender of Rome
Passwords: To start the game at one of the most powerful
levels with 11  consular legions and 35,000 talents, enter
the password  "TAGY-V6P5-QAAA-AH3K-VKVA-MIES".

To rule the empire, enter the password:   "QDUA-YQ25-5555-

			Chakan: TheForever Man
Unlimited Power: Give yourself all the potions and weapons
you want with this code! Immediately after turning on the
game, hold C + Start buttons on both controllers; you should
hear a sound. To get all the weapons, enter the Alchemy
screen and press Up, Down, Left, Right on Controller Two. To
get all the potions, enter the Alchemy screen and press
Start, A, B, C on Controller Two.

Level Select: Whenever you want to switch levels, press B. A
menu should appear in the lower left-hand corner. Press B to
scroll through the levels, and press Start to warp to your
Chuck Rock

Skip Level: At the title screen, press A, B, RIGHT, A, C, A,
DOWN, B, RIGHT, A. After you do this, press and hold A + B +
C and press START. While playing you can use the following
codes to change levels.

Forward level: A + UP
Forward stage: A + RIGHT
Back level: A + DOWN
Back stage: A + LEFT

			Chuck Rock 2:

Level Skip: Pause the game and press B, A, RIGHT,A, C, UP,
DOWN, A. The game should unpause. Now pause again and hold A
and press RIGHT to skip a head one level.

			College Slam

Whirlwind: At the team match-up screen, rotate your joystick
in a clockwise 360 degree motion until the jumpball. When
the game starts your player will have the whirlwind option
for the entire game. This trick does not work in tournament

Power Up Fire: To be"on-fire" permanently, press Left,
Right, Left, Up, Down, Up at the Tonight's Matchup screen.

Quick Hands: For faster ball handling, press Left, A, B, B,
Y at the Tonight's Matchup screen.

All Shots worth 3 Points: At the Tonight's Matchup screen,
press C, C, C, A, A, A.

Goaltend Mode: At the Tonight's Matchup screen, press Down,
Down, Down, Up, Up, Up.

Maximum Power: For the strongest players, press A, Down, A,
Right at Tonight's Matchup screen.

Slam Dunks: Power-up your dunks with this code. At the
Tonight's Matchup screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down.


Magic Jewel: Here's a trick to summon the magic jewel. Play
the game in Easy Arcade mode. When you begin to lose, fill
the far left or far right two columns as high as possible
with jewels. When you've completed the column, a magic jewel
will appear.

Extra Magic Jewels: There is a way to trick the game into
giving you a second magic jewel. To do this you must set up
the screen in a certain way.  Have one row of the normal
jewels stacked up almost to the top of the playfield. There
must be vertical space for only two of the three jewels in
the next block to come on the screen. Watch the "Next Block"
preview box. When you see that the magic jewel block is
next, get ready to quickly move it on top of your prepared
stack. After the magic jewel eliminates the 'touching'
color jewels, all of the remaining jewels will drop down as
will the one magic jewel that was of fthe screen. This magic
jewel will drop down and eliminate another group of colored

Free Points: To get a fast and easy 10,000 bonus points,
have one vertical column empty all the way to the bottom of
play field. When you get the block of magic jewels, position
it so that it falls down this column, all the way to the
bottom. Since you don't get to use it to eliminate any
colored jewels, the game gives you 10,000 points instead.

			Comix Zone

Level Select: On the Jukebox screen, press C on sounds 14,
15, 18, 5, 13, 1, 3, 18, 15, 6 .A voice should say "Oh
Yeah!" To choose your level, set the sound to the level you
want and press C. i.e, to play on level 5, set sound to 5
and press C.

Invincibility: On the Jukebox screen, press C on sounds 3,
12, 17, 2, 2, 10, 2, 7, 7, 11. A voice should say "Oh Yeah!"

Bonus Weapon:  If you hold the A button, Sketch wil lrip a
piece out of the comic and create a paper airplane. Be
careful! This weapon will destroy almost anything, but takes
a bit of your life bar with it.

			Contra: Hard Corps

Hidden Level: Play the game until you reach the Junkyard
Stage. After going underground, go to the wall before the
door with mounted guns.  If you climb up the wall you'll
find a goofy-looking guy who will let you fight a hidden
boss in the arena!!! When you finish the arena you'll see
one of the game's many endings.

			Cool Spot

Debug Mode: Go to the Options screen and press A,A, B, B, C,
C, C, C, B, B, A,A, A, A, B, B, C, C.

Skip Level / Invincibility: While playing, press START to
pause the game. Now C, A, B, C,  B, A,C, A, B, C, B, A, C.
If you did this correctly you will hear a tone. Immediately
afterwards, you will see the "Level Completed" screen and
will advance to the next level, where you will be

			Cyborg Justice

Options Menu: While playing, pause the game and press C, B,
B, C, C, A, C, B very fast! If you have done this correctly
an Options screen will appear.


Karaoke Mode: To enable karaoke mode, put the game in Arcade
mode, go to the Track Selection screen, and hold UP +C.

			Deadly Moves

To skip to the final level, enter "EYV G9DG 2Q7" as your


Airwalk: To walk on air, jump and press C rapidly.

Life Refill: You probably know that the red poles can throw
you long distances, but did you know they can heal you? Use
the airwalk to position yourself over one of the poles, then
drop straight down onto it. Each time you do this you will
gain a half of  your heart back and one of the segments on
the pole will turn white.

Skip Second Boss: Here's how to by pass the second round
boss. As you approach the last fall before the second boss,
float to the ledge on your left, then jump from ledge to
ledge until you see the sign that says you've cleared the
round. Be careful, though; you must get the special item
before you leave the level. If you fail to do this,you will
have to go back to the level and find the item, plus you
will run into the second round boss!

			Desert Strike

5 Lives: To start the game with five lives, enter the
password "TQQQLOM". You may enter any campaign password
after this, if desired.

10 Lives: Add more life to the party with this password. To
begin the game with 10 lives, enter the password "BQQQAEZ".


99 Balls: At the Title screen, press A, C, Left, Start for
99 balls.

			Dino Land

Easy Points: Hit B 23 times. Next, go for the slot machine.
You will instantly win 100,000 points and an extra ball.

Level Select: P ausethe game and press Down, Up, Down 6
times, Down, Up, Down 6 times. Hold B and press Start to
resume play. Press A to go to another level.

Color Test: When the Wolf team logo appears, press A + B + C
for acolor  test.

			Donald Duck


			Double Dragon 3

More Options: As the brick wall scrolls past at the
beginning, simultaneously press A + B + C. A new menu will
appear, where you can select more options, including the
ability play as different characters.

			Dragon's Fury

Final Level: Ente r"6RENAXUEMW" at the password prompt to
skip to the final stage of this furious game.

8 Balls: Enter "DEVILCRASH" at the password prompt for eight

99 Balls: Enter "UFELFO78TL" at the password prompt for 99
balls and 13,000,000 points!

Music Select: Enter "OMAKEBGM0_" at the password prompt. '_'
is a number from 0 to 4, indicating the music you wish to
hear during the game.

			Dragon's Revenge

1: LSRCIE8  2: CSABMJM  3: DSI36KR  4: ETTS8DL  5: FT438XR
6: HV5395S

			Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

 2: Green, Clear Bean, Yellow, Yellow
 3: Yellow, Clear Bean, Purple, Clear Bean
 4: Blue, Green, Clear Bean, Blue
 5: Red, Purple, Green, Green
 6: Yellow, Yellow, Clear Bean, Green
 7: Purple, Clear Bean,Blue, Blue
 8: Clear Bean,Yellow,Has Bean, Yellow
 9: Purple, Blue, Blue,Green
10: Clear Bean, Green,Red, Yellow
11: Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Has Bean
12: Gren, Clear Bean,Clear Bean, Blue
13: Has Bean, Clear, Purple, Has Bean


 2: Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow
 3: Green, Yellow, Green, ClearBean
 4: Purple, Purple, Red, Has Bean
 5: Green, Red,Purple,Blue
 6: Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow
 7: Blu, Purple, Green, Has Bean
 8: Clear Bean, PurpleHas Bean, Yellow
 9: Purple, Green, HasClear Bean
10: Green, Blue, Yellow, Has Bean
11: Green, Purple, Has Bean, Red
12: Red, Green, Has Bean, Blue
13: Red, Red, Clear Bean, Yellow

Jumping Beans: At the title screen, press A, B or C to make
the beans on the title jump up and down.

			Dynamite Duke

More Options: Select Options and press C ten times. Then
press START and you'll get a Super Options menu, which
includes level select, extra lives, extra continues, and

			Dynamite Headdy

Level Select: At the title screen, highlight Game Start and
press C, A, Left, Right, B, Start.

Head Check: To view the head animations, try this. At the
title screen, highlight Options and press C, A, Left, Right,
B, and Start.

			Earthworm Jim

Level Skip: To advance a level, press A, B, B, A, A + C, B +
C, B + C, A + C.

Debug Menu: Pause the game and press A and LEFT together,
then B, B, A, then A and RIGHT together, then B, B, A.
Unpause and you'll be in Cheat mode.

1000 Bullets: Pause the game and press A, B, B, B, C, A,
C,C. If done correctly, you'll hear the word "cheater".

Extra Continue: Pause the game and press A, LEFT + B, A, B,
A, B, C, A. If done correctly, you'll hear the word

Extra Life: Pause the game and press UP + B, B, A, C, A, A,
A, A.If done correctly, you'll hear the word "cheater".

Another Extra Guy: Pause the game and press B, B, C, C, A,
A, A, A. This trick is limited to one use per level.

Homing Missiles: For 9 extra missiles, pause the game and
press Right + A, A, A, B, A, C, B, A

Plasma Guns:  For 9 extra guns, pause the game and press
Down + C, A, B, C, A, B, A, C.

100% health: Press A, C, C, A, B, B, A, C.This can only be
used once perlevel.

Warp to "What The Heck": Pause the game and press Left,
Right, A, B, C, Left, Right, A.

			Earthworm Jim 2

Weapons: To use them,  just pause the game and press the
keys below.

Plasma Gun: C,C,C,C,A,A,A,B
3 Shot Gun: C,C,C,C,A,A,A,C
Homing Gun: C,C,C,C,A,A,B,A
Bubble Gun: C,C,C,C,A,A,B,B
Nuke Gun:   C,C,C,C,A,A,B,C
Teleport Mucus Bomb: C, A, B, C, A, B, Up, Down

Level Skip: To warp to the next level, pause the game and
press A, B, B, A, C, B, B, Right.

Invulnerability: pause the game and press A, A, A, A, Left,
Right, Right, Left. To become vulnerable again, just re-
enter the code.

Map View Mode: Pause the game and press A, C, C, B, A, A, B,
Up. Jim will vanish, and you'll be able to scroll around the
level with the d-pad. When you get where you want to be,
press A.

Puppies One:  C, C, C, C, C, C, A, A
Puppies Two:  Left, Right, B, C, C, Left, Right, A
Puppies Three: Right, Right, A, B, C, Left, Right, A
Peter Pan: C, B, C, Left, Right, Left, A, B
Abduction: Down, A, C, Left, Right, Down, A, C
Inflated Head: B, B, C, A, B, C, Left, Right
Sally: A, B, C, C, Up, C, Left, Right
Soil: A, A, C, C, B, B, A, A
Meat: C, C, Down, Down, A, Right, Right, Left
ISO: A, B, C, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right
Run Jim Run: B, B, C, Left, Left, Left, Left, Right

Assorted Codes: pause the game and enter the code
(or codes) desired.

Screen Dim Off: A,A,A,A,B,B,B,B
Config screen: A,C,C,A,B,A,B,Left
Jump to Unzip: C,A,C,A,B,A,A,Up
Debug Mode: A,B,C,C,B,A,B,B
1 UP: A,B,C,C,C,A,A,B
1 UP (once): A,B,C,C,C,A,A,A
Energy: A,B,C,A,B,C,A,A
Energy (once): A,B,C,A,B,C,A,B
Ammo: C,B,B,A,C,B,A,A
Ammo (once): C,B,B,A,C,B,B,A
Money Worm: C,A,B,A,B,A,C,A
Money Worm (once): C,A,C,A,C,A,C,A
Continue: A,A,C,C,B,A,Left,Rigt
Contiue (once): A,A,C,C,B,A,Left,Left

			Ecco the Dolphin

Options: While playing, move Ecco left and right and pause
the game with Ecco facing you. Next, press Right, B, C, B,
C, Down, C, Up. A menu will appear, offering you several
options including level select, sound test, and

The Undercaves: AAAAAAAA	Deep Water: EILQOQLC
The Vents: AANNAANN		The Marble Sea: XAKUQQLS
The Lagoon: NDRBRIKR		The Library: FDGXQQLC
Ridge Water: HYAUGFLV      	Deep City: AANNNNAA
Open Ocean: FNCQWBMT		City of Forever: DETSWCIY
Ice Zon: DWFFZBMV      		Trilobite Circle: DETSWCIY
Hard Water: ANANANAN		Dark Water: NNAANNAA
Cold Water: MCLFRQLW		Deep Water 2: EQAAKNLC
Jurassic Beach: MDEBRCBO	City of Forever 2: ZBPIGPLD
Pteranodon Pond: JNXFRCBS    	The Tube: KUVEKMLK
Origin Beach: AAAANNNN    	The Machine: NNNNNNNN
Island Zone: NNNNAAAA    	The Last Fight: KNLMLMLC

Music Off: To turn off the background music, pause the game
and press A.

Invincibility: When the level name appears, hold A + Start
until the level begins. When the game screen appears,unpause
and you've got invincibility!

Unlimited Air: For unlimited air in a new game, enter
"LIFEFISH" as your password.

The Undercaves: LEVELSCT 	Cold Water: LNXHXRLB
The Lagoon: SHARKFIN 		Island Zone: DVJLURIC
Open Ocean: KHDBVRIS 		Deep Water: OEWSURLC
Ice Zone:  XRGQXRIX 		The Tube: FIVEPODS
Hard Water: MAGLXRLM		The Machine: ECCOFMLY

Super Sonar: For lethal sonar, enter any Unlimited Air code,
then press A +  B while playing. Your sonar will look the
same, but will kill all enemies it detects.

			Ecco: The Tides of Time

Options: You can call up an options menu at any time during
a game. Move Ecco left and right, and pause the game while
Ecco is facing you (toward the screen). Next, press A, B, C,
B, C, A, C, A, B.  A menu will appear, offering several
options including Level Select, Sound Test, and

Invincibility and Unlimited Air: For unlimited life and air,
move Ecco left and right,and pause the game while Ecco is
facing you (toward the screen). Next, press A, B, Right, A,
C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A. Your health and air will drop to
0,but you won't die!

Crystal Springs: UEPMCVEB 	Gateway: KDCGTAHB
FaultZone: OZUNSKZA 		Big Water: QQCQRDRA
Two Tides: KDKINTYA 		Deep Ridge: UXQWJIZD
Skyway: SZXHCLDB 		The Hungry Ones: WBQQHMUE
Sky Tides: OZWIDLDB 		Secret Cave: CHGTEYZE
Tube Of Medusa: QSJRYHZA 	Lunar Bay: QYSMHZZE
Skylands: MULXRXEB 		Black Clouds: CLOCVFZE
Fin To Feather: YCPAWEXA 	Gravitorbox: UIXBGyWxe
Eagle's Bay: YCJPDNDB 		Globe Holder: SBFPWWJE
Asterite's Cave: AOJRDZWA 	Dark Sea: MXURVMLA
Fur Islands: UOYURFDB 		Vortex Queen: IKIMTBPA
Sea Of Darkness: UQZWIIAB 	HomeBay: CSNCMRUA
Vent Of Medusa: MMVSOPBB 	Epilogue: CEWSXKPA

			El Viento

Instant Magic: This trick will allow you to collect every
magic power without picking up any items. Pause the game and
press UP, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, C. You will get one magic each
time you do this. Repeat this for all five magic powers.

Slow Motion: Start the game and pause it any time. Now press

Skip Level: At any time during play, pause the game and
press UP,LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, B. You will now skip the current

			ESPN National Hockey Night

Extra Teams: Press Left, Right, C, A, B, B at the game setup
menu to gain access to four new teams.

Brutal Menu: For two extra options, press C, Right, B,
Right, C, Right on the "Turn Up the Heat" screen.

Pong: At the setup screen, press B, C, C, C, Up, Down for a
classic game of Pong.

Octopong: At the setup screen, press A, C, B, Up, Right, Up
for an enhanced version of the classic pong.


Level Select: At the Game Over screen, press and hold DOWN
and LEFT while pressing A, B and C, then press START until
the music repeats.

Sound Test: To enable the sound test, you must first beat
the game. At the ending screen, press and hold A, B, C, DOWN
and LEFT. While holding these buttons, press START until the
Sound Select screen appears.

			Evander Holyfield's

Perfect Fighter: For maximum power, choose Career Mode and
create a new boxer named "The Beast."

Easy Championship: For an easy championship, use "The Beast"
as your fighter. When you begin the camera shows a picture
of you then moves to show your opponent. When the camera is
off of you and not yet on  your oppononet (all you see is
the ropes & ring post)pause and quit.You'll be awarded the
win, and can repeat this trick as often as desired.


Cheat Menu: On the Options screen, set Music to "05" and
Sound FX to "21."  Next highlight Exit and hold A + B + C +
START. If you did the trick right, you'll hear Shannon say
"Too easy! and a new menu  will appear. This menu offers
level select, unlimited weapons, nine lives, and a full
energy bar. Note that you can only select one of these, as
the game will automatically start after selecting one.


			F-15 StrikeEagle II

Re-Supply: From the Options menu, select See Credits. At the
credits screen, press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right,
Down, Left, Up. If you did this right, you'll hear a fan
fare. Start the game, and you'll see a new Re-Supply entry
in your in-flight options menu.Use it to max out your
weapons, fuel and decoys.

			F-22 Interceptor

Surprise: Enter the password "GTGAUO". Now land your plane
for a surprise.

Harder Game: For areal challenge, enter "GPRJCM" for a
password. You'll face an aerial on slaught of F-22's, KC-
135's and MIGs.

Invincibility and More: While playing, press B + C for a new
Option screen. From here you can select unlimited firepower,
invincibility, automatic targeting, and more!

			Faery Tale Adventure

Infinite Keys: If you're low on keys, save the game before
you use one. Now open a door and restore the game. You'll
keep the key, and the door stays open!

End Game Password: "7R2KUL6RSZXSK6NHGSDCB720663RI2HO785P".

Matter Copier: For an unlimited supply of anything, save and
restore immediately after picking up an object.


Maximum Lives and Magic: You can max out your lives in the
water stage. First fight your  way to the second stage to
the point where there are platforms that go up. Once you get
there you have to jump up the platforms to the top and
you'll get a1-up. Next, fight through the level until you
get to the point where you're right before the magic book.
Take the magic book and keep moving to the right until you
see a treasure chest.Go into the chest and you'll come out
just past the platforms. Go to the left and jump back up the
platforms. Do this trick as many times as you would like!

			Fatal Fury

Unlimited Continues: Here is a tip to get unlimited
continues. After losing, the Continue screen will come up
with the number of credits shown in the left-hand corner.
Hold Up and press A + B + C simultaneously. Release A + B +
C, then press them again to  gain a credit. This trick can
be repeated as often asdesired.

Never Ending Fight: On the Options screen, choose Control,
then highlight the Point option. Next,hold B and set Point
to 0. Finally, challenge a  friend to a two-player "Vs."
battle. Your point globes will be replaced by counters that
show how many rounds you've won. To end the game,press

			Fatal Fury 2

Change Colors:  At the "Takara" logo press Down, Down-Left,
Left, Down-Left, Down, Down-Forward, Right + Y. A sound will
confirm the code. When you pick your character hold Start
then hold B. Release Start and tap the control pad in any
direction. All characters will change color, including the

Play as Bosses: This cheat enable you to be one of the four
bosses, Billy, Axel, Blood and Krauser in one-playermode.
Start a game in one-player mode. Then press Down + Start.
Then you will see  Billy. Then press Righ tto be Axel, press
Right again to be Blood and Right again to become the
ultimate boss, Wolfgang Krauser.

Unlimited Continues: When your game ends and the count-down
screen appears, hold Up and press A + B + Cto add one to
your credits. You can only go to nine, but this trick may be
repeated as often as needed

			Fatal Labyrinth

Extra Weapon: The Punch is a powerful undocumented weapon,
especially useful  against creatures that destroy weapons.
On the Options screen,  choose the Weapon icon and discard
your equipped weapon.

			Fido Dido


			FIFA '95 Soccer

Spanish Super Defense:  B, B, B, B, B, C, B
German Dream Team:  A, A, B, B, C, C, A, A
French Crazy Ball:  C, A, B, C, C, B, A, C
World Shootout!!!:  A, B, A, C, A, B
Italian Super Power:  B, A, B, B, B, B,B, B, B, B
Brazilian Invisible Walls:  C, C, C, B, A, A, A, B
American Super Offense:  A, A, A, A, A, B, C
DutchSuper Goalie:  A, A, A, A, A, B, B, B, B,B
English CurveBall:  B,A, C, B, C, C
Any Stupid Team:  A, B,C, A, B, C

			Fighting Masters

Easier Game: For an easier game, go to the Options screen
and set Level  Select to Easy and Continue to 5. Now go to
Music Select and  play 8C, 8B and 8A. Finally, go to Sound
Select and play 90.

Harder Game: Perform the same procedure as above, but set
Level Select to "Hard" instead of "Easy."


Walk Through Walls: While playing, walk up to any wall. Turn
away from the wall, then hold A and press away from the
wall. (i.e., if the wall is on your right, face left, hold A
and press Left.) The instant Conrad starts to run,release A
and face toward the wall. He  should be able to walk through
it. Note that this appears to be  a bug, as if you walk
through a wall with nothing behind it you'll die or crash
the game.



Bikini Girl: If you complete the first 10 rounds in under 20
seconds each and get a perfect score in each bonusround, you
should have  over 240,000 points and a window will appear in
the lower left corner of the screen with a girl in a bikini.

			Misadventures of Flink

Cheat menu: For a great cheat menu, press Down + Start, then
release Down and press Right four times, Left four times,
Right three times, Left three times, Right, Right, Left,
Left, Right, Left. Select the Cheat option that appears and
choose to begin the level again. You will have 50 keys, all
the scrolls and spells and 50 of each spell ingredient!

			The Flintstones

Level Select: At the title screen, hold A + B + C + Left and
press Start. Use the directional pad to choose any of the
six levels in this game.

			Forgotten Worlds

Infinite Continues: When playing the two-player game, you
can always continue as long as one player is still alive. By
pressing START on the second controller before the game
ends, a single player can live forever!


T-Blaster Weapon: Fire the TOZ six times before capturing an
enemy. You will  receive the T-Blaster weapon when you
capture your next enemy.

Secret Level: Fire the TOZ 128 times to access a bonus

Level Select: From the title screen, go to Configuration
Mode by holding any button and pressing START. Set B.G.M.to
18. Now press and hold A on Controller Two and exit the
Configuration Mode. A Stage Select screen will appear when
the game begins.

Weapon Select: Enter the Level Select mode. After starting,
pause the game and hold UP and press A to select your

Weapon Power Up: Enter the Level Select mode. After
starting, pause the game, hold UP, and press A twice.
Unpause the game,and fire the TOZ for full power.

Invincibility: Pause the game, then hold A and C while
pressing LEFT. The screen will freeze. Unpause the game,and
you'll be invincible until you finish that level. You can
repeat this trick on each level.

			Gain Ground

Level Select: Go to the Options screen and press A,C, B, C.


Unlimited Lives: Enter the starting world in the Options
screen as "LTUS." When  you die, you will always come back
with nine lives.

Skip Level: Enable Unlimited Lives. While playing, press A +
Start to skip the current level.


Skip Level: To skip to the next level, pause the game
and press A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A.

			General Chaos

Freeze Opponent: Exploit the programmer's error with this
hot tip. To take advantage of this bug(and your opponent),
select a team with a chucker. While you're playing, toss a
grenade at your opponent,  then pause the game while the
grenade is in the air. Both teams  will freeze, but the
grenade will continue until it hits your target. Bombsaway,


Unlimited Money: To get extra cash for better weapons and
equipment, go to the  high-rise building. There's a safe
inside that's full of money.  Take the money, leave the
building, then re-enter. The safe reappears each time!

			Ghouls & Ghosts

Level Select: To go to any level in the game, press UP,
DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT at the title screen. Repeat until you hear
a tone. Then use the following codes to choose a level.
Press A to go to the second  half of a level.

The ExecutionPlace: START
The Floating Island: A, START
The Village of Decay: UP, START
Town of Fire: UP, A, START
BaronRankle's Tower: DOWN, START
Horrible Faced Mountain: DOWN, A, START
The Crystal Forest: LEFT, START
The Ice Slopes: LEFT, A, START
Beginning of Castle: RIGHT, START
Middle of Castle: RIGHT, A, START

Invincibility: Wait for the "Start" message, then push A, A,
A, A, UP, DOWN, LEFT,RIGHT. You should hear a chime. Then
press and hold B, and START. You should hear another chime.
Finally, press and  hold C, then push START.

Change Game Colors: Enable Invincibility and choose level 5.
Pass the three  Minstral Winds and the Cyclops on the wall,
climb the ladders, and stand on the highest block. Walk to
the edge facing the pit, turn around, and walk to the other
end of the block. The game should automatically reset (if it
doesn't, repeat the back and forth walking). Repeat the
invincibility code, choose level 5 again, and repeat the
pacing on the wall until the game resets again. Press START
at the Title screen, and notice how strange the colors have

Secret Bonus Points: At the end of each stage you can
grabthe key and receive a  bonu s5,000 points. Have the key
on your left side, stand close  to it, and jump towards the
left. It takes a bit of practice to  get the timing down. If
you get the key as you begin your jump  you should see the
message "Nice Catch!" and receive 5,000  extra points.

Slow-motion: Use the Level Select, Invincibility, or
Japanese Play tricks. While the game is paused, pres START
to pause the game. Hold B to play in slow motion.

Japanese Play: From the Options screen, select 26 for music
and 56 for sound. Then hold DOWN-LEFT + A + B + C + START.



			Golden Axe
Level Select: Enter the Options screen and select Arcade
Mode. Now hold LEFT, B, and START simultaneously. A number
will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
Press UP and DOWN to choose your starting level.

More Continues: Enter the Options screen and select Arcade
Mode. Now hold DOWN-LEFT on Controller One. The characters
should spin continuously.As you do this, press A and C. Now
let all the buttons go and press START. You should have nine

			Golden Axe II

Level Select: When the game starts, hold A, B and C and
press START. Release B and C, but keep holding A. Go to the
Options screen and press B and C at the same time to enter
it. Without releasing the A button, move the cursor down to
Exit and press B and C again. Keep holding the A button,
press B and C together to make your choice of one or two
players. Press again to choose a character  and, without
releasing A, hold UP and press B, C and START
simultaneously. Select your round with the A, B and C

More Continues: To get extra continues in arcade mode, after
switching on the game, press and hold A, B and C. Hit START
to go to the Options menu. While in Options, release A (keep
pressing B and C) and select the options you want to play
with. Next, exit the Options menu, still holding B and C.
Select either 1 or 2 players, and you willnow have eight

Extra Magic: You can only get this option for player one and
you must be using the "Special Magic" option. When you hear
the music  before the first boss(the Big Red Minotaur), hold
C. Defeat the boss while holding C, and just as you see the
screen swirl to black, relase C. Now, while in the special
level don't press any buton or move at all. If you were
successful, when you start the next level, your character
will cast a special spell and your magic points will fill up
to 255.


Flying Tank: Play until level 2, then drive the tank off the
edge exactly as  the timer runs out. Your tank will explode
and the timer will reset. Your new tank will be able to fly
around and attack from  outside the ship until the timer

Hidden Power Ups: A hidden power-up lies on the second
level. When you get to the  tip of the left wing ,move down
past the last pipe and wait. A head icon will appear that
gives a super cannon blast!

			Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude

Slow Motion: Pause the game, then press Down, A, C, Up,
Left, Left. To return to normal speed, pause again and press
Left, Right, Up, Down, A, C.

Free Weapons: To gain three Frisbees, pause the game and
press C, A, B, A, Left, Left.

Secret Room: There is a secret room in the first Aztec
temple. Before the first pedal copter level, while jumping
over the springs that nail you to spikes on the ceiling,
ride the last spring and pull right. You will travel through
the spikes and find three treasure chests wortha lot of
points! To leave this room, walk left.

			Grind Stormer

Unlimited Continues: At the title screen, press and hold A,
B, and C. While holding these buttons, go to the options
screen and quickly press START 100 times. Return to the
Options screen, go down to Credit Limit, and select a new
option titled "FREE PLAY." This will allow you to play with
unlimited continues and it will work in both versions of
game play (Grind Stormer and V-V.)

			Gunstar Heroes

More Power-ups: Kick the power-up pods after they've dropped
their goodies and they'll drop two more collectables.

Rotate Title: To make the title logo rotate down instead of
up, press Down before the logo begins to rotate.

Boston vs. Texas: iAAEIGbe
California vs. Baltimore: kcB3GIDi
Chicago (AL) vs. Chicago (NL): 2cA2cADi
Cincinatti vs. New York (AL): dcA2FHD8
Cleveland vs.Houston: KcD0acDK
Detroit vs. Milwaukee: acA7HJD2
Houston vs. Boston: ccA7EGD6
Kansas City vs. Cleveland: 0cA7IKDa
Minnesota vs.Cleveland: 1cB5IKDa
Montreal vs. San Diego: gAAEGEbk
New York (AL)vs. NewYork (NL): FAIeBHbf
New York (NL)vs. Atlanta: hAAEHFbh
Oakland vs. New York (AL): jcA2FHD2
Philadelphia vs. Los Angeles: eAAEECb5
Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco: fAAEFDb2
St. Louis vs.Cincinatti: dAAEDBb7
San Diego vs. Cleveland: gcA7HKDg
San Francisco vs. Boston: fcA7EGD3
Seattle vs. Toronto: 3cC6JbDE
Texas vs. Los Angeles: eAAjFbbA

Special Pitch: If you switch pitchers during the game,
substitute the pitcher with a player that is not a pitcher.
The new player will have a special pitch called "FAT".

			Hard Drivin'

Traffic on the Practice Track: Play a regular game. When you
finish and return to the title screen, press C to enter the
Options screen and set the game to Practice. Hit B and C,
then press START to exit the menu and start the game. You'll
be practicing with the traffic of the regular game!

Beat the Phantom: If you can't beat the Phantom on the stunt
track then beat him on the speed track. In the championship
lap, turn right instead of going straight ahead. You'll pass
over the turn signs and find yourself battling the Phantom
on the speed track!

			Haunting Starring Polterguy

Level Skip / Extra Points: In the first house, enter the
grandfather clock in the dining  room by pressing A. While
in the clock, press B, C, C, B. Press A again to exit the
clock. You'll nowhave 15,000 points and be in the second
house.  In the secondhouse, enter the toiletin the Jacuzzi
Room and press C, C, C, B. You'll get 15,000 points and be
in the third house.  In the third house, enter the garbage
can in the garage. Press B, C, B, B and exit the garage.
You'll be in the final house and get 45,000 points!

			Herzog Zwei



More Continues / Harder Game: For an increased challenge and
99 continues, go to the Options  screen. Select 8 on Sound
Test. When the music stops you will automatically play on
"Yeah, Right" level with 99 continues. Or go to the Options
screen, set the difficulty to "Hard" and wait. After awhile,
"Hard" will change to "Yea, Right" and the game will begin
in Expert mode. You will have 99 continues.

			Hit the Ice

Blues:  1QQ3
Pinks:  2A13
Yellows:  2R93
Purples:  3AH3
Greens:  3RQ3
Grays:  4B13

			The Immortal

2: cddff10006f70
3: f47ef21000e10
4: 8fdfe31001eb0
5: 94bfb43000eb0
6: 563ff53010ac1
7: c250f63010ac1
8: e011f730178c1

			Indiana Jones

Level Select: When the LucasFilm logo appears, press A, B,
C, B, C, A, C, A, B.

			Inspector X

Unlimited Continues: When your game is over and the timer is
counting down, hold  LEFT and UP, then press C. With every
press of C, the number of  continues increased by one.

			James Pond:

10,000,000 Points: In the bonus room, collect the letters in
order to spell out  "JAMES POND".  You'll earn 10,000,000
points if you do this  correctly.

			James Pond 2

Temporary Invincibility: Start the game and look for five
items on the roof. Pick up the items in this order: Cake,
Hammer, Earth, Apple, Tap (CHEAT).You are now invincible and
will remain that way for 10 minutes.

Level Skip: Activate the Invincibility code, then pause the
game and press  A, A, A, A. Unpause the game and you'll be
transported to the  exit.

  Note : on some levels this will put you in odd places where
  you'll have to reset the game.

Level Select: Activate the Invincibility code, then complete
the level normally. All levels will open and you'll be able
to play them in any order.

			High Jump

Refill PowerMeter: Pick up these items in order to refill
your power meter:  Penguin, Oil can, Wine glass,Earth,

More Options: From the title screen, hold Down-Left + A + C
and press Start. Release everything and you'll see a new
menu with level select,  sound test, and controller
configuration options.

			James Pond 3:

Head Start: For a good start, enter this password:

Blue Fish, Green Wrench, Yellow Cat, Green Car, Yellow Cat,
Yellow Cup, Yellow Cat, Green Car, Yellow Cat, Green Car,
Yellow Lion, Green Dimaond, Blue Diamond, Yellow Hammer,
Blue Cheese, GreenArrow

Extra Lives: Get yourself down to 1 life and pause the game
when you're about to get hit. Press A to restart the level.
Your lives  should now read "0". If you lose that life, the
game will be over.Repeat the trick again and you'll have 10

Super Jump: Get the jet pack and drop it where you want to
jump. Press C + B to pick it up and get a boost into the
air. This trick works even if the jet pack is empty.

			Jennifer Capriati Tennis

Harder Game: For more competition, enter the password
"GRAND.SLAM"and prepare for an ace. You'll find you're able
to access a new lineup of 24 players - 12 women and 12 men.

			Jeopardy: Sports Edition

Block Opponent: If you're having trouble beating the
computer, try this trick. If you answer a question wrong you
can block the computer players from answering by pressing
A, B and C simultaneously.

   			John Madden Football

  New York at Washington: 0700100
  New England at Buffalo: 0600100
  Los Angeles at Chicago: 6504500
  Atlanta at Chicago: 5002300

Stop Opponent from Making Extra Points:  While your opponent
is trying to kick a field goal, keep going offside until the
ball is on the goal line. When your opponent tries to kick
the ball, it will be too low.

Recover the Ball: If you are kicking off, here's how you can
recover the ball.  Make sure the indication arrow is on the
kicker, then press C repeatedly. When the kicker is about to
make contact with the  ball, press A.

			John Madden Football '92

Note that the NFC team  will always be the home team.

Atlanta vs. Buffalo: C5LSS65H
Atlanta vs. Houstan: D72C835L
Buffalo vs. San Francisco: DWJ4NLPV
Buffalo vs. New York: B3H92V5N
Chicago vs. Kansas City: B3FMKGMT
Chicago vs Buffalo: B3FM8FB5
Cincinnati vs. San Francisco: C536LLJY
Cincinnnati vs.Atlanta: D8NDDS0R
Cleveland vs. Washington: CDCHGGS4
Dallas vs. Oakland: BDNZZTR1
Dallas vs. Buffalo: BPGHG9NI
Detroit vs. New Jersey:B29KH464
Green Bay vs. Cincinnati: BPCYNT78
Green Bay vs. Kansas City: BPCSHGX4
Houston vs. Washington:BOP2Z178
Indianapolis vs. Chicago: B0WH6T2K
Kansas City vs. Dallas:DWMS4M9P
Kansas City vs. San Francisco: DWMWRBGS
Kansas City vs.Chicago: FCH2G18B
Kansas City vs.New Orleans: DGXNTKWT
Los Angeles vs. Pittsburgh: BHJFGFVR
Los Angeles vs. Houston: CG68WD8N
Los angeles vs. Buffalo: CG644SYN
Miami vs. GreenBay: C2Z4ZSZS
Miami vs. New York: B6KFSMCB
Miami vs. Chicago: B6KJRXWX
Minnesota vs. Cleveland: CC50N7W4
New EnglandNew Orleans:DGJVYWM3

			Jordan vs. Bird:

Extra Time: Pause the game when the timer hits 00:00. Press
A to call a time-out. This will add 36 minutes to the clock.
If you do it when the game ends again, it will add 100

			Judge Dredd

Breakout in Aspen Penal Colony:  KZDVT
Shuttle Crash on Cursed Earth:     JRQWNO
Riots in Mega City One:  WDRCNPU

			Jungle Book

Extra Lives: If Mowgli's lost his last life, this trick will
get him back in  shape. As Mowgli starts to die, press Start
to pause the game.  Now press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left,
Right, Left, Right, B, A.  Mowgli will yell "Yeah!" and will
return to full health with 3 lives remaining.

Skip to End: To skip to the last level, pause the game at
any time and press  A, C, A, C, A, C, A, C, B, B, B, B.
You'll be warped to the last level, but if you die even
once,the game ends and you'll have to start all over again.

Harder Game: For a much harder game, pause the game at
anytime and press A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A. Now run for it!
You've only got 10 seconds to finish thelevel you're on.

			Jungle Strike

Training Ground: 9V6HK39W4HS
Night Strike: XT6DBRV76GG
Puloso City: VNH3TL6HDB6
Snow Fortress: WSDWSCFYVNV
Mountains: 7GBTMJYK3XJ
Return Home: N4SC9WL4SPH

Co-pilot Select: These passwords will let you use any co-
pilot in any level, including the winning screen.

Washington: DCB46HKRWT7SW
Sub Attack: R46HKRWT7SW
Training Ground: 946HKRWT7SW
Night Strike: X6PBV4HPGFR
Puloso City: V46HKRWT7SW
Snow Fortress: W46HKRWT7SW
River Raid: T6PBV4HPGFR
Mountains: 746HKRWT7SW
Return Home: N46HKRWT7SW
Wining Screen: L46HKRWT7SW

			Jurassic Park

Level Select and More: From the title screen, enter and
leave the options screen. Now go to the password screen and
enter the password "NYUKNYUK". Press Start to get to the
Level Select screen.

View Ending: To view the ending, enter your password as

CBS Message: For a strange message from CBS, enter the Level
Select code and select the Rapter Pumping Station with Grant
as your character.  Finish the level to see the message.

Walk Through Walls, Power-up, Slow Motion : Enter"NYUKNYUK"
for a password. The words, "Second Controller Enabled" will
appear. You can now use Controller Two's directional pad to
walk through walls, or press A to refill your life and ammo,
and B for slow motion. To return to normal, press Start on
Controller Two.

			Kid Chameleon

Skip to Last Boss: To get straigt to the last boss, go to
Blue Lake Woods 2 and  make your wa ythrough the level.
Don't touch the flag near the end. Get up on the very last
prize block and press Down + Right while holding down the
Jump and Special Weapons buttons.

			James "Buster" Douglas

Rematch: You can demand a rematch from any boxer by pressing
Up + B + Start. This allows one rematch against each boxer.

Sound Test: To listen to the game's tunes, press Start on
Controller Two at the Game Select screen.

			Krusty's Fun House


Unlimited Lives / Open Doors: Enter"SMAILLIW" for a
password. You'll start the game with unlimited lives and all
doors open.

			Lakers vs. Celtics

  Celtics vs. Spurs:  CZ2 QKT
  Lakers vs. Bulls: LLQ RJK
  Suns vs. Celtics: RP2 HJT
  Blazers vs. Celtics: TY6 HJK
  Spurs vs. 76ers:  8W2 QJS
  76ers vs. Spurs:  H12 QJT
  Bulls vs. Trail blazers: 6RQ QJJ
  Pistons vs. Lakers: G72 Q0J

			Last Battle

Continue: When "Legend of the Final Hero" appears, press and
hold A, B,  and C, then press START. Press UP or DOWN to
select the chapter  you wish to start from, then press START
to begin play. This  only allows you to select a chapter up
to the highest chapter  you last played, so in effect it's a

			The Lawnmower Man

Cheat Menu / Level Skip: To enable these, pause the game at
any platform level. Now press Up, Right, A, B, A, Down,
Left, A, Down and resume play. To activate the codes, pause
the game at any time and press B to skip to the next level
or C to bring up a cheat menu.


Level Select: While the lemming is pulling the SEGA logo,
hold 1 + 2 and rotate the d-pad 2 1/2 times; you should hear
a noise. To choose your level, go to the Password screen and
press LEFT or RIGHT to select your starting point.

			LHX Attack Chopper

Majestic Twelve: CQAAAFA
Anterior Nova: CQAAIEA
Reindeer Flotilla: CQAAQHA
Phoenix: CQAAAVC
Rainbow Veil: CQAAAVC
Lobster Quadrille: CQAAQXC
Hen House: CQAAYWC
Desert Two: CQAABFE
Flaming Arrow: CQAAJEE
Plain Aria: CQIERDG

			Lightening Force

Options: Before the game begins, simultaneously press A and
START to bring up a Configuration screen. This screen lets
you set the controls, number of ships, difficulty level, and
preview sounds.

Extra Lives: At the Config Screen, set Ship Stock to 0. You
now have 99 ships.

Extra Music: After you finish the game, you'll get several
new selections to play in the Music Test (in the Config

High Score Stars: When entering your initials at the high
scores screen, you can control the movement of the stars
with the control pad.

Extra Weapons: Pause the game and press UP, RIGHT, A, DOWN,
RIGHT, A, C, LEFT, UP, B. Now press UP to add all weapons,
RIGHT to add or remove the claw. Select a weapon with C and
push DOWN to remove it.

Free Points: Near the beginning of Level 9(shortly after the
first power up) a white, blobish enemy will be crawling on
the bottom of the screen. It will jump up at you. If it
grabs on to your ship it won't kill you, but it will weigh
you down for a while and go away and give you about 10,000

			Lion King

Level Select and Invincibility: At the Options screen, press
Right, A, A, B, Start. Two new options, "Level Select" and
"Invincibility," will appear.

			Lost Vikings

 2: TLPT   12: QCKS    22: BTRY   32: 8BLL
 3: GRND   13: PHR0    23: JNKR   33: TRDR
 4: LLMO   14: CIR0    24: RVTS   34: FNTM
 5: FLOT   15: SPKS    25: CBLT   35: WRLR
 6: TRSS   16: JMNN    26: HOPP   36: PDDY
 7: PRKS   17: SNDS    27: SMRT   37: TRPD
 8: CVRN   18: TMPL    28: V8TR   38: TFFF
 9: BBLS   19: TTRS    29: NFL8   39: FRGT
10: TR33   20: JLLY    30: WK99   40: 4RN4
11: VLCN   21: PLNG    31: CMB0   41: MSTR

			Lotus TurboChallenge

Automatic Qualification: Enter"MANSELL" as your password and
you can race through the  entire circuit without worry about
qualifying. No matter what happens, you'll automatically
qualify for the next race.

Super Car: For a super-powered Lotus, enter "SLUGPACE" as
your password.  Your new car can accelerate from zero to 60
MPH in two secondsand has a top speed of over 170 MPH!


			Lotus II

Bonus Game: For a rousing game of Centipede, enter your name

Invincibility: During the demo, press B, B, C, B, C, C, C,
B, C, B, B, C.

Madden NFL '94

Level Skip: With this trick, you can skip the Playoffs
entirely. When you  select a playoff game, press START.
You'll see that all games are finished.Go right and press
START again.You cancontinue this trick until you reach the

Madden NFL '95

One Minute Quarters: For a fast blitz, press Left, Right,
Left, Right, Y at the set up screen.

One Minute Game: For a one minute game, go to the setup
screen and press B, B, C, C, A, A, B, B. Madden will say
"Boom" if you did this correctly.

New Teams: At the Menu screen, press B, A, C, A,C. You
should hear a "POW." Cycle through the teams, and the new
ones (Jacksonville and Carolina) will beat the end of the

Madden NFL '96

Turbo Ball: Press A, C, C, B, B before the main menu
appears. This code will skip opening screens, set the
quarter length to 15 seconds, and speed up the coin toss.

All Time Teams
All 50's: CCABBBA
All 60's: CCACABC
All 70's: CCACCCB
Hall of Fame I: CBABBCA
Hall of Fame II: CBACAC

All Madden: CBBAAAB
Team Madden: CCAACAB



Amsterdam Admirals: CBBCACB
Barcelona Dragons: CBCAAAA
Frankfurt Galaxy: CBCACAC
London Monarchs: CBCBBBB
Rhein Fire: CBCACA
Scotland Claymores: CBCCCCC

Mario Andretti Racing

Enter "2VP8ZLFE WKDN CSXH TDAB" for a fully stocked Indy
circuit car and a bag full 'o cash.
Use  "EUJQQFUW SDBY AMAF 3MAA" for a Sprint circuit car
loaded to level 5 and enough cash to get some tires.
Finally, input "KVUE WLD2 WQC6 BAVH TJAA" for a Stock car
maxed out and carrying a couple hundred grand of pocket

Mario Lemieux Hockey

Skate to the final round with the password, "E7BE MBD2

Black Ice: Enterthe password "CEME NTBL ADES" and press
START. The game  will say, "Bad Password." Select "Cancel"
and press START. Start the game and you'll be playing on
black ice.

Change Team Skills: Enter the password "ABRA CADA BRA2" and
press START. The game will say, "Bad Password." Select
"Cancel" andpress START. Now play an exhibition game or
tournament. At the"Today's Match" screen, you can press UP
or DOWN to highlightany skill and press A or B to change it.

Marvel Land

Level Select: Enter the password "ARDE."

Digest Mode: To play in Digest Mode, use the password

Master of Monsters

Sound Test: At the Title Screen hold A + B + C, then press

See Ending Credits: At the Title Screen, hold A + B + C,
then press START to enter  the sound test, then hold A + B +
C and START again to see the credits.

Mazin Saga

Skip to Bosses: Here's a trick that enables you to fight the
bosses without playing through the stages. Go to the Option
screen, highlight Sound Test, and select sound 18. Then
choose the Sound Effects Test option and select sound 72.
Exitthe Options menu and press START. Begin your game, and
you'll skip straight to the first boss.

McDonald's Treasureland Adventure

Level Select: At the title screen, press LEFT, RIGHT, A,
B,C. You will hear a sound if the code was accepted. Press
START to go to the Stage Select screen.

Mega Bomberman

World 1: Jammin' Jungle
Stage 2: 6800
Stage 3: 5120
Boss:    7420

World 2: Vexin' Volcano
Stage 1: 4501
Stage 2: 8111
Stage 3: 7421
Stage 4: 1051
Boss:    3351

World 3: Slammin' Sea

Stage 1:  4502
Stage 2:  8112
Stage 3:  7422
Stage 4:  1052
Boss: 3352

World 4: Crankin' Castle

Stage 2: 8114
Stage 1: 0513
Stage 3: 9723
Stage 4: 3353
Boss: 5653

World 5: Thrashin' Tundra

Stage 2: 8115
Stage 1: 2814
Stage 3: 1134
Stage 4: 5654
Boss: 7954

Cruisin' Comet

Final World: 0515

Mega Turrican

Hidden Level: To make this trick work, collect all of the
Diamonds in Stage  One. Make sure your Score has double
zeros in it (6800, 2001,  etc.)Once you reach the bottom get
to the elevator that  travels down.  Don't shoot any enemies
or your score will change and the trick won't work. When you
reach the bottom of the elevator, run to the right and you
will have access to a hidden stage!

Unlimited Energy: For unlimited power, press START to pause
thegame. Now press A, A,A, B, B, B, A, A, A. Press START to
unpause the game and the Energizer Bunny will envy you!

Level Skip, forward: To skip stages, press START to pause
the game. Then press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, B. Press
START to unpause and you'll be taken to the "Stage Cleared"

Backward Level Skip: To backup a level, press START to pause
the game. Then press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, A.


Harder Game: To enter a really challenging game, go to the
original mode and press A, B, and C at the same time. While
holding these down, press START and you will enter a tough
battle, as your enemies are now faster and more intelligent.

Mickey Mania

Level Select: At the Sound Test menu, set Music to
"Continue", FX to "Appear"  and Speech to "Think...". Now
highlight EXIT and hold Left for about five sections. If all
goes well, you'll hear a brief jingle. Start a new game to
reveal the Level Select menu.

Micro Machines

Infinite Lives: While playing the game, press B, DOWN, C,

Improved Traction: To increase your vehicle's grip on the
road, press A, UP, B, DOWN,C, LEFT, START, RIGHT.

Worse Collisions: To increase the impact of collisions,
press C, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, A, B, A, C.

Faster Car: Press UP, DOWN, A, B, LEFT, RIGHT, C, START.

Harder Game: Press LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN,

Much Harder Game: Press LEFT, DOWN, UP,DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, A,

Micro Machines 2
   Genre: Racing Players: 2

   Faster Car
Pausethe game and press Up, Down, A, B, Left, Right and then
  hold C. Unpause the game and breeze past youropponents.

   Harder Game
For agreaterchallenge, pause the game adn press Left, Right,
Left, Right, Up, Down. To finish the code, hold Downand
  unpause the game.

Much Harder Game: You say the harder game is still too easy?
No problem. Pause the game and press Left, Down, Up, Down,
Right, Down. Finish the trick by holding A + Down and
unpausing the game.

Midnight Resistance

Skip Level: At the title screen, highlight the "Start Game"
option, hold C and press START. From now on, you can skip a
level by pausing the game and pressing A. Skipping past the
last level gives you  the High Scores Screen.


Level Select: To select any mission from Training to Iron
Hand, enter the password "WEXBJOISGIITES."

Might and Magic

Bonus Characters:   Select "View Character" and wait for the
dot to move onto your character list. Next hold Left + A + C
in order. Release all buttons simultaneously and you'll seea
list of 10 or so players. These PCs are loaded with goodies
like +53 Photo Blades, magicarmor, and the occasional quest

Free Food: This trick will enable you to never buy food
again! In your list of commands, select "Share" and then
"Food". Do this several times and your entire party's food
supply will increase. You may go beyond the limit of 40
units with this trick!

Secret Treasure: In order to do this trick you have to place
two hirelings in your party. Once you have two hirelings,
allow yourself to be attacked by an enemy.  After you beat
the enemy, dismiss one of  your hirelings and search for the
treasure chest. When you open the treasure chest, you will
find a nice surprise inside.
The Adventures of Mighty Max


Mike Ditka's Power Football

To play the finals as the Buffalo Bills, enter "FyC42u" for
a password.

MLBPA Sportstalk Baseball

Easy Out: If the computer team has men on second and third
or bases are loaded, press the B button and throw the ball
to third base,  then quickly throw to first. You'll see the
runners take  off-but the man on second takes so long to get
back to the base  that you can always pick him off.

Level Select: Hold Up + Left + A on Controller Two while you
turn on the game. While holding these buttons, press Start
on Controller Two. Now push Start on Controller One and
select a one-player game. After pushing Start, you will see
the words, "Round 1." Press Left or Right to select the
levels and push Start.

Mortal Kombat

Reptle Illusion: When you are fighting Reptle, press
StartonController Two. When the player select screen
appears, Sub-Zero and Scorpion  will turn green.

Hidden Character: To get to this character, you must first
put in the Blood Code and the Cheat Code, then turn on flags
0 and 2. Now, when you get to the endurance matches one of
them must be in the pit. Beat the character without using
block, get a double flawless  victory, and perform the
fatality. Reptile will once again appear. Beat him, and the
hidden character will jump down.

Blood Code: From the Code of Honor screen, press A, B, A, C,
A, B, B. If this was don ecorrectly, the text will turn
yellow and you will hear Scorpion say "Get over here!"

Cheat Menu: On the screen where you can choose to start or
change options, press Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down.
A new menu choice, "Cheat Enabled," should appear. CAMEO

Mortal Kombat 2

Fight Smoke: On the red portal stage, keep doing upper cuts
until Dan "Toasty" Forden (the guy who always says toasty)
comes out. Then very quickly, press Down + Start. You will
then be able to fight Smoke.

Fight Noob: win 25 matches in a row and you'll  see the
message, "Incredible winning streak! A new warrior awaits 

Mortal Kombat 3

Secret Level:  When you
  finish off Shao Kahn he blows up right. When it says you
are the new MK3 champion take the oppsite controller (eg.if
you beat Shao Kahn with controller one then use controller
two) and press Start. You will be taken to the two player
screen and on the bottom where it says the next level it
will have a "-" there. You will fight on the screen that
says you are the next champion.
  Note :If you uppercut your opponent the fightwill end with
no winners.

Play as Smoke:  Turn on the game. Wait for the MK3 logo to
appear. When you hear the bell, press A, B, B, A, Down, A,
B, B, A, Down, Up, Up.

Cheat Menu: On the main menu, press A, C, Up, B, Up, B, A,
Down. A new "Cheats" menu will appear where you can set the
number of continues, listen to all the game's sounds, and
view anyone's  Bio Screen.

Secret Menu: On the main menu, press B, A, Down, Left, A,
Down, C, Right, Up, Down. A new "Secrets" menu will appear
on the menu. This menu lets you change the speed of the
game's timer, view any character's ending story, or select
your starting level.

Killer Codes: On the main menu, press C, Right, A, Left, A,
Up, C, Right, A, Left, A, Up. This is the ultimate menu.
From here youcan enable codes like Quick End which lets you
perform fatalities,  babalities, etc. with just on or two
buttons (usually the end of the sequence). You can also play
as Smoke or any of the bosses! Finally, you can playthe
bonus game of Galaxians.

Endurance Mode: highlight Start Game, then hold A + B + C
and press Start. To play, press Start to register for the
battle, then use Left and Right to select a fighter for each
box or press B to choose a fighter at random for the current
box. To randomize the entire match, hold Up and press Start.

   Bonus Game
For a bonus game of Galaxians, enter the code"6-4-2 4-6-8"
  the Vs. screen using both controllers.


Adventure Park: MAGICS
Living Room: GOLDEN
Volcano Pass: WINDOW
Mean Streets: CASPER
Ice Scream: PIZZAS

Muhammad Ali's Heavyweight Boxing

Harder Game: For an unusual match, enter the password
"H07007Z" while in Tournament mode.

Easier Game: For amore run-of-the-mill fight, enter
"H074W57Z" while in Tournament mode.


Full Power Cannons: Pause, then press B, B, C, B, B, C, UP,
DOWN, A, then unpause. This only works once per game.

Extra Options:  Pause, then press UP, UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN,
only works once per game.

Extra Ships: Pause, then press RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN,
LEFT, UP,LEFT, UP, B, C, A. This only works once per game.

Level Select: To start at any round hit RESET ten times,
then hold DOWN and LEFT and go to the Option mode and you
will get a Level Select option.

Mutant League Football

Kill Referee: You can only do this play once. Press A when
lining up, then press C twice. Sit back and watch the team
tear into the referee.

Instant Replay: Press START after a play and you will be
able to see the last play. A rewinds, B moves forward
"frame-by-frame," and C is for  fast forward.

Darkstar Dragons: FMK3XYSL1Q
Deathskin Razors: 1CK111111H
Icebay Bashers: 2CK111111D
Killer Konvicts: HGK111111J
Midway Monsters: 3CK111111F
Misfit Demons: JH1111111G
Psycho Slashers: GMK111111D
Rad Rockers: 5CK111111M
Road Warriors: BDK111111J
Screaming Evils: KLK111111L
SixtyWhiners: CBK111111J
Slaycity Slayers: LJK111111M
Terminator Trolz: MLK111111J
Turbo Techies: NMK111111Q
Vile Vulgars: 4CK111111L
War Slammers: DCK1111112

Mutant League Hockey

To play as the Lizard Kings against the Mutant Monsters in
the Monster Cup Championship, enter "3BFL2XLBKRRSL" as your
password. To play as the Darkstar Dragons in the playoffs,
uses these passwords.

Round One: J6J2F99GP74KJ
Round Two: 87TVBNL4QZFQG
Championship: JGHB26V2FLXWF


Juice Mode: This is called the "juice" game, where
everything gets sped up.  To toggle on/off at tonight's
matchup screen, press A 13 times, and then hold B + C until
the court appears.

Special Characters: To select a special character, enter the
first two initials, then place the cursor over the third
initial and hold START.  With these buttons held, push the
button shown. When you reach  the Team Select screen, your
character should appear.He joins you no matter what team you
choose, trading places with one of the normal players. If
he's taking the place of a player you  want to keep,switch
the team's order to swap players.

Air Dog: AIR A
Al Gore: NET B
Bill Clinton: ARK A
Chow-Chow: CAR C
Sal DiVita: SAL C
Jamie Rivett: RJR B
Kabuk QB_: A
Mark Turmell: MJT A
P-Funk: DIS C
Scruff: ROD B
Warren Moon: UW_ START
Wea: SAX C

Shot Percentage Display: This code rates the likelihood that
you'll make a shot, excluding dunks. It's not very accurate
however, as shot likelihood is largely determined by your
player's attributes and whether computer assistance is on.
To get this display, press any button once at the "Tonight's
Match-up" screen, then hold A + B + DOWN until the tipoff.

Powered-Up Defense : For a better defense ,wait for the
"Tonight'sMatch-up" screen to appear, then pressany button
five times. On the fifth tap, press and hold the button
until the tipoff.

Powered-Up Interceptions: Steal the easy way with this code,
especially if your team has speed or defense problems. Wait
untilthe "Tonight's Match-up"  screen appears, then hit any
button 15 times while rotating the directional pad
clockwise. On the fifteenth tap, hold the  button until the

Powered-Up Fire: o be "On Fir" for the entire game, wait
until the "Tonight's  Match-up" screen appears, then hit any
button seven times.  Then, press and hold B + C + UP until
the tipoff.


Special Characters: To select a special character, highlight
the first letter in  their initials, then press Start while
holding the first code  button. Do the same thing with the
second andthird letters. A  '*' indicates that any button
will do.

  For example, to add Benny to your team, the initials are
"BNY"  and the code is B*C; thus, to select him you would:

 1. Place the cursor over the "B" and hold START while
pressing B.
 2. Place the cursor over the "N" and press anybutton.
 3. Place the cursor over the "Y" and hold START while
pressing C.  When you reach the Team Select screen, your
character should appear. He or she will join you no matter
what team you choose, trading places with one of the normal
players. If he's taking  the place of a player you want to
keep, switch the team's order  to swap players.

  AIR C*B: Air Dog
  KSK *BC: Kid Silk
  HTP A*C: Scooter Pie
  MPF BC*: Moosekat
  AMX *AC: Chow Chow
  RAY BA*: Weasel
  LGN AB*: Brutah
  DAN *BA: Kabuk
  XYZ BBA: Facime
  NDH ABA: Hill
  JAY *AB: Moonn
  CK_ B*C: Kirby
  GOF ACB: Snake
  JF_ A*C: Falcu
  MCM BBC: Muskett
  MJT A*A: Mark Turmell
  RJR *AC: Jami Rivitt
  SAL AC*: Sal Divita
  SL_ *BB: Shawn Liptak
  TWG B*A: Tony Goskie
  JMC CCB: John Carlton
  BNY B*C: Benny
  HGO *CA: Hugo
  GOR *BB: Suns Gorilla
  MKD C*C: Mike D
  ADR *CB: Ad Rok
  BLZ CC: Carol Blazekowski
  BRD A: Larry Bird
  ROY BA*: Prince Charles
  CIC A*B: Bill Clinton
  HC_ *B*: Hillary Clinton
  HVY A*B: Heavy D
  WIL CB*: Fresh Prince
  JAZ CAA: Jazzy Jeff
  OX B*A: FrankThomas
  PHI *AC: Randall Cunningham

Power-Ups: For any of the following power-ups, press the
code sequence given at the Tonight's Match-Up screen.

Power-Up Goal Tending: RIGHT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, UP
Power-Up Dunks: LEFT, RIGHT, A, B, B, A
Power-Up Turbo: B, B, B, A, DOWN, DOWN, UP, LEFT
Power-Up Offense: A, B, UP, A, B, UP, DOWN
Power-Up Push: DOWN, RIGHT, A, B, A, RIGHT, DOWN
"Rainbow" Shots: UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, A, A, A, A,
Super Speed: UP, UP, UP, UP, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, B, A
Slippery Court: A, A, A, A, A,RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT,
hot % Indicator: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, B
KnockDown Teammate: UP, UP, UP, UP, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT,LEFT,
A, B
KnockDown Opponents: UP, UP, P, UP, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT,
A, A

Team Swap : At any "Substitution" screen, press and hold UP
+ B for 3 seconds.

NBA Live '95

Practice Mode: While playing, hold A and press Start. In
this mode you can practice your shots and view statistics
(i.e., chance to make a shot.)

Bonus Game: To play, enter Exhibition mode and select your
teams. At the Player Setup screen, highlight any  team and
press Up until an option named "Start New" appears. Press
Start and enter the name, "REFLOG". Press Start again

NFLSports Talk '93

  Week 2: 4W1DCBBBDD
  Week 3: 4W1FFBBBDD
  Week 4: 4W1GKBBBDD
  Week 5: 4W1HTBBBDD
  Week 6: 4W1J?BBBDD
  Week 7: 4W1K?CBBDD
  Week 8: 4W1L?FBBDD
  Week 9: 4W1M?KBBDD
  Week 10: 4W1N?TBBDD
  Week 11 :4W1P??BBDD
  Week 12 :4W1Q??CBDD
  Week 13: 4W1R??FBDD
  Week 14: 4W1S??KBDD
  Week 15: 4W1T??TBDD
  Week 1:6 4W1V???BDD
  Play-Offs: 4W1W???CDD
  Championship: 4W1X???FDD
  SuperBowl: 4W1Y???KDD

Team Select / Level Select: This code will enable you to
play with any team you want in any  week. First enter the
password screen. Then fill in the blanks  in the password
"_YP_???KDJ".The first blank corresponds with  your team,
and the second blank is the week you want to play.

for example, to play in the first round play-offs as the
Broncos, enter 'J' inthe first blankand 'W'in the second.
The completed password in this example would be

  Falcons b
  Bills c
  Bears d
  Bengals f
  Browns g
  Cowboys h
  Broncos j
  Team Code
  Packers l
  Colts m
  Chiefs n
  Oilers p
  Raiders q
  Rams r
  Team Code
  Dolphins s
  Vikings t
  Saints v
  Patriots w
  Giants x
  Jets y
  Eagles z
  Team Code
  Cardinals 0
  Steelers 1
  Chargers 2
  Seahawks 3
  Buccaneers 5
  Redskins 6

  Week 2: D
  Week 3: F
  Week 4: G
  Week 5: H
  Week 6: J
  Week 7: K
  Week 8: L
  Week 9 :M
  Week 10: N
  Week 11: P
  Week 12: Q
  Week 13: R
  Week 14: S
  Week 15: T
  Week 16: V
  1st Play-Offs: W
  2nd Play-Offs: X
  Super Bowl: Y

NHL Hockey

1991 Play-Offs: Play as the Chicago Blackhawks in a play-off
scenario that mirrors the real-life 1991 setup. Simply enter
all B's as your password, and hit the ice!

  Boston vs. Vancouver: H5MNCCBX4L4H73Z7
  Los Angeles vs. Buffalo: G757ZSVP2WF8VWO2


Edit Other Team: If you are the home team, you can edit the
other teams lines. All you do is use the second controller
just before the game and you can edit lines as well as
change the goalie.

Choose Computer's Goalie: To activate, hold A + B while
turning on the Genesis. Continue to hold these buttons you
until pass the Stevens/Yzerman screen. When you reach the
screen before the face-off, use Controller Two to select the
computer's goalie. You can even pick no goalie and leave
your opponent helpless!


Edit Other Team: If you are the home team, you can edit the
other teams lines. All you do isuse the second controller
just before the game and you can edit lines as well as
change the goalie.


Shorter Periods: For a much faster game, hold A + C and
press Start on the Select screen. The game's periods will
shorten to 30 seconds each!


Whistle Stop: If you need a whistle  (ie. need a line
change, goalie caught out of the net, one goal lead with 10
seconds left) you can get one by simply calling  time out.
All you do is press start, scroll down the menu screen and
call time out. When you return to the game, the
  whistle will sound and play will stop.

Edit Other Team: If you are the home team, you can edit the
other teams lines.  All you do isuse the second controller
just before the game and you can edit lines as well as
change the goalie.


Extra Territories: Choose Password and enter zeros for all
the number positions. When you start the game, the map will
be covered with territories you own.

Out of ThisWorld

  1: LDKD  2: HTDC  3: CLLD  4: LBKG  5: XDDJ  6: FXLC
  7: KRFK  8: BRTD  9: TFBB 10: TXHF 11: CKJL 12: LFCK


Harder Game: For a greater challenge, press C ten times
before selecting the Options screen. Now when you select the
Options screen, there will be a new difficulty level called
"Hyper." You will be able to accelerate faster if you choose
this option!

More Options: From the title screen, press START, then press
A eleven times, B three times, and C eight times. The
Options menu will be  renamed "Hyper Options" and have some
new items, including a level select.

Outrun 2019

Music Select: From the Stage Select screen, press C+ START.


Play as Virtua Formula: From the Title screen, press Left,
Right, Left, Right, B, C, A. You'll hear a noise if it
worked. Finally, press Start and choose Arcade Mode by
pressing C. Wait for the pictures and stats of the cars and
you'll eventually see the Virtua Formula!

The Pagemaster

Level Skip: At the beginning of any world, press Left, Up,
Left, Up, Start, B, Right, Ato warp to the next world. To
backup from a world  you've beaten, press A.

Phantasy Star II

Slow Motion: While traveling the countryside, pause the game
by hitting Star tand holding B. While B is held,you'll move
around  normally but in slow motion.

Avoid Enemies: While exploring, continually move the menu
screen up and down as rapidly as possible. Move around
normally while doing this.

Bring Nei back to Life: Even though Nei will be killed while
fighting Nei first, it is  possible to bring her back to
life while the three remaining  characters are fighting.
Before going to Climatrol have Shir steal some Moon Dew.
Give it to one of the characters, except  Nei. After Nei is
killed, and during the fight with Nei first, use the Moon
Dew to bring her back tolife.

Phantasy Star IV

Music Test: After you;ve finished the game, you can access
Music Test by pressing B on the Start/Continue/Erase screen.

Combos: One of Phantasy Star's special features is the
ability to combine spells. Here is a list of all known
combinations. Unless otherwise noted, you can use the
stronger or weaker version of a spell component (i.e.,
Foiinstead of Nafoi).


More Continues: At the Chapter One screen when all that is
on the screen is the title and Apollo, press this sequence
fast: C, A, B, A, C, A,  B, A .This will give you nine

Expert Mode: After you finish the game in Advanced move,
return to the options screen. There should be an Expert Mode
added to the  list!

Pink Panther in Pink Goes to Hollywood

Level Select, Invincibility: This trick requires two
controllers. Turn on the Genesis and simultaneously press A
+ C on Controller One and B on Controller Two. If you hear a
crash sound after the TecMagic logo fades, the trick worked.
When the game begins, press Start to pause the game, then
press C to view the cheat menu. Press Left or Right to
change the level, press B to become invincible, or press A
to restore your health. Press Start again to resume play.

Pirates of Dark Water

Full Sword: To start the game with a full sword, enter the
password "DSILLER".

  The Port of Pandawa: IITBDIA
  The Citadel: RITAZIM
  Bobo Mountain: JESSICA
  Jand aTown: SCOOBYD
  Sunken Bridgeand Andorus: STOYODA
  The Maelstrom: ALARTUS
  Dark Dweller's Lair: RADARAL

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

Bonus Game: To play the original Atari 2600 version of this
classic game,  wait for the title screen, and then press
Down, then press A 26 times, then press Down again.

Level Select: At the title screen, press C, A, C, A, Down,
Up, Down, Left,Down, Up, Up.

All Weapons: Give Harry something extra up his sleeve. At
the title screen, press A, B, Up, C, A, C, A.

Nine Lives: Every cat has 9 lives, and with this trick,
Harry will too. At the title screen, press Right, A, Down,
B, Right, A, B, Up, Down.

Extra Lives and Weapons: For the man (or woman) who wants
everything in life, use this code at the title screen. Press
Left, A, Down, B, Right, A, B, Up, Down, A, B, Up, C, A, C,

Super Speed: You'll zip through the levels with this trick.
At the title screen, press B, A, Right, C, Right, Up, Down.

Practice "Lever" Game: Need a little leverage? At the title
screen, press B, A, Down, C, Right, A, B.

View Credits: At the title screen, press C, Right, Down, C,
Right, Down, C, Right, Down.


Hidden Game: Two players can now compete in a game of
"Mercy". Press the A button when the title screen appears
and go to the Options screen. From there, choose "Practice"
mode and then choose your fighters. Once in the arena, move
your fighters to stand facing each other, then push A and B
simultaneously on both controllers. Your fighters will be
holding hands, trying to push each other down. The two
playerswill have to push buttons A, B, and C rapidly and
faster than each other in order to win. Who ever loses will
fall and get a knockdown!


Guards Can't Shoot: To prevent the guards from shooting you,
enter the password "Bear+ C H 1P V".


Level Select: Select "New Game" and start to enter a
password. Hold down B while you scroll through the letters
and numbers will appear.  Now put in a number five times the
level you want to play (i.e., to play on level 10, enter


More Teams: Press B, B, C, B, B, C during the original team
display. Now press DOWN to select from four additional

Sound Test: Go into "League Continue Mode" and select
"China" as your team. Enter the password "KWGEN" and hit

Power Monger

Master Password: From the Title Screen, select Restore
Conquest and enter the password "2MNOA2WSD". Now select
Continue Conquest option and  you'll find that every
territory on the map can be selected.

Power Rangers: The Movie

Fight Lord Z: On level five there is a large rock in the
background. Hit it until it opens (about 7 times). Enter the
rock and fight the Putty's you find. When the fight is over,
you'll return outside  and find another rock. Enter this one
to fight Lord Z.

Predator 2

Primal Rage

Extra Options: At the Start / Options screen, press Left,
Up, Right, Right,Up, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Up. An
Extra Options menu will appear. From here you can set
several options, turn off  the timer, oreven go bowling!

Prince of Persia


Quad Challenge

 5: 9F2J  6: 13RB  7: PNF5  8: CR11  9: 5JE8  10: 8SWG
11: HGLY 12: Q44E 13: WHCM 14: TVGZ 15: SNDN  16: B16A

Hard Difficulty
 2: LTR9  3: 693F  4: VJS   5: TENF  6: ERU7
 7: DH2F  8: YZ25  9: AGT3 10: PB4V

Radical Rex

To start the game at any level, skip past the first title
screen until you get to the screen with the One- and Two-
Player options. From here, use Controller Two to enter A, C,
Down,Right, Up, B.

Ranger X

Skip Level: Pause the game, then press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN,
UP, DOWN, C, B,  A, RIGHT, LEFT. The music will resume.
Press B to skip to the next level.

Slow Motion: Pause the game, then press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN,
UP, DOWN, C, B, A, RIGHT, LEFT. The music will resume. Now
press A and all of  the action o nthe screen will be in slow
motion when you move  or fire. Press START to resume normal

RBI Baseball '93

Team Select: Take the plate with any of the 1992 teams
against the Tengen team with these codes. Just fill in the
blankin "D_WWD2CHCCSY" with one of the codes below. For
example, to play as Cleveland, enter"DSWWD2CHCCSY".

  A: LosAngeles
  B: Florida
  C: Missouri
  D: Baltimore
  E: Colorado
  F: Chicago (NL)
  G: NewYork (AL)
  H: Boston
  I: Michigan
  J: Cincinnati
  K: Chicago (AL)
  L: All-Stars
  O: Milwaukee
  P: St.Louis
  Q: San Diego
  R: New York (NL)
  S: Cleveland
  T: Seattle
  U: SanFrancisco
  W: California
  X: Texas
  Y: Kansas City
  Z: Oklahoma
  9: Atlanta
  8: Pittsburgh
  7: Houston
  6: Toronto
  4: Detroit
  3: Philadelphia

Sound Test:  On the main menu screen, choose the options
mode and press START. Choose to continue and press START
again. You will now be in Sound Test mode and you will be
able to choose your sound by pressing UP and DOWN. Press the
A button to hear the current sound and press B or C to stop.
Press START to exit the sound test.

Red Zone

Bonus Game: To play the hidden game of Asteroids,enter the
password A, B,  C, A,C, A, C, B, C, A, C.

Invincibility: On the Password screen, enter the code B, A,
A, B, A, A, C, B, C, A, A.

  2: A, B, B, B, A, B, A, C, B, B, C
  3: B, A, A, B, A, A, C, B, C, B, A
  4: A, B, B, B, A, B, A, C, B, A,
  5: B, A, A, C, A, A, B, A, A, C, A
  6: A, B, B, C, A, A, C, A, C, C, C
  7: B, A, A, C, A, A, B, A, A, B, A
  8: A, B, B, C, A, A, C, A, C, B, C

Revenge of Shinobi

Unlimited Shurikens: For unlimited shurikens, set the number
of shurikens on the Options screen to 0 and wait about
20seconds. The zero will turn into an infinity symbol,
giving you an unlimited number of shurikens.

Unlimited Men: In round 4-2,there are many power-ups hidden
that are revealed only by shooting them. On the first
platform, jump and shoot and you'll reveal a 2-up on the
platform across your position. Get it, die, and repeat!
There's another 2-upon level 3-2. Go to the second elevator
and locate the crates that are in the middle of the screen
(on the second level). Then shoot the bottom-left crate
until the 2-up appears.

Special Bonus: Finish any level with enough shurikens to
equal 11 times the number of lives remaining, and you will
receive 30,000 bonus points (i.e.,if you have 7 lives left,
finish the round with exactly 77 shurikens.)

Rings of Power

New Logo: For a new look, turn your Geneis off, hold A + B +
C + START + DOWN-RIGHT, then turn it on for a treat.


Level Select: To start the game at any level, enter the
password "ILOVEU".

Time Attack: For a Sonic-like "Time Attack" mode, enter the
password "DOFEEL".

Boss Rush: Enter the password "MUSEUM" to fight against all
eight bosses.

Harder Game: For a much greater challenge (and unlimited
continues), enter the password "SUPER". Be warned: there are
no stars in this mode and Ristar will die in one hit.

Credits: To view the credits, enter the password "AGES".

Reset Codes: To clear all codes, enter the password

Road Rash

  1: 00000 07DJ112G9A 1786E
  2: 00000 07O7113IJJ 2N7SR
  3: 00000 07QF003JS3 37GL5
  4: 00000 083O012NIK 473FC
  5: 00000 083S112K38 5782A

Unlimited Money: Enter"34441 01MS0 NV8UC 3QJ8R" at the
password prompt to start- on the fourth level with over
$7,000,000 in your credit account!

Road Rash III

Fast Bikes and Loose Cash:  For a hot time on a hot bike, go
to the password screen and set the fourth digit to '2' and
the sixth digit to 'U'.

Fast Bikes, Loose Cash, and Level 5: At the password screen,
enter "r7ef-tu0r" for$250,000 and a  fast bike on level

Faster Times at Ridgemont High: The password "15s9 puo3"
will give you $200,000, all upgrades, and the best bike
inthe game (one you can't buy).

Seaquest DSV

Sea Cave: SCV
Oil Tanker: TNKR
Sea Cave 2: RVNG
Prison: PRSN
Nuclear Reactor: RCTR
Speeder Chase: SPDRCHS
City Security: CTYSCRTY
Drug Lab: DRGLB
Shield 2: CTYSHLD
Darwin Chase: DRWNCHS
Battleship Bomb: BTTLSHP
Pirate Base: RTBS
Mining Mission: MM80-MM93
Ancient City: MM70-MM74

Shadow Dancer:

Practice Mode: At the SEGA logo, hold down A, B and C and
press START. Repeat at the title screen. This will enable
you to practice almost any level (no bosses) with the third
Option. Almost every screen has a Union Lizard coin (worth 1
or 2 lives).

Shadow of the Beast II

Skip Boss: This trick allows you to by pass the first level
boss. Jump down the water fall and battle the Blue Water
Demon. Deliberately  fall off the rocks and let the water
sweep you to a rope that  says "Grab." Jump on the rope,
then press RIGHT to clear the small outcropping of rocks to
your right. Let the current carry you again, and you'll end
up past the boss and in the latter part of the first stage.

View Credits: For a list of credits, wait until the
Psygnosis logo appears, then simultaneously press and hold
A,B, C, then press START.


Debug Mode:  At the title screen, press A, B, B, A, C, A, B.
Start the game as normal, then go to your pocket secretary.
Go down to the invisible option below Save/Load Gameand
select it. To select multiple options, choose one, then save
your game and press Reset. Re-enter the cheat code, then
load your saved game and choose another option. Repeat as

NUYEN: Gives your character 250,000 nuyen
SPELLS: Gain all available spells
TEST DECK: Gain the best deck with all programs
PICK SYSTEM: Lets you pick anymainframe
HEAL ALL: Heals your character and any shadowrunners tagging
+10 KARMA: Gain 10 Karma points
CONTACTS: Gain all available contacts
WALK FAST: Gives 10 Karma while walking

Shinobi III:

Unlimited Weapons: At the title screen, choose Options. In
the Options menu, select "Shuriken" for Sound Effects,
"Shinobi" for Music, and  "Shuriken Hits" for Voice. Now
move back up to the Shuriken option and set them to 00. Stay
on this option and wait until it turns into an infinity

Invincibility: At the title screen, choose Options. In the
Options menu, move  down to the "S.E." command and use the B
button to play these songs in order: "He Runs,"
"Japonesque," "Shinobi Walk," "Sakura," and"Getufu." Exit
the Options screen and start your game.You are now

Shove It!
   2: MARINA!!   3: MALIBU     4: SANPEDRO   5: VENTURA?
  10: PODEO/?/  11: WESTWOOD  12: WILSHIRE  13: VENICE??
  14: FIGUEROA  15: SUNSET    16: ORANGE    17: HARBOT
  18: CENTRAL   19: WESTERN/  20: ?VALLEY?  21: GLENDALE
  End: !AYASAM!


Level Select: At the title screen, press A, B, C, A, B, C,
B, C, B,A. You will hear a short explosion. Press START. Go
to the configuration menu and you will be able select the
level at which you want to start.

Skip Level: Enable Level Select. From now on, if you press A
+ B + C simultaneously you will advance to the next level!

Extra Lives / Invincibility:  Enable Level Select, then move
the cursor to Options in the configuration menu. Then push
RIGHT and press A several times. Eventually, the word "MY99"
will appear on the Options menu. This option will giveyou 99
lives. If you continue to press A while pushing RIGHT, the
word "MUTEK1" will appear on the Options menu.This option
will make your ship invincible.

Space Harrier II

Options Select: When the title screen appears, hold down A.

Level Select: Press START and wait for the screen that says
"Stuna Area." Press LEFT or RIGHT to choose your starting
point. You still have to finish 12 levels to finish the
game, though.

Space Invaders '91

Level Select: At the title screen, simultaneously hold A +
C, then press Start. The screen will fade, and there will be
a short pause  before the game begins. Quickly press B, A,
C. The Level Select  screen will appear.

Splatterhouse 2

Steel Empire

Extra Lives: On the Options screen, set Difficulty to HARD,
Ships to 2, Continues to 1, and Sound to 65. When you begin
the game, you'll have 99 ships!

Extra Bombs: On the Ship Selection screen, press C, A, C, A,
START, B. You  will hear a chime, and when you start the
game you'll have 99 bombs!

Extra Weapons: On the Options screen, set Difficulty to
HARD, Ships to 3, Continues to 2, and Sound to 77. While
playing, you can press B on Controller Two for level 20

Level Select: To pick any level, enter the Options screen.
Now select the following sound tests: 1, 1, 9, 2, 2.A
"Round" entry will appear in the options menu.

Stimpy's Invention

  Zoo: 8BZ0000 003B2WN
  City: 8C00003 T33F2WF
  Pound: 831000BC3322WB
  Outdoors: 652000G YCM5UWV


Extra Lives: Pause and press A, A,A, A, C, C, B, B, B, C,A.
You will have nine men. This trick can be used as often as

Skip Level: Pause and press C, B, B, B, A, A, A, A, C, C, A,
A, A, A. You can advance all the way to the end-game.

Extra Time: Pause and press B, A, A, A, C, UP, UP, UP, A,A,
A. The timer will reset to maximum.

Streets of Rage 2

More Options: When the title screen appears, select Option.
Then simultaneously press A and B on Controller Two. You
will now have a level select and two new difficulties (Mania
and Very Easy.) You will also be able to increase the number
of lives to nine. The game itself reveals this trick when
you finish it on  the hardest level, but you can use it at
any time.

Play As Same Character: On the title screen, push RIGHT and
B on Controller One and LEFT and A on Controller Two. Then
with everything held down press C on Controller Two. Now
just select two players and both players can pick the same
character. Unfortunately, they will  both be the same color,
so itcan be confusing.


Permanent Robots: Grab two robots. Find a container with a
robo-panther. Open it but do not touch it. Get hit on
purpose so you lose a robot. Activate the robo-panther by
touching it. After a white, it will go away and leave you
with two robots that will never leave, even if you die from

More Continues: To be able to use three continues in
Strider, at the intro screen press buttons A, C, B, C, A,
then START.

Sunset Riders

99 Continues: At the Options screen, play sound 0E. Return
to the title screen and start a new game. At the Select
Player screen, choose a character and press A. When your
character looks up, quickly press A + B + C and release

Super Hang On

Options: On the title screen, hold A + B and press C, C. An
Options  screen will appear that allows you t ochoose the
difficulty, time limit, and language. A sound test item will
also appear.

View Endgame: To see the grand finale in Original mode,
enter "GFF3F546F35564FFOSLPIMFJEDGH" at the password screen.

Super Monaco GP

Strange Ending: Play the gamein GP mode. Play for a few
rounds until the "Wet  Condition" track appears. Finish in
the top three, and during  the trophy screen the driver will
hold up his head instead of the trophy!

Super Street Fighter II

Select Same Character: To select the same character multiple
times, go to the Battle  Mode screen and press A, B, A, B,
A, B, B, Aon Controller Two.

Super Thunder Blade

Level Select: At the title screen, press A once, then UP,
level 2. For level 3, press A twiceinstead of once, for
level 4, press A three times and for level 5, press A four

Extra Lives: Use the Level Select trick to get a continue,
then select  Option, then press and hold A, B, and C
simultaneously, then press START. If the player prompt shows
a panda's face you were  successful.

Super Volleyball

Super Powerful Moves: To spike the ball hard enough to knock
any member on the other team down who tries to save it,
press DOWN, A and B simultaneously after setting up the

China: HLXLA
Japan: RLVLK
Italy: RMXRU
France: RUFOR
Holland: RSAAV
Brazil: RQVA2
Russia: RP.VE

Sword of Sodan

Level Skip (High Score): Make the highest score on the high-
score screen. Enter your name as "HINANP:)" and start a new
game. Press START on Controller Two to warp to the next

Level Skip (Potion): Drink four Etherium potions at once to
warp to the next level.

Free Life: Drink the first two potions on level one for a
free life.
Sylvester and Tweety

Extra time: To reset the clock, pause the game, then press
Up, A, B, C, C, A, Up, C, C, C , Up.

Heal Sylvester: Pause the game, then press A, A, A, B, B, A,
B, C.

10,000 Points: Pause the game, then press C, C, C, C, B, C,
A, A, C, B, A to increase your score by 10,000.

Unlimited Continues: Pause the game, then press Right, Left,
A, A, B, Up, C, A, B, B, C to add an extra continue to your
reserve. Repeat as necessary to keep your continues maxed

Invincibility: Pause the game, then press B, B, Up, A, Left,
Right, Down, Right, B, B, C for temporary invincibility.

Skip Train Level: In the game's third level (Mayhem Express)
you can skip to the next stage by pausing the game and
pressing C, C, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C, Down.

See End Credits: To skip to the end of the game and see the
credits, pause the game and press Down, Right, A, B, B, B,
C, C, B, A, A.

T2:The Arcade Game

Skip Level: At the title screen, press UP, DOWN, LEFT,
RIGHT, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. If you've done this correctly,
you will hear "Excellent!" Now start the game and if you
want to skip a  level, pause the game and press B and C

Never Overheat: If you have arapid-fire controller, enable
rapid-fire for the game's fire button. When you shoot your
machine gun, the heat indicator will not move.

Task Force Harrier

Level Select: Get the Force on your side with these new
options. Hold A as you turn on the Genesis, then release the
button when the title screen appears. Next, press Up, Down,
Left, Right, A, B, A, C, B. Finally enter Config and you'll
have a few new features. "Muteki" is your ticket to
invulnerability, and "Window" adjusts the game's screen to a
new shape.

Slow Motion: For slow motion, pause the game, then press B

Level Skip: To skip a level, press A + Start simultaneously.


Enable Tricks: Before using the following tricks, do the
following. At the Title screen, hold A + B + C + START on
both controllers. If you did this correctly a chime will

Skip Level: Enable Tricks. Start the game, then hit START to
pause the game. Now press A + B+ C to advance to the next

Level Select: Enable Tricks. Start the game, then hit START
to pause the game. Now press C. Three numbers will appear,
the bottom being the level number. Press LEFT and RIGHT to
change the number and hit START to start the game at that
level. This can be done as many times during the game as you

Invincibility:  Enable Tricks. To become invincible, pause
the game and press B. Press A toreturn to normal.

Taz in Escape From Mars

Level Select / Restore Health:  At the Sega logo screen,
hold A + B on Controller One while pressing B + C on
Controller Two. If you did this correctly you'll hear a
bark. To use the code, pause the game while playing and
press A. A menu will appear where you can restore your
health and jump to any level.

Team USA Basketball

  Fina lgame vs. Netherlands: #XT7RB6
  Final game vs. Lithuania: FNT7RBQ
  Closing Ceremonies: #WT7RDC


  2: PP503PAL  3: C5GG4PZT  4: 35409YZK  5: TCTMTYP4

Techno Cop

Life Regeneration: While in a building searching for the
criminal, pause the game and press C ten time, A five times,
B twice, and A ten times. Press Start to resume the game.

Test Drive II

Options: For a secret Options menu, hold A + B + C while

Thunder Force II

Options: At the title screen, hold A + B + C and press
Start. You will now be able to select your starting level,
difficulty, and other options.

Thunder Force IV

Options: Before the game begins, simultaneously press A +
Start to bring  up a Configuration screen. This screen lets
you set the controls, number of ships, difficulty level, and
preview sounds.

Extra Lives: At the ConfigScreen, set Ship Stock to 0. You
now have 99 ships.

Extra Music: After you finish the game, you'll get  several
new selections toplay in the Music Test (in the

Extra Weapons: Pause the game and press UP, RIGHT, A, DOWN,
RIGHT, A, C, LEFT, UP, B. Now press UP to add all weapons,
RIGHT to add or remove the claw. Select a weapon with C and
push DOWN to remove it.

Thunder Fox

Level Select and More: From the title screen, press Start to
enter the Game Select screen. Select Configuration Mode and
move the cursor to Music  Select. Now press A 13 times.
Next, move the cursor to Sound Select and press A 24 times.
Finally, move the cursor to "Exit" and press A, B, C. A new
menu will appear. Use the A button to choose a starting
level and the number of continues you want.


1-2: LAMBDA  1-3: SARTRE  2-1: QUANTA  2-2: MESONS
2-3: TENSOR  3-1: LEPTON  3-2: GORGON  3-3: BOSONS
4-1: BARYON  4-2: GIBSON  4-3: NEUMAN

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:  Hyperstone Heist

Level Select: At the Konami logo press C, B, B, A, A, A, B,
C. Then at the title screen press A, B, B, C, C, C, B, A.
Start the game and a Level Select screen will appear.

Tommy Lasorda Baseball

Invisible Team: Enter "Zb6jpqrnmGnYWQXaHuFFAB" as the

Bizarre Baseball: Enter "VU9lrstpomXcZTiebrHWyW" as the
password. Now press START, and the game will seem to reset,
only the color and graphics are reall yweird. After you get
tired of tripping out on the groovy colors, hit RESET. This
will return your picture to normal, but the code is still in
effect. Now start a game  against the computer and play
away! You will soon discover many oddities.

Strange Effects: Enter "RGsiopqm2jhZZSUXVtEEAE" for some
strange effects during the game.


Level Skip: At the Press Start screen, press A, B, RIGHT, A,
C, A, DOWN, A, B, RIGHT, A quickly. If you did this right
you'll hear a laugh. Begin a game as normal, but whenever
you want to skip a level, press START, A.

Invincibility: To become invincible,make your way ot the
second stage and, when you'll put all the toys away, get 7
stars and jump into the toybox. Finally, press Down for 7


Level Select: Getting into Trouble's a little easier with
this trick. From the title screen, use Controller Two to
pressand hold RIGHT,C and START simultaneously. A stage
selection icon should appear. Press RIGHT, C and START
simultaneously to adjust the level number, and press START
to begin your mission.

True Lies


Infinite Lives: For unlimited life, enter the password

Infinite Energy:  For unlimited energy, enter the password

Full Weapons and Ammo: To start the game with a full supply
of weapons and ammunition, enter the password BGWPNS.


Pause Bombs: When you use a Destroyer Bomb, pause the game.
Leave it paused for about 20 seconds, or else pause and
unpause quickly. This will make thebomb do much more damage.

Extra Lives: During the game, you'll see an oval object that
has three little circles above it. Look at the colored
circles above the object. If the your weapon's color matches
the color of the circles, you can shoot the object and get a
1-Up or 2-Up!


MoreOptions/ LevelSelect:   Go t othe Options screen and
move the pointer down to "Exit."  Hold DOWN and press A, B,
B, A, B, A, A, B, A, A, B, A, A. There will be a screen from
which you can get infinite lives,  continues, weapons, etc.,
as well as choose astarting level.

Twin Cobra

Level Select: At the title screen, press Start to get the
green Options screen. Now press Up, Down, Right, Left, Start
and a level select screen will appear.

Power-Up: While playing, pause the game and press Up, Down,
Right, Left, then unpause while holding A. This will
immediately power up your weapon to near maximum.

Extra Bombs: While playing, pause the game and press Up,
Down, Right, Left, then unpause while holding B. You'll
immediately receive 8 bombs. You can repeat this trick as
often as you like.

Ending Sequence:  Press Startto accessthe green title
screen, then press Up,Down, Right, Left, A, B, C, Start.


  2nd Epoch: NZUCWTIAEHV
  3rd Epoch: ARTCKXKNMND
  4th Epoch: YLGBUMQZKNL
  5th Epoch: IHUBUGQULTB
  6th Epoch: COCAKLDWEBX
  7th Epoch :EBWROLJUHNJ
  8th Epoch :QPIAXODAHHM
  9th Epoch :ZBLDRNIHGTY
  Final Battle: CPFDVMRBYST

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Cheat Menus: On the main menu, press B, A, Down, Left, A,
Down, C, Right, Up, Down. Three new entires will appear on
the menu. If that doesn't work, try A, C, Up, B, Up, B, A,
Downor C, Right, A, Left, A, Up, C, Right, A, Left, A, Up.

Play as Human Smoke: Select the robot Smoke on character
select screen. Then, before the fight screen comes up, hold
High Punch + Low Punch + High Kick + Low Kick. Continue to
hold these until Shao Kahn announces the round.

Universal Soldier
  1-2: CHSGM 3-1: PKSND
  1-3: MKSNS 3-2: CWBPM
  2-1: SGGBY 3-3: SFTNP
  2-2: JLGPH 4-1: CMVDG
  2-3: JDRSD 4-2: BYTCM

Urban Strike

Baja Oil Rigs: CNHLGBR4NBF
Inside Oil Rig: ZLGBWD3PFZD
Mexico: 9G6T9BR6S3V
San Francisco: NDR63P7VZLT
Alcatraz: H63PMJT4SYL
Las Vegas: GJ7VT4FKYNM
Under Las Vegas: WR63PMT4SYL

Extra Lives: For 10 lives and no missing co-pilots, enter
the password "YCZ9NHLGBT7".

Valis III

Level Select: At the title screen, hold A + B + C +UP. While
holding these buttons, press and hold START for a few
seconds, then release START. You can now select any level by
pressing UP or DOWN.

Video Test: Hold UP + LEFT + A + B + C, then press START.
Now you can watch any of the cinema displays, including the

Music Test: Hold A + B + C, then press START.

Sound Test: Hold B + DOWN + RIGHT +.


Level Select: To choose any quest, enter the password


      Warrior of Rome

Ending Sequence: Enter"GREBDQ3QNE" atthe password screen to
view the ending sequence.


Level Select: Begin a game,then press A to reduce the map.
Move the cursor  to the upper left-hand side corner of the
screen. Next, move  the cursor one space right and one space
down. Finally, hold B until a scenario number appears. Press
Up and Down to pick a  stage. You will begin the stage using
the commanders you had when you initiated Level Select.

Sound Select: This trick is the same as above, but in the
normal sized map.

Wings of Wor

Easy Mode: Go to the Options screen and highlight Game
Level. Now hold down A + B + C and press START.

Level Select: Go to the Options screen and highlight
Control. Now press and hold A for about ten seconds.

Unlimited Continues: When the "Game Over" message
appears,hold LEFT + A + C until the continue screen appears.
This will allow you to continue without losing any credits!

Wizz 'n Lizz

Harder Game: For a real challenge, wait for the Sega logo
appears and hold A + B + C, the npress Start twice. You'll
hear a voice say "Yeah" and anew "Super Wizard" setting will
appear on the Options  menu.

  2: Mariko  3: Silver Fox  4: Department H  5: Madripoor
  6: Asano  7: TheHudsons

WWF Wrestlemania

Unlimited Combos: Pump iron with this studly code. For
unlimited combos, pause the game and press B, A, Down, B,
Up, Left, Left(BADBULL). Be warned that the second player
(or computer) gains the benefit of this as well.


Maze Game: For a short maze game, press Up, Up, Down at the
call-up screen. For a longer maze, press Down, Down, Left,
Left, Right, C at the main menu.

Earthquake Text: At the Player Select screen, press Right,
Left,Right, Right, Up, Right, Left.

Expanding Text: At the Player Select screen, press Up, Down,
Up, Up, Down, Left, Up.

Normal Text: At the Player Select screen, press Left, Right,
Left, Left, Up, Left, Right.

X-Men II: Clone Wars

99 Lives: Pause the game. then press Down + C, Up, Left, Up,
Right, Right, C.

Level Skip/Character Change: Pause the game. Press Left + C,
Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Right, C. If done correctly, you
will hear a laser blast. Unpause the game, then pause it
again. Hold Right + C to skip the level. Hold Left + C to
change characters.

Temporary Invincibility: Pause the game. Press Up + B, Up,
Right, Down, Up, Right, Down, Down, Up, B. If done
correctly, you'll hear a crashing sound. Unpause the game,
then pause it again and press Up + B to activate the cheat.
Note that this cheat does not last the  entire game. If your
health begins to deplete, pause and press Up + B to
reactivate it.

Zero Tolerance

Defeating Bosses: The pulse laser rifle will kill any boss.
Use the pulse laser rifle, stay far away from the boss and
keep shooting till he's  dead! If you can see him, you can
kill him!

Zombies AteMy Neighbors

Meet the Maker: To visit the end-of-game Credits Level, use
the password "QSDZ". You can roam the LucasArts offices,
meet the staff, and  even fight the boss!

   5: CYZQ	29:DNKJ
   9: QBRX 	33: PDHZ
  13: PCFD 	37: BKVR
  17: ZMLN 	41: BZPM
  21: VQBB 	45: BNYZ
  25: QLNK   Bonus: QSDZ

Options: Press Start at the title screen. When the Player
Select screen  appears, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left,
Right, Left, Right, A, B.