About a year ago, we started seeing reports warning of an email "virus"
contained in a message with the subject "Good Times".  (There was another
warning about a different message with the subject "XX-1".)  The idea of
an email virus is a complex one, but there is *no* "Good Times" email
virus: the rumour is either a hoax or an urban legend.

Recently we have seen an resurgence in warnings about the virus.  If you
see such a warning, do not believe it.  Most especially, do *not* spread
the rumour further.  Well meaning people in government offices and 
computer magazines have been sending out the warnings, thus giving an
air of authority to the proceedings.  Unfortunately, just because someone
works for the government or a computer mag doesn't mean they know anything
about viruses.

(By the way, the vx [virus exchange] groups, quick to captilize on any
publicity, have written a "Good Times" virus.  It bears *no* relation to
the warnings, is a simple file infector, doesn't affect email, and you
are unlikely ever to see it.)