The hot topic in the virus world continues to be the family of Word Macro
viruses, and the latest one is Hot.  Literally.  WordMacro.Hot seems to
have been written in Russia.  It is deliberately malicious, setting a
"hot date" fourteen days after infection, after which it will start 
erasing random documents.  (This is similar to the actions of the early 
MS-DOS virus "lehigh", which waited until after it had replicated four 
times before it started deleting things.)

Sophos seems to have discovered Hot.  The same press release sent out 
alerting people to Hot also covers Boza.  Boza is said to be the first 
"native" Windows 95 virus.  The research community has been waiting for 
such an animal: Win95 has security loopholes big enough to drive a truck 
through.  (The surprising thing about Windows 95 is that DOS has almost 
no security at all, while Windows 3.1 has very little.  Windows 95 was 
supposed to add security to the mix, but "well behaved" Win95 programs 
are allowed to patch almost any part of the operating system and the 
password protection system can be bypassed in a variety of ways.)

In the wake of the Word Macro viruses, one has been discovered for Ami 
Pro.  Because Ami Pro macro files are separate from data files, and there 
is a smaller installed base for Ami Pro, it is unlikely the "Green 
Stripe" virus will spread far.