Virus Research Leader Dies

Yisrael Radai, a respected pioneer and leader in computer virus research,
has died at the age of 63.  Radai, a brilliant theoretician and careful
scholar, had been an important contributor to the international virus
research community since its inception, and will be missed.  Computer
virus research was only a small part of his work and interest in the
field of computing, but his postings were important, insightful, and 
always accurate.  His incisive and probing analysis of the faults in
the Microsoft Anti-Virus is the last word on the subject.

According to a report from a CARO member in Israel, he died of a sudden
and painless stroke.  Remembered by friends as a lifelong learner and
always interested in the new field, it is somehow fitting that he died
as he was preparing to leave for the University where he worked.

He is recalled by those who knew him as a friend, scholar, eager
student, sharp wit, and mentor.  The virus research community is
saddened by his loss, but the better for his having been a part of it.

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