Arlington Road and The Fictional World of Archives

Feature Film Release Date (USA): 1999

Jeff Bridges stars as Michael Farady, an American history professor at an unidentified university in Washington, District of Columbia, or a neighboring state. One of his courses and personal interests, due to the death of his FBI agent wife at the hands of suspected right-wing militia fanatic, is on revolutionary domestic terrorism. Following an unconventional introduction to one of his suburban neighbors -- he saves the couple's young son's life -- Farady eventually becomes suspicious of his neighbors' motives in gaining his friendship and that of his girlfriend. The neighbors, played with terrifying effectiveness by Tim Robbins (Oliver Lang) and Joan Cusack (Cheryl Lang ), are in fact terrorists responsible for a deadly bombing in St. Louis, Missouri, which was pinned on another man whom Farady always suspected had had help. The St. Louis bombing in the movie was based on the Oklahoma City bombing engineered by the late Timothy McVeigh.

During Farady's search for the truth about his neighbors we find him using modern research tools such as Yahoo! and an online index to the Kansas City Star. He also is seen viewing microfilm of the newspaper in the library of George Washington University. There is also a scene where Farady consults his personal archives stored in his garage (not a secure location for someone who believes in conspirators).

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