Beverly Hills Ninjaand The Fictional World of Archives

Feature Film Release Date (USA): January 17, 1997

The bumbling yet good-natured Chris Farley plays a legendary White Ninja, Haru, washed up on Japanese shores as an infant in a shipwreck. Raised in a Ninja dojo, Haru grows up unskilled but well versed and enthusiastic about his role.

One evening while the other ninjas are out on an exercise, Haru is left alone to guard the village and the dojo. A beautiful blonde woman (Nicollette Sheridan) shows up to hire a ninja.

While showing her around, Haru unrolls a centuries-old scroll and proceeds to relate the legend many believe applies to him. Naturally, the scroll catches on fire and after dousing it with a bucket of water, Haru cracks "They may have a second copy."

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